Friday, April 10, 2009

Vacation Hell 2

Down the hall aways, April was about to tormented by three men. She was the oldest of us, and had sucked more cocks than anyone I knew, so she claimed. The men cut away her bikini top, then cut away her thong, exposing her bare pussy to the madmen. The sight of her freshly shaven pussy made them even madder for her, “my, look at that! She is shaved just for us guys.” The men asked her a series of questions, getting her to admit to her crimes, which would mean more time here, but she refused. They slapped her, beat her, pulled her hair, then raped her mouth. She was then spread wide, the man in front of her demanding information from her, then pointed his cock to her pussy. She shook with fear as his huge cock entered her pussy, then he just fucked her for hours, filling her unprotected pussy with thick gobs of cum. I only saw her once after that, I believe 2 years later, and she was a mess. From what I hard, she gave birth to a little girl, then the baby was killed in front of her, and then she was pregnant again, and had been turned into a butt slave, until her baby was born. I never knew what exactly happened to her, only rumors, that she was killed by electricution.

The rest of the girls I know were killed, as I had to watch them die. Little Jill was only 18, a virgin, and her time here was pure hell as well. She was to be with four men, as her young body was raked over the coals of hell, before she was done. With her shackled to the ceiling, mouth gagged, she was to watch in a mirror, her own rape. The cock that was about to rip her apart was an amazing 14” of steel, and fat too. Her petite body was not going to let it in, but they would get it in, and that they did. You could here her screams for miles, as his cock sliced through her pussy lips, spreading her wide, tearing her cherry, then pounding in and out of her, making her cry and scream in agony.

They had raped many girls, some younger than Jill, so they knew how to force a cock into an extra tight pussy. He cries of mercy only got worse, as another cock was stuffed deep into her even tighter ass, then was one forced down her throat, and yet another was forced into her pussy too. She was being gang raped, as blood mixed with sweat poured from her body. They sucked her nipples until they were raw, she had bite marks on her neck, stomach, and her ass cheeks. Her pussy was fucked for days, as was her ass and mouth. From what I heard, they had turned her, making her into a sex slave, her willing to do whatever they wanted her to do, and that they did. She was forced to eat shit, their shit, her shit, the dogs shit, her piss, there piss, and even my piss.

Our piss was gathered in a large container, where she was forced to drink from daily. When new girls were brought in, she even fucked them with a strap on, then would suck out their pussy, then would do their ass, and would suck the shit from there used ass. Jill was once beautiful, but they changed her into a pure slut. She lived 2 more years, then was hung for trying to kill a master. Her body was then cooked, and was fed to the new slaves.

These people were horrible, as I witnessed, and there was no end in sight of there insanity either. I was now laying in a cell, on a bed, hands tied behind me, ankles tied too, and I just laid there listening to the screams of girls down the hallway. I thought of what possibly could be next, and it was even worse than I could even imagine. I thought of Lacey, my good friend of 2 years, us being like kids in a candy store, always having fun. I wondered where she might be, how she was, was she still alive, was she in pain, was she thinking of me? She had just turned 19, and was about to visit with her brother in Germany, but decided to come with us instead. Now I wish she had gone elsewhere, as this was a nightmare.

Lacey was hanging from the ceiling, awaiting her next ordeal, fearing the worse, and that was what she got. I heard about Lacey a year before I was released, and one session has stuck with me. She was being raped in her ass and pussy, and was being beaten with a whip the whole time they raped her. If she didn’t moan when they said, she was beaten. Her tits were beaten raw as well, with slash marks covering them and her body. They had just about chewed her nipples off, as she was raped, or lets say, gang raped everyday for 4 years, being beaten daily, and forced to suck and fuck every man in the prison, which were about forty. Every hour she was raped, making herself fuck them, and after all the abuse, they found her dead in her cell, as she died of her wounds and just gave up on life.

I had made it four years, as had Lisa, and the worst was yet to come for us. I was brought into a room, and there was Lisa on the floor, her arms tied under her, with her legs wide open. There was a puddle of cum between her legs, so I knew she had already been raped, but that was just the first two, as she has thirty eight more to go. I was tied up just about two feet from her, and was forced to watch her get raped thirty eight my times, and it was just horrible. Each man would come in, his cock pounding for action, as they would get between her legs, shove there cocks in, and just fucked her senseless. I was shackled to the ceiling, my head was forced downward, and my eyes were forced open, as I had to watch this for twelve straight hours. Lisa had cum all over her. Her face was covered, her stomach had a puddle on it, and her pussy was soaked with cum. Each man just shoved his cock in her sperm filled pussy, and just added more. Some of the men would kiss her, some sucked her tits, but most just grunted and fucked her, leaving her on the floor for the next person.

I was untied after the session, and I just looked back at Lisa, as she laid motionless, breathing deeply, then she vanished from my sight, as I was being taken to another room, where six men were standing, waiting for me. I was tied to a post, arms behind me, with a leg spreader attached to my ankles. I was shaking with fear, as I watched the men gather different objects, and they were all for me. One had a giant butt plug, one had some kind of probe, one had some wires, and the rest just stood there, their cocks at full attention, with some dripping with fluid. I knew this was not going to be pleasant, so I braced for what was about to happen. The man with the butt plug shoved it up my ass, and it felt horrible too. My ass was used to being filled lately, so it went in easily. Now the man with the wires attached them to my butt plug, which was metal. This was bad, I thought to myself. The one with the probe , placed it on my pussy, and hit a button on the handle, and I about died right there. He was sending electrical current through my pussy, which then was sent through and into my ass. Nothing had been like this, as they tortured me for hours, trying to turn me, trying to make me say I did all those things that had been charged against us. The butt plug was removed, then another one was shoved in, and with its long handle, and its hard studs, I was fucked like mad.
Over and over they shocked me, me passing out a few times, only to be awoken with the probe in my ass, them shocking me to life. My pussy was sore from the shocks, as was my ass, which was being rammed with a giant metal studded dong, and it was ripping the walls of my ass into pieces. Flashes of light were then before me, as they took pictures of my torture session, and before they had finished, each man fucked my pussy, and then my ass. With cum still dripping from their cocks, I was made to suck them clean, swallowing all their disgusting cum. I was now taken to a room with a bed, and there were four more men sitting there, and I was put on the bed, and each man raped my pussy. They fucked me over and over, then pounded my ass, then fucked my pussy some more. I was not liking this at all, as each cock seemed to get bigger, or my pussy was getting sorer.

I was just eighteen when I came here, and here I was, in a strange country, being raped over and over, being tortured like a rat, then being raped by even more men, until I was so full of cum, I felt full. I could feel their hot spurts of cum being injected into my holes, leaving me with a sick feeling. I thought of my mother, but had to release that thought, as they would try to get that out with some other kind of torture. Over and over, and hour after hour went by, men of all sizes fucking a teen American girl, and they loved it too. They drooled on me as they came, filling me with cum to last a lifetime.

I was then taken to a shower, where I was bathed by the men, and yes, I was raped there as well. With each shower, you got raped. To earn a meal, I had to beg to get my ass slapped them fucked each day, or I would starve to death. I went through this humiliation nightly, which is something I’m not proud of, but I had to eat. This is what I had to repeat atleast ten times, “oh please master, spank my sexy little teen buns. Spank me then fuck my teen ass with your big cock master. Make me beg for food, as I’m just a little teen sex slut.” Would you be proud of that? I have nightmares just thinking of it.

After I said it, I was tied with my hands above me, with a rope around my neck, so my master could force my head where he wanted it to go. Then as I sat in his lap, with his cock in my ass, I begged for him to slap and spank my tits, as he rammed his cock into my ass. I was ashamed, and I was not liking it, but it was my duty to stay alive. Tonight though, I had to say it to the big master, and he was big too, with a gigantic and thick 18” meat pounder. I screamed like no other time, as he split my ass into with it. Being a sex toy was not easy, or as they called me, there rape toy. That is exactly what I was, a toy, as they raped me every single day for 5 fucking years. On average, I was fucked 10 times a day, so in five years , I was fucked or raped 18,250 times. My pussy and ass will never be the same, or will my life for that matter. How does a country get away with what they did to me? That I would never find out. I knew I had a few more months here, and I even wondered if it was even possible to get released from here at all. I had not seen any of my friends for about two years, and I thought of them daily too, and not knowing just tore me up.

Six months later, and one month before my release, I was brought into a room, and before me was a battered girl, hanging from the ceiling, feet tied back to the far wall, with streaks on her body. She was barely moving, but she was alive. I was then shackled to the ceiling, and was pulled upwards, so my legs were off the ground. My wrists were killing me too, as the rope just dug in deep. Next my ankles were tied together, and a rope was placed around my neck, which was then tied to my ankles. I was swinging freely in the air, and that is when the girl in front of me looked to her side to glance at me, and it was Lisa. I was so happy to see her, but was also shocked at what they had done to her. She tried to smile at me, but it only lasted for a second, as the leader of all the men came in. “So, you two meet again. It will be the last time, I guarantee it. Miss Lisa here has disobeyed my authority, as she has refused to let me fuck her ass, so for that, you will be put to death.” My eyes were wide open, as he said death, and we were just weeks away from our release too. I squirmed in my ropes, “yes miss Kelly, she is not like you, who begs for cock in her ass every night, and there is nothing you can say or do that will save her life, so just quit your moving around. You will witness the death of your once sexy friend, as she will be beaten severely by me, as her screams will live with you for the rest of your life. Let the beatings begin.”

Lisa screamed with a high pitch, as they beat her feet, her ass, her thighs, her back, and then got in front of her, and beat her thighs, her stomach, her tits, and her pussy. She was being beaten with a metal tube, and it was leaving huge welts on her body. He pinched her nipples with force, about ripping them off, as he kept whacking her defenseless body. Over and over, beating her, bruising her, making her yelp in pain with each smack. Blood began to form around her wrist, as the rope dug into her skin. He beat her ass for I know an hour, and it too began to bleed from the deep wounds. He then rammed the tube into her stomach, making her convulse, then he did it again, as the breathe was taken from her. He leaned down and bit off her left nipple, and blood poured from it, as he chewed her nipple in his mouth, then swallowed it. I was sickened by this, then he bit off her right one, and ate it too. “You are tasty Lisa, how about I take something else from you as well, since you wont need it anymore?” He leaned down to her pussy, spread her wide, and took her clit into his mouth, and bit into it, ripping it from her. Lisa was so battered, as he showed her, her own clit, which was in between his teeth, as he just chewed it up, and ate it. I now feared I would be next, as this madman was eating Lisa. Would I die too?

He now cupped her bleeding tit in his hand, squeezed it, and as the blood poured out, he began to suck the blood from her. Lisa grew more and more weak as the madman drank her blood, gulping it down with hunger in his eyes. He then moved away from her, blood running down his chin, got behind her, and smacked her ass with the tube, making her twist with pain. Then, as I watched in horror, he spread her ass cheeks apart, and thrusted the tube up her ass was great force, and Lisa just let and a long dull groan. With the rod sticking from her ass, he got in front of her, shoved his cock in her clitless pussy, and rammed his cock in and out of her, sucking the remaining blood from her once firm tits, which were now sagging, as she slowly went limp. My best friend died in front of me, and the madman continued fucking her lifeless body until he filled her cold cunt with cum. He pulled out, swallowed the blood he had in his mouth, then he looked up at me and smiled. She was cut down, and was carried away, and later I found out that she was passed around as all the men fucked her dead body, and when I heard that, I vomited. After that she was cooked and served to the men, and me too, but I didn’t know that at the time.

I had one week to go in this place, and they saved me for last. I was going to go through even more pain, before they would let me go. After my morning session of having my pussy fucked and injected with more sperm, I was led into a room with a table in the middle of the room. It was an electrified table, and I was to be their next victim. I feared for my life, as they were going to get all they could out of me. I was so scared I about peed on the floor, but I knew better. They strapped me down on the table, with my arms under my ass, which raised me up a bit, then wires with alligator clips on the end were attached to my nipples and my clit. A metal dildo with a green wire on the end was then inserted in my ass, and a harness was put on my head, which forced opened my mouth, and another wire was attached to my tongue. The wires going to my nipples, tongue and clit were all the positive, and the one in my ass was the negative, and what I felt next was pain. My nipples stood straight up, my hair flew up as well, when the handle on the electrical device was slowly turned. It sent shock waves through my body, and tears just streamed down my face, as they shocked me for hours, making me pee, shit, and cum. When the last of the voltage shot through my pussy, I confessed my crimes, as it was the worst pain I had ever felt, and I figured I might have a chance to live, if I would admit to what I had done.

The shocking stopped, and I was let up from the table, led into a shower, where for once, I was not raped, and I was alone for the first time. I was then brought to the main room, where the judge that put me here now stood. “OK, Miss Kelly, since you have omitted your crimes, I see no reason to keep you here any longer. You are now free to go, and any word of this place to anyone, for the rest of your natural life, or you will be brought back here, which you will spend the rest of your life with us, do you understand?” I nodded, then was taken to the airport, then flown to my home.

I was released just three weeks ago, and had wondered, if I had admitted five years ago, would I have been released? My pussy and ass still throb, as the treatment was very severe.

I got the paper this morning, and it said that three American girls were missing in Brazil, and there whereabouts were unknown - but I knew exactly were they were, and I knew what was being done to them as well, but I could not say anything, as I didn’t want to chance it and be taken there for life.

With having to eat my friends, watch them get raped, watch them die, and I was happy right where I was, as I never left the country ever again, and never wanted to leave either.

The End

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