Friday, April 24, 2009

Sick and Twisted Minds 1

Back to my usual tormenting stories....I got away from them for a little bit. I'm much happier now. Happy reading.

One day earlier...

Julie had been preparing for school, when she heard a strange noise just outside her bedroom window. It wasn't a normal sound of a dog or cat, more like the sound someone makes when thrashing threw bushes. She glanced out the window, but heard nothing. As she peered out the window, she looked around and saw nothing too. She continued with what she was doing.

A moment later, she hears the same noise, which startles her. She glances out the window again, still nothing. She figures it's just birds flapping there wings in the bushes. As she turns down the covers on her bed, glides in between the sheets, puts her head down on her pillow, she hears the noise again, only this time it's louder, more like a meaningful sound. She gets out of the bed, puts on her nightie, and decides to investigate this strange noise further from outside.

She opens the front door and walks outside. She listens carefully, pointing her left ear toward the sounds she heard, still no noise. She stands on the front porch for a minute or so, waiting for a sound...the sound never came, but he did.

The following day...

“I like you a lot Julie. You are very sexy. I loved fucking you, but your mouth repeatedly insulted me in the court room, so I give you a choice. Either die or do as I say.” Julie, stared at Mark, her ex-boyfriend, listening to his words.

Julie's ex-boyfriend and her were very tight at one time, but he would beat her repeatedly and force her to do weird sex acts that made her downright sick to her stomach. After they broke up, Mark - her ex, was served a restraining order to stay away from Julie. She pleaded for the court to save her from him, as he was a serious threat to her and her family. After three months of staying away from Julie and her thinking she was safe again, Mark was back for revenge.

“Are you ready to do everything I say from now on? Are you ready to see what your body and mind can withstand? Are you ready to see what a twenty year old girl can go through, before she goes totally of her mind, or would you rather just die right now?”

Julie was motionless, stunned by his words, worried now, fearing death, a slow death she feared in the hands of this person she used to know intimately, now a monster.

“Are you ready to be raped over and over for hours? Giving yourself to me? Letting me do what I want with you?"

Julie nodded with every question, knowing deep down she was unsure as to what she would do, being she didn’t know what he was going to do to her.

He stared into her eyes, “okay then, it was your choice.” He said this with a smile, and Julie grew very concerned. He unlocked her shackles, took the gag from her mouth and motioned for her to follow him. She moved slowly as her body was very sore. He opened another door that led down a very long and dark corridor. She looked down it and was scared now. She looked back watching the door behind her close, thinking of her step-sister Lisa the whole time, who had been in the house when she was abducted. 'Was she here somewhere too?' She thought to herself.

The corridor was damp and musty. She could feel a cool breeze over her erect nipples. Mark stopped and told her to not say a word unless he said too. She nodded her head in agreement, looking at him in puzzlement. He took her into a room that was very warm. “Sit on the bed.”

He closed the door and locked it. She looked up suddenly as he locked the door, watching the sliding bolt lock in place. A shiver went through her body. “You will stay in this room until morning. In the top drawer of the dresser are clothes for you to wear. You will wear everything in it. You will take a shower in the bathroom, and be ready in the morning when I come back. Do not speak, just do as you are told, which is your wish.”

He left the room and locked it behind him. Julie sat on the bed, her mind racing with many thoughts and memories. Her body was so sore, she was almost unable to stand, as she sat on the bed for over two hours. She kneeded her sore muscles, sore from what he had done to her, which was bind her for hours in the most painful positions he could find. He made her agree to this cruelty he was about to pour onto her, giving her no choice, except for death. He was a very cruel man, as she was a witness to his acts of violence for 2 years. She knew he would kill her. She knew he wanted revenge for her making him stay away from her.

She was not alone, as a camera was watching her every move, even in the bathroom. She thought of Lisa again. They did everything together. They grew up together. They went to school together. They hung out like real sisters do. They never had a fight. Never argued. They even spent some time alone together, exploring each others body, touching each other, and even had kissed once. They were always together. To think that they both could be here in the hands of her ex, gave her shivers. She began to cry as she thought of Lisa and where she was.

Julie went and took a shower. It was a long one too. She soaked her body under the hot streams of water, standing their enjoying the relaxing feeling. She lathered up her hair and body. Her nipples and pussy were very sore, as was her beaten ass. Her ex had beaten her body with a paddle the whole time she was bound in the many positions he tied her in. The water stung her ass, but the more she stood their, the better it felt. 'Why was I here?' She thought to herself. 'What was about to happen to me?' Her mind raced, but could not settle on anything, as all she wanted to do was rest and sleep.

She dried off and went to the drawer in the dresser. She opened it slowly. Inside were sexy garments. She was shocked to see them, as she was expecting regular clothes. She put the items on the bed looking over each item. Her mind raced again, as these were not normal things she is used to seeing. 'I have to wear these? OMG!' They were bondage clothes! She knew she had to wear them as she had agreed to some sort of agreement to do everything that Mark told her to do.

While Julie slept and rested her sore body, Lisa on the other hand was at the hands of the madman, in another part of the place they had been taken too. Mark had lusted for her eighteen year old hot body for years while going with Julie. She was part of his revenge plan too. Mark had already raped her in the ass since leaving Julie in her room. Lisa was now his very own too, as he would make her do as she was told too, making her agree to either abuse or death. It was a powerful statement. If given the chance, both would have tried suicide instead of what Mark had in store for them both, as he was not the only perverted man here. Mark was just phase one, and now she would be turned over to phase two…their names being Jake and Sam. They were even more cruel than Mark was, something Julie could never imagine.

After Mark finished with his rape of Lisa, she was handed off to Jake for further humiliation, turning his concentration and main appetite to Julie, as her coming days would decide her fate.

Julie awoke suddenly in the night from a bad dream. She thought of Lisa, as her dream was of her being mauled by rapists. Julie cried in her palms, then went and used the bathroom. She went back into the room to dress. She went through each piece of clothing. The skimpy sheer black thong went on first, then the black thigh high stockings, sliding each one up her sexy youthful legs. Then the skimpier sheer black bra, then the black garter belt. She snapped each clip into the thigh highs and stood up, stretching into the garment. She sat back on the bed and put on the silky anklets, sliding each one on over the feet. Next was the black mini-skirt, which was very short and pleated. It barely covered her thong. She slipped on the black chemise, then set her eyes on the shoes. They were black as well, and she wondered if she could walk in them, as they were 9 inch bondage heels. She slipped her feet into each one, wrapped the strap around her ankle and buckled it in place. She stood up gingerly, only to fall quickly. She had to get used to them fast, or fear being punished. She stood up again, her toes on the ground with her heels 9 inches upward. She looked at herself, thinking she looked like a tramp wearing this outfit. She wondered why she was wearing this, and then her mind kicked in. Would she be subjected to some kind of kinky fetish, then get raped? Her mind raced as she practiced walking.

The men watching her on the camera had raging hard-ons watching her, as she was more sexy now than she was. Dressed for sex, as they liked to put it. Twenty, blondish hair, sexy green eyes, a smile to die for, dressed for ultimate pleasure… what more could you ask for? Julie was going to be their special girl for the next few months, only things that perverted molesters and rapist could think of. Normal minds could never think of these wild ideas, only sex starved bondage lovers with the thirst for rape and mind control.

Many young girls had come before Julie and many would come after her. It was up to Julie how long she lasted and lived. Depending on her actions and decisions would decide her fate, just like all the others.

Sixty girls are here in this sick place currently, all in other areas around the this place, which was bigger than Julie could ever imagine. She thought only she and Lisa were here, how wrong she was. Two hundred and ten had been where she is before she arrived. Sixty remain alive. A few of the dead ones are here too, as Julie would soon find out. Her worst nightmares would soon be reality, as corpses were part of this evil minded place, young corpses of girls from eight to eighteen, a few on ice for the pleasures of the sickest minds. Julie would soon find out face to face, how cruel this place can be, with her being the main subject in their corpse orgy.

Stacey was a loving eighteen year old, so full of life, cute as a button, incredibly sexy eyes, a body to kill for, until she met these sick people. After three weeks of rape and torture, forcing her to have sex with two dogs for a week, forced to have sex with two dead girls, then forced to eat one of them out, she went crazy in her lost mind control. She was then sent to the punishment room, which was a place no girl ever wanted to go, unless they refused to do as they were told. After two weeks in that room, she was raped repeatedly in every orifice five times a day, forced to eat shit daily and forced to drink piss by the gallon - as it was saved from all the cruel men daily. When her mind refused orders after two weeks, Jake did what he did best, which was paralyze her by breaking her back in that special place in her spine. She is now motionless, as she has no control of any limb, but she does have feeling in them. She spends her time on her back and belly, blinking her eyes, gasping for air as she is raped like a rag doll. She moans and squeals lightly at times, but mostly she just has to endure her treatments.

She was now on the schedule for her next act, that being Julie. Julie was going to be her new friend, as Julie was going to be spending a lot of time with Stacey. This meant they would share a bed together, share sex together, share everything together. Intimate sex with a motionless paralyzed girl can change anyone, change them for the worse and change them mentally forever. This was their plan for Julie, to change her, to make her do anything they asked, to make her rape if they told her too. Her mind would be changed. Her past would be erased from her mind, including Lisa, or she would end up like Stacey. Young girls like Julie with weak minds, like hers, were easy to control and brain-wash. She was an easy target for them, just as Lisa would become.

Tormenting, torturing, raping, and brain-washing girls was something this place was built for. 60 girls were at the hands of 9 of the most evil men on the planet. Mark has been recuited by one of the men, as they knew he liked punishment of this level. Most had done time in prison for rape or some kind of molestation of girls. 5 of the 9 were wanted by the FBI or police. They feared no one. Their passion was sex with younger girls. Not normal sex, but sex of the most evil creation. Whenever they saw a girl they liked, they got her, even if it meant killing the parents, family, husband, and friends, which has happened a few times. Kidnappings from public places, beaches, bus stops, schools, home invasions, malls, friends houses, etc., was what they did best. None have ever been caught in the past 7 years they have been doing this. None of the missing girls has ever been returned, except in a body bag. Once they have been grabbed, that would be the last time they would ever see their parents or freedom ever again. The life of rape, torture, porn, and/or death was all they had to look forward too, but one thing was true here, no girl has ever been released alive once she turns 25. After 25, they have to either become the property and sex slave of the men, doing exactly as they say, or you are killed. There was no other option. Sex or death. Only 4 are 25 or over.

The first victim of this place was more than nine years ago. She was a petite eithteen year old by the name of Jaycie. She was so cute, but hard headed as hell. She was a slave for only 3 months, raped repeatedly in her ass and mouth, forced to do so much she just never adapted. She was then forced into porn, but was killed by Jake in a severe deep throat scene, where she died from lack of air. He came a gallon down her throat as she died and kept on fucking her until she was blue. She was kept on ice for 3 weeks, raped everyday, then they got rid of her by mutilating her and feeding her to the other girls. That was a normal practice, to feed the girls to the other girls.

The second victim was another eighteen year old college freshman by the name of Jill, and she was a hot little blonde with one of the smallest and tightest pussies they had ever seen. They liked her a lot, but her attitude did her in. They loved hearing her scream as they drove their big cocks in her little pussy, stretching and tearing it with every thrust. By the time she died at the hands of two perverted individuals, her pussy was much bigger as it could handle the biggest of cocks at this place. She died of strangulation. They choked her to death as they raped her ass and pussy at the same time. From what Jake said, it was the best fuck he had ever had in his entire life, as her pussy gripped and squeezed her mammoth cock the whole time it took her to die. When her last gasp of air went through her air tunnel, he came inside of her. She too was kept on ice, raped everyday, then was fed to the other girls.

Life here was the cruelest of the cruel. Hot irons shoved deep in their pussies and asses, forced to drink pee by the gallon twice a day, nipples stretched to their limits, their mouths stretched wide and forced to eat cum and shit daily, whipped over and over, bound by night and raped by day, life was the same each day, either get raped and tortured or killed and eaten.

The taste of broiled pussy lips, clits and nipples was a specialty, which by the way was very tasty, said Mark to one of the other men. The younger they were, the better they tasted.

End of part 1


Silky said...

Broiled pussy lips? I can't say I've ever read a story about them being cooked before. Can I guess how the next part goes?

lustyho said...

Part 2 doesn't , but part 3 will have them being cooked. I have many little evil things planned for this story. It will have many part too. Thamks for reading.