Thursday, January 21, 2010


The problems I had been having here the last few months have been fixed. Fuckin A! I will get my new stories posted this weekend. BJ anyone? lol

Monday, November 16, 2009

Frame Help!

Does anyone know what this means when I try and open my blog? I see this everytime I try and sign in. What the fuck is a frame? How do I make the message go away? Help!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ward 9

Sorry it took me so long as it has been a month to fuckin forget. I wrote this story while in jail and it get me so hot reading it back to myself each night that I could not keep my fingers out of my pussy at all. hehe

This has a mixed flavor of likes and I left the ending to where I can add to it later, which I'm sure I will as I don't usually leave endings like this one has right now.

Ward Nine

Chapter One: The Plan

Paul looked over the grounds and saw a girl standing over by herself, “Hey Sam, is that her over there?” Sam looked over to where Paul was pointing, “yeah, yeah that’s her. Holy shit, she looks hot in that cheer outfit and ponytails.” Nerves were getting to Sam, “I don’t know man, not sure I can do this.” Paul was reassuring though, “don’t worry man, let me handle this okay? The sleeping pills in a drink trick always works, so you want her now or not? If so, I will have her in the van in thirty minutes, asleep and in your arms.” Sam nodded at Paul, “okay then. Go wait in the van, get in the back, and I’ll be there with her in my arms, then we can get busy, okay?” Sam nodded as he walked away, Paul turning and walking toward Sam’s fantasy girl. His eyes never left her, “hey babe, could I get some pictures of you for our school newspaper maybe?” Lacey saw him coming the whole time, “sure, I don’t mind.” Paul got out his camera and starting clicking away, “can I get some close-ups?” Lacey was more than happy to let him, “sure.” Paul was loving this, “you sure are cute in that outfit, these are going to be great.” Lacey blushed a little. Paul wanted to try something with this hot little thing before him, “do you mind if I could get some shots of you over by the statue behind our school? You don’t have too if you don’t want too, I just think it would be a great gesture for our paper, have the visiting cheer girl with it, maybe.” Lacey looked over toward the rear, “I don’t mind doing that.” Paul now knew she was his. What a damn cunt she is, he thought to himself, as there was no statue. “You want a drink from the stand before we get started….what’s your name? I’m sorry, I’m Paul by the way and you are…?” She looked up at him, “my name is Lacey. Nice to meet you Paul and yes, I would love a drink if you don’t mind.”

Gotcha bitch!

That’s all it took, as Paul carried her limp and sleeping body in his arms across the field behind the school and into the woods. He knew these grounds better than most, as he attended the school at one time, and he also knew of a private place to be alone with Lacey. He wanted to see her first. He wanted to taste her first. This was his plan the whole time, to get her alone with him. “There you go sleeping angel. Have a seat here while I see what you are hiding here.” Paul placed her down in the brush, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to the side, then inserted his fingers into her warm slit. “You are tight babydoll and very warm.” As he pushed his fingers in, he smelled her and kissed her on her lips. “Yeah baby, take some tongue.” His tongue explored her mouth, kissing her hotly and fingering her tight snatch. “You and me are going to have a fun night together, and after I make this phone call, you and me are going to be lovers forever.” Paul had an even more evil way about him, he loved blaming others for his work.

“Yes, my name is Paul and I have some information about the girl who was kidnapped last week, umm, Jessica I think her name is, well, I was speaking with someone here tonight at this big football game in town and I overheard some guy telling someone he had her.” The voice on the other end was the police, “and he said the location too, so thought I would let you people know what I heard.” Paul listened and answered the questions, “my name is Paul Hunt. Yes sir, that’s what I heard and I don’t know if it is true or not, just telling you.” Paul gave the description of Sam, the van, the hide out, all of which was just a ploy. “I think that is the address I heard.” While he lied to the police, Paul had his fingers deep in Lacey’s pussy. Her limp body was motionless as he had his way with her. He clicked the off button on his phone, “easy as shit baby. C’mon Lacey, you are me need to get better acquainted.”

Paul had parked his older van in the lot over a week before, his plan now in full force, his new play mate now in it, both heading to his real pad. Jessica he had put in the older pad, which was miles and miles away. Lacey was in the seat next to him, slumped over and sleeping deeply, “you my dear Lacey, as sexy as you are, you are going to please me very much, yes you are baby. With a sexy body and face like yours, you and I will have the times of our lives together. You are the easiest grab yet and I will make you pay for that too you little slut.” He kept talking to her the whole time while he drove, telling her his fantasies, his desires, his plans for her, his evil ways, and his desire for girls like her. Easy girls.

Chapter Two: Framed

Sam sat in the isolation room scared out of his mind of what had just happened. Had Paul been caught too? Was he somewhere is this hell hole too? What happened to Lacey? His thoughts went wild with wonder, not knowing her fate. “Mr. Jacob’s, stand sir.” The guard came out of nowhere, startling Sam. “Yes sir.” The big guard walked over to him, “so you like playing with little girls huh?” Sam shook his head, “I didn’t do everything you people say I did. Yes, I had sex once with that one girl Jessica, but I…” “Shut-up, just bite your tongue you piece of slime. You are toast boy. The evidence says you did it, you had cum in the girl, your pee in her mouth, her clothes in your house, and we even got some samples from your van, so just shut-up boy.” Sam sat quietly, knowing he was guilty of maybe one rape, but not the others. How could they blame him for this? Was Paul even caught? His mind raced. “Follow me boy.” Sam followed the man. “I got something for you boy, so just keep your mouth shut, do as I say, and you will get out of here with no problems, got it boy?” Sam nodded his head at the man, “yes sir.” “That’s a good boy. Now boy, I want you to sit in this room here, take off all your clothes, and wait for me to return.” The man closed the door and Sam sat is disbelief.

By the time the man returned, Sam was naked and sitting on the cold steel seat. The door opened slowly and the man entered with another man with him and they closed the door behind them. “Stand up boy and put your hands to your sides and look at me.” The men before him were much larger than him. Very large and black. Niggers. He hated them too. “You are being charged with three counts of rape, kidnapping, and many others laws. We have run your name and it says you are sixteen, is that correct?” Sam nodded. “You don’t nod boy, it’s either yes sir or no sir, got it?” Sam looked up at him, “yes sir, I’m sixteen.” The man walked around Sam, his eyes looking him over, “so young for crimes like this. You won’t last a day in prison boy. If you are guilty of these crimes, I doubt you will ever so freedom again and you know what that means, right?” Sam had no idea, “no sir, I don’t know as I didn’t do this. I was framed.” The other black man came over to Sam, “framed? Your evidence is all over the victim, so you will do the time boy, believe me. You will have your chance in court tomorrow, then we will present the evidence you left behind, then the judge will decide your fate, and trust me, this won’t be the last time you see us.” The day ended with Sam in isolation, awaiting his fate of the next day.

Chapter Three: Verdict

Sam was taken into the court room just the way he was, nude. He was never allowed to get cleaned up or even pee, just taken to court, to face his life decisions. In the court with him were two other young boys, both fifteen and nude. The look in their faces told a story of disbelief, just like the expression on his own face. They all sat side by side, handcuffed, a nigger on each side of them. No parents were present being none even knew they were here.

The judge entered, a big white man with gray stubble on his face. He looked mean to Sam. The judge looked down on the boys, “stand up young ones.” Each boy stood, “you there, the first one, stand before me. Sam walked over to the front of the judge, the one black man by his side. “I’ve read over this case and seen all the evidence that has been presented against you for the crimes you have committed. Three counts of rape, one count of kidnapping, two counts of sodomy, one count of gross negligence toward bodily harm, two counts of drug possession, three counts of battery, and two counts urination in public. How do you plead?” Sam was motionless and speechless as he heard the crimes being read to him. “Not guilty sir. I did have sex with the victim but not you have said.” The judge looked right at Sam, “is that so, then being you admit to one count of rape, why do you think I’d believe the rest of your story?” Sam had no answer. “Being you have entered a plea of not guilty, but have admitted to one count of rape, that is a new charge of one count of contempt of court. You are making this worse for yourself young one. Your semen was in the victim, in her oral, anal, and vaginal cavities. Your urine was in her oral and anal cavities, and the rest is useless. You did this and you are guilty.” Sam wanted to say something, “don’t say a word boy. Just accept your fate,” the black man beside him said.

The judge stood, “Sam Jacob’s, I find you guilty of all fifteen counts against you and you will pay for your acts for a very long time. I sentence you to consecutive life terms in the state prison. Your first two years will be spent at Ward Nine, a correctional facility for boys, then you will be transferred to the state prison on your eighteenth birthday. You will have no visitors and no direct contact with other inmates. Gag him guard and take him away to his doom.”

Chapter Four: The Ward

“Welcome to the Ward young ones. This is your new home for awhile, known as Ward Nine to the boys here. Once the rules are read to you, you will be given room assignments, dress wear, and your first meal.” Sam looked around the room, the other two boys with him in the court room were with him too. “You have all done some very bad deeds and you will be punished accordingly. This one here,” he pointed at Sam, “take him to isolation room eight. These other two take to isolation room nine. Time for us all to get better acquainted boys, so prepare yourselves for a welcome you will carry with you for the rest of your lives. Take them away guards.”

They wasted no time with Sam. They were attracted to him in a big way. “Get up boy.“ Sam stood slowly, his cock very noticeable to the men, as that is what they wanted, his cock and him. “Good boy, now come over here and unzip me boy.” Sam became very scared now, “I said get over here boy and pull down my zipper.” The other man had gotten behind Sam, pushing him toward the other man. Sam reached up and unzipped the mans zipper and the man behind him said, “reach in and pull his snake out. You do it boy or I will make this a living hell for you tonight, got it?” Sam nodded, placed his hand inside the mans pants, grabbed a hold of the prick and pulled it toward him. The man behind him had stripped down and his cock was resting on Sam’s back. “Now do what you know you have to do boy. Give my big prick a big wet kiss.” Sam looked up at the man, then just parted his lips and kissed the mans salty cock. “Good boy, now suck it into your mouth and blow me boy and you had better make me cum too. Go on, suck it!” The man behind Sam was now on the floor with him, his cock pointing at Sam’s ass. “Just suck baby boy. Get that cock off in your mouth as I rape you, just like you raped that little girl. Spread your legs boy.” Sam spread his legs and prepared for the worse, “hey boy with the big cock in his mouth, tell me to rape you boy. Tell me to bust your asshole motherfucker.” Sam had made a lot of spit in his mouth from sucking the hard cock, “spit in my hand boy so I can lube your butt. You going to get raped boy. I going to make you scream boy, make you a bitch. My bitch.”

Sam was horrified now, himself about to be raped, just as he had done to someone. He thought of Lacey but it did no good, as the one man pulled the cock from his mouth, “spit boy,” he spit and felt the other man behind him smear it on his ass. “Stick your butt up and tell me to rape you boy. Tell me to fuck you like a little girl.” Sam repeated his demands as the man penetrated his tight ass, sending waves of pain through him. “Suck boy. Don’t stop until I cum, then you are going to drink and swallow it boy, so get busy. Fuck him good man. Make him remember this.”

The night was full of loud screams throughout the ward, loads of cum, blood dripping from a young boys ass, his own cock being sucked and squeezed. They roughed him up all night long with repeated anal rapes, wads of cum being forced down his throat, forced to be their little girl, who they raped over and over, making Sam plead for sex by the time morning arrived.

The session ended, “remember this night boy and for the rest of your life will be much easier. You wont be getting out free anytime soon, so do as you are told, be someone’s bitch, and you might make it. You do have a sexy ass boy, so shake it properly where you are going and you will make friends. I’ll make sure your girl gets treated properly boy.

The door then slammed shut, leaving Sam in a horrid of thoughts, ‘what did he mean by that? My girl? Oh no…’

The end for now. hehehehe an evil ending huh? This will continue as I'm making Sam into a lil sissie slave and I have further plans for his fantasy girl too.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Dark Hole

Damn I missed my blog!!!

I bet you thought I was gone for good didn't ya? I have been to the dark hole of the earth the last two months. You guessed it....jail! I fucked up big time and landed in the dark hole for a 2 month sentence for being a drunk girl with an attitude and very very stupid.

The only good that came from all of this was being able to write and write and write. That's all I did while I sat in my jumpsuit and played with myself most of the time. I'll get some of these posted once I get them transferred up to my 'puter. I only have them on paper right now.

Hang in there as I'll be back soon...luv you all!