Saturday, April 18, 2009


Do you like gay sex maybe? Forced sex with other men? I don't write many like this, but from time to time I like some all guy sex to write about. I hope you enjoy this one.

I never expected prison to be like it was. Sure, I had heard all the stories about rape in prison and the gay guys, but I never ever believed it. I would always laugh, and punch them. But then, I got into real trouble.

It was the day I did something I never thought I would actually do, only in my mind, never in real life. I took the chance of my life to satisfy an urge that had been playing with my mind for years. It was wrong to do and I knew it, but I did it anyway. I cornered my brothers daughter one afternoon and slid my hand down into her panties and forced her to strip for me, while I fingered her slit and kissed her hotly. The moment only lasted fifteen minutes, and being I thought my words to her were good enough to keep her quiet and me safe, that backfired quickly. I tried to blackmail her in return for something she did wrong a few years earlier, in return for what I did to her.

Two days passed and I thought I was in the clear. Hardly. Not knowing I had been reported to the police by her, I got the surprise of my life later that evening. I had just returned home from the liquor store, when two cops appeared before me with an arrest warrant. I froze in my tracks, knowing exactly what they were here for. My whole body went tense knowing I had been caught. The feeling is something you never want to ever feel in your life. It's a feeling of fear and loss from your loved ones.

"Are you Mr. Jenkins....Mr. Ted Jenkins?" The cop looked me straight in the eyes.

"Yes I am?" I said this very calmly.

"You are under arrest for the attempted rape of a minor sir. Please put your bags down and turn around sir."

The cops arrested me right there in front of my apartment, handcuffed me, read me my rights, placed me in the police car, and took me away. I watched my neighborhood pass as they drove down the road, knowing my future had dramatically taken a sudden turn for the worse.

I was denied bail and I sat in jail for four weeks before my court date. I did what my lawyer wanted me to do, which was plead guilty and take what they would give me. He thought me pleading guilty would help in my time to be served. Hardly.

I sat in the court room, scared to death. I looked behind me and there she was, the girl I had molested. My own niece. My brother was there too, as was his wife, my mom, and my own sister. This was the worse feeling ever, to be sentenced in front of them. Embarrassment was an understatement.

The judge entered the room and we all stood up. The next moments were quick and fast.

The judge looked down on me, "Mr. Jenkins, stand before me please."

I stood up and walked over in front of him with my lawyer right beside me.

"Mr. Jenkins, you are charged with attempted rape of a minor and blackmail, how do you plead?"

I was shaking, "Guilty sir. I plead guilty for what I have done and I ask you have mercy on me, for I have done something I regret and I'm very sorry."

Some good that did me. My mercy plea seemed to go in his one ear and out the other.

"Being you have pleaded guilty to the charges Mr. Jenkins, and with the acts of your crimes being as to what they are, you give me no choice but to sentence you to the maximum sentence of 8 years for attempted rape of a minor and 2 years for blackmail of a minor. You are hereby sentenced to 10 years at the maximum security prison of this state."

My jaw dropped hearing the years being rattled off. I was in denial. The cops handcuffed me and took me away. While being led out of the court room, I got my last look at my niece, who was smiling at me, then blew me a kiss as she vanished from view. I was shocked. I was now stressed like no other time in my life. Had she set me up?

I was practically being dragged down the dark, murky hallway of the prison cell, the guards telling me to stand up and move right, not laying around on my lazy ass. It was bad enough I was in prison, let alone being dragged into it.

My knees scraped the floor mercilessly. All around, the men yelled out jokes to me, a few whistling. I've been regarded as good looking by most people. I've had my share of girls, sure, sex, love, whatever. But never before prison had I even thought of getting fucked or being fucked by a man.

It . . . Was somehow too strange. So, naturally, when I was thrown in my prison cell, that wasn't what I was thinking about. I was more planning a way out, hardly noticing the big, husky male sitting on the bed, looking at me. After about an hour, I sat down on the cot, and turned to see him. I was a bit startled, but I really didn't care that he was there. Not yet, at least. The guy was big. Really big. His arms must've been twice the size of mine, and he had half a foot on me. I was strong, but no where near that strong. He looked at me for a while.

Finally, the guards yelled "lights out", and suddenly, all the lights went out except for a few dim lights in each cell, barely illuminating it. Suddenly, the cot creaked, and in the dim light I saw the man stand up and stretch. Good, I thought, I can lie down now. I was just leaning over when he grasped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, hard. He pulled me in tight, and looked at me, and once again did a grin. It was a wide, meaningful grin. As I got closer and closer, I could feel his cock beneath his uniform. It was semi-erect, and wanting me. I knew it. I tried to step back, but he held me tight. I couldn't yell for some strange reason.

All I knew was that he was suddenly kissing me, tongue flying deep in my mouth, licking the inside of it. He began to take the zipper on my orange suit down, slowly as he kissed me. I didn't kiss back. Once again, I attempted to break loose, but couldn't. It was too hard to. Pretty soon, the zipper was all the way down, and he began to remove the suit, finally lifting me up high, and getting it from around my legs. All that was left were my boxer shorts. He seemed to hate them, nearly ripping them off, which he could have with his grip. He continued to pull them off until they were on top of my suit.

Still kissing me, he placed his hand on my soft cock. Finally he stopped and began to strip down fast. The kiss wasn't bad, just like every girl-kiss, just from a guy. In a few seconds he was totally naked, bare penis exposed. It was amazingly huge, about one and a half times the width of mine and almost twice as long at 12 inches. It was a true mammoth. I had never seen something like that before. My mouth dropped. He smiled, and turned me around. It was then it suddenly hit me he was going to rape my ass, with that huge slab of meat, my ass which had never even had a normal sized penis in it. I knew if I resisted it would hurt more, so I meekly bent over, cock limp and down. Then, I felt it on my cheeks, grazing them until it reached the hole, slowly touching it with his penis head.

"If you make a sound mother fucker, I will make you regret it the whole time you are here. Put your hands on the wall and stick your butt out."

I could do nothing as this huge guy overpowered me and forced me up against the wall. The feeling of him behind me, about to rape me, I didn't like it at all.

"I know what you did to get in here mother fucker. We like guys like you who hurt kids. Now I'm going to hurt you and make you pay for hurting that little girl."

I swallowed deeply as his cock slowly penetrated the opening of my asshole. The mammoth head moved with purpose, flowing into me, and suddenly pumping deep inside. It hurt. It hurt bad. I wanted to scream, as a low groan came from within me.

"Don't say anything. Keep quiet as I fuck you mother fucker. Take it or I will rip your fucking cock off and shove it down your throat."

Listening to his threats made me go against my will, as I allowed him to ass fuck me. My cock was erect as stone as he pumped his rigid bat in me. He somehow knew it, and grabbed it in his powerful hands, jacking me off slowly, pumping in behind. It hurt so bad, as I remember his huge width and length sliding into me, pumping in and out. I was near crying out in pain. He was assaulting me with a powerful force. I never realized guys could be so forceful when fucking until now.

I felt a build up inside of me, and my prick began to throb lightly, sperm building up. My balls began to tighten as he slowly rubbed the head of my cock, slamming his cock up my butt in even strokes.

"That's it lover boy. Take it like a man. You have a great ass. You will serve me well little bitch. Ohh yess....oh yess...."

His pumping in my ass quickened, as he pumped my cock faster, rammed me faster, squeezed my cock with force, and I knew he was close to shooting off inside of me, just as I was about to shoot off on the wall.

"Take it mother fucker. Oh yess, fuck it bitch. Fuck it up your tight ass bitch."

Hearing him say that word bitch over and over, I knew this was not going to be the only time I would get raped.

His pumping of his manhood and stroking of my cock became more and more rapid, more fierce, more painful. In and out, over and over, he stroked and pumped, until I could stand it no longer. In a cry of pure orgasm, I erupted in his hands, shooting a load over his hands and outward onto the wall. Again and again I came, stronger than I ever had cum before, my sperm flowing freely. It stopped a little while later, and I grew limp in his hands. Suddenly, on an huge inward thrust, I was hard again, and suddenly felt warm cum flow into my ass wall. He grunted loudly as he thrusted his cock deep in my ass and filled me up with his cream.

It seemed never-ending, a continuous flow of warm liquid inside my tight ass crack. He had let loose a torrid amount of cum, none like I produced.

Finally, he came out of me, limp again but still huge, and kneeled down, and immediately began to kiss the head of my cock. The cum dripped out of my ass and onto the floor, as he began to kiss and lick it all over, including my balls. He got me harder and harder and almost vertical before he took me in. Looking up and me, he slipped his mouth over my erection slowly and with skill. He began to slide his mouth along the head and shaft, up and down with speed and skill, twirling his tongue around my pre-cummed head, until finally, he slipped it down. I felt it press against the back of his throat, and yet he pushed it down his throat.

He got all the way down the shaft until no more was left, and cupped my balls. Orgasm was once upon me, my body racking with burst after burst of warm, tasty cum. I felt it all around, swishing in his mouth, around my cock, warming it, keeping it hard despite ejaculation. Finally, it was gone. He swallowed every last drop. Now, me still in his mouth, he moved me to the cot. Pushing me down, he actually got under me by lifting me up, and laying' me horizontally, gazing at the giant penis, amazingly stiff.

"Suck me bitch. Do it bitch...suck my cock." He whispered this in my ear. What other choice did I have?

Struggling, I spread my lips wide and took it in. I got the wide head and a few other inches in, until it pressed against the inside of my throat, warm pre-cum tipping it, flowing very slightly. And then he thrust it forward. I nearly gagged as it went straight down my throat and back up again. This was the Mount Everest of cocks, tall and vertical. Mine was not as large, but he had his fun with it.

"Suck it rapist. This is what we do with bitches like you. Suck my cock. Suck it like the criminal you are."

I twirled my tongue around his cock head, just as one of my ex-girlfriends had done to me, licking the pre-cum off. It was disgusting and humiliating to be doing this. Was the fifteen minutes of what I had done to my niece worth this?

It went on like that for a while, sucking, licking and kissing his cock. Then it happened. In a flash, like watching a porn flick, the white cum burst into my mouth, warm, forceful spurts.

"That's it bitchboy, suck all my cum out of me. Take it all in your mouth and swallow it."

The thought of swallowing his acidic seed made me want to vomit.

"Swallow it bitchboy. Suck and swallow."

I swallowed it as fast as I could, but couldn't keep up, and some of his cum dripped out of my mouth, running down his cock or off my face. I was sick now. Cum was settling into my stomach as he made me suck every drop from him and swallow every last drop of it too. Nothing was spared, as he made me lick all the cum up, even off the bed.

My night of rape had just begun.

By the time morning came around and the guards checked in on us, he raped me three more times in my ass. My ass was on fire. The taste in my mouth was worse, as he told me I was not allowed to brush my teeth with toothpaste. I could only brush with his cum or his spit. The taste of this man would forever be within me. I was too scared to think of anything in a good way. My thought patterns were all screwed up.

The days and nights passed slowly for me the first week in this hell hole. I was passed around to other men, made to let them fuck me, made to beg to get gang raped. I never actually raped my niece, I just fondled her, but the men here didn't care. I was dirt to them for trying to hurt a kid. I was there bitchboy. I was there fuck meat. I paid dearly for my crime of lust toward my niece. The guards didn't care either, as I was dirt to them as well.

Now in my second year with eight more years to go, my nights are spent the same way as my first week. The nightly rapes are allowed by the guards. They turn the other way when it's my turn, only because of my crime. My family has dis-owned me, I hear from no one except some counselor that comes by twice a month.

As I lay here on this bunk with another prisoner on top of me ramming his cock in my ass, all I can think of is my niece who blew me that kiss before being taken away from the courtroom. What did that mean? Would I ever know? Did she enjoy my hand on her pussy? Was this her revenge for the blackmail?

Would bitchboy ever know the truth as cock after cock is forced into my body night after night, week after week, month after month, and year after year? It has never left my mind as yet another cock explodes in my ass.

My cellmate has now entered the hallway to the cell and I hear him calling out to me, "Bitchboy..........where are you bitchboy? I have a special present for you tonight bitchboy."


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lickalicka said...

You lost me in the end. What's the present? Did I miss something?

I for one love reading stories like these. Seeing men abused is nice once and awhile.