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Sick and Twisted Minds 3

Hello to all my new friends here. I hope you are enjoying this small book of mine. lol

I was going to end this one with the more evil shit I like to do to people, but I'm going to make part 4 contain all the evil minded things I can think of, and it could be quite long too. Being I have not written the next part yet, I hope to have it posted here next weekend if I can keep my mind on it most of the week. I can see this story being over 5 parts, so stay tuned.

Part 3

Later that evening, Julie was laid out on Jake’s bed with the gag ring still in her mouth from her previous attack. She was motionless and bound to his bed as she listened to the sounds around her in other parts of this place she was being held at, trying to make out each sound. She listened so closely that her ears began to ring slightly. She concentrated on one particular sound which sounded like a girl begging for something. She couldn't’t quite make out the words, as they were muffled from the walls surrounding her. ‘What is she begging for?’ Julie wondered to herself.

The taste in Julie’s mouth had grown worse, being she was never given anything to drink after her last ordeal. The taste was awful. Not being able to close her mouth to get any kind of saliva, her tongue did all the work, the tip licking her gums and teeth, trying to get any kind of wetness she could get. Her stomach was gurgling and began to ache slightly, as the wads of cum began to do there magic on her innards. It had been fours hours since she was forced to drink that nasty cum, the cum which was now beginning to make her feel very uncomfortable.

Her need to urinate was growing more powerful too, as her bladder felt as though it would explode. She knew she would be punished if she peed, so she used every muscle she could to keep from wetting herself. The feeling was almost unbearable for her, as her legs straightened and her toes pointed outward, just from the urge of unpleasantness it was giving her. She knew it would only get worse the longer she waited, so she decided to let a little out at a time, thinking it would make her feel better. Julie concentrated on just peeing a little, but before she could force herself to stop, her pee rushed outward and sprayed from between her legs. ‘Oh that feels good.’ She thought to herself, drenching the bed in pee. A long stream of pee squirted out toward the end of the bed and just then, Jake opened the door. ‘Busted.’

Julie quickly looked towards the door as her pee stopped as quickly as it started, Jake’s eyes staring down on her, “Well now my little baby slut, I guess you like being punished, huh?” Julie said no through her gag, as he closed the door, locked it, and walked over to the end of the bed. He leaned over and with his right hand, he felt the warm pee Julie had just ejected from within herself.

“Oh yes, that feels good. Nice and warm too. Being you like peeing on my bed, go ahead and finish.” Julie looked at him with amazement.

“What are you waiting for? Finish peeing slut. I give you permission to pee on my bed, so go ahead, let it flow.”

Julie tried to comply, but nothing came out. She pushed and pushed, but nothing happened.

“Are you deaf or something? Pee slut! You either pee right now or I will make you pee!”

Being he was standing there watching her, wanting her to pee, she was unable too. She did try, and she did try very hard, and not even a trickle came out. Tears began to appear in her eyes as she strained to pee, but nothing….no pee…just his eyes staring at her….staring at her pussy….she was doomed and she knew it.

Jake was not pleased, she could see it in his face. His face told a story and she was reading it. She would soon fear even his face and she would also jump every time he opened his mouth, as what was about to fall upon her, she could have never prepared herself for.

“Jake sat on the bed next to her, ripped her clothes off like they were paper, then crossed the room and grabbed the bull whip. Julie eyed his weapon of choice, her skin welting up, her hair standing up on her arms and legs, as the whip came slashing down onto her pert nipples. The pain was so much, Julie was speechless. By the time she felt something, Jake hit her again, right across her nipples again leaving a red mark this time.

“You either do as I say and pee right now, or this whip and you will get to know each other real well tonight.”

With all her might, Julie strained to make herself pee. Nothing.

“Okay then, I guess you like having your nipples whipped raw then. So be it.”

Tearful eyes followed the whip as it left mark after mark on her tits, pain so bad she felt her breast were on fire.

“Pee you fucking slut!”

Still nothing, as yet another whistling sound penetrated the air and landed on her soft nips.

“Listen bitch, you do have a choice. Some here don’t have a choice at all, so let’s see some pee between those milky thighs or I will whip them next, you got it?”

Julie’s face was beet red as she pushed and pushed with all her power to make herself pee. Nothing. Not even a drop trickled out. Her open mouth begged for him to not hit her. Did he care?

“Stupid slut is what you are. So many before you have tried this tactic and all of them failed, just as you will fail.”

He forced her legs apart and tied them tightly to the floor mounts on the side of the bed, so they were fully exposed. Her inner thighs and her pussy was now in full view for his assault.

“Being I like you, I’m giving you one final chance to obey me, or your thighs and pussy are going to beaten until you fucking piss slut! You have thirty seconds to fucking pee, or you get this.” The whip was showed to her in full view to her, as he stepped back and waited for her to pee.

If rewards had been given for effort, Julie would have won them all, but she was unable to make herself pee and it was only because he was there with her. If he would leave for a minute, she knew she could go. Hell, he knew this too, but he wanted to torment her.

As she pushed and fought herself to pee, Jake looked down between her legs waiting for anything. Nothing is what he witnessed, nothing but disobedience.

A scream echoed from within Julie like she had never wailed out before, as the whip landed squarely on her wide open inner left thigh, sending a wave of fire threw her so fast, she blurted out in agony. Garbled unheard of sounds came from her gagged mouth, her eyes now red, as the next whack landed in the same place. The pain was too much for her, as a long grunting plead escaped her mouth as even more tears poured from her eyes.

“Pee god damn you! Don’t make me whip them sweet pussy lips of yours now. You wont like it, so pee right this second god damn you!”

Finally, a trickle dripped out, but Jake never saw it, as he let the whip smack against her tiny slit. Her legs tightened so much she got a cramp in each leg. Pain scorched across her helpless pussy, stinging like a band of fire ants had just had a party on her sweet little puss. Long wails of garbled grunts filled the room, her begging with her groans for him to see she peed.

Another slash of the whip crossed her slit, then another, another, another, and the last one across her already reddened nips. Her breathing was extremely deep, her chest in an up and down motion, like car pistons making a car go faster.

“Look at that…..that’s my girl.”

Pee slowly drained from her beaten body. Julie was not in control either, her body was. Jake liked what he saw as he quickly leaned down between her legs and lapped up the extremely salty nectar.

“Mmmm, that is so good.” He said, licked his lips after each lap, swallowing her savory fluid.

Julie was again motionless, her body beaten to new colors of pink and red. Her nips and puss burned, each pounding her own pulse threw them, further making her his little slut. Another notch in her training had been completed, with oh so many more to go.

Jake left her on the bed as he went to take care of a few other things he needed to do before his night session with Julie. He was looking forward to breaking her pussy, something he liked to do with all virgins. All the girls would always remember him as being there first, as it wasn’t something they would ever forget as the pain alone would forever stay with them.


Lisa was crying through her gag as yet another cock found its way into her stretched out ass. She was the prime target for the night, as each man had his way with her, but only in her ass. Her pussy was being saved for one man only…Jake.

Jake enters the room where Lisa is being raped, “how is our little anal slave doing guys?”

Mark turns toward Jake as he slams his cock up Lisa’s ass, “she is learning slowly. She did beg us to cum in her ass the last time and I want to see if she says it again.”

Jake was pleased, “has she begged you to rape her yet?”

“Not yet, but I think she will by the time we finish with her tonight.” Mark continued his fucking while Jake turned and left the room, waving his hand while he left his friends with Lisa, “have fun guys. I‘ll be back later to get her.”

Jake headed down the hallway to where April was. As he entered the room where she was being held, she was on the floor still dripping small amounts of blood from her mouth. She was moaning and groaning in agony from having her tongue removed earlier by Jake himself. Repeatedly disobeying demands from her captors made Jake do what he had to do to her, which was rip her tongue out with his hunting knife, the jagged edge ripping through the tissue as it tore away from April. Her poor quality of sucking and licking a cock, her poor attitude, and her disrespect towards all the men prompted Jake to torture her, so she got what she deserved.

April was a petite brunette with a heavenly body. She had just had her nineteenth birthday a few weeks ago. Her breasts were full, her figure just right for what Jake liked, her tight pussy gave him many great pleasures with her too, but enough was enough, as April was made to be an example of what happens to slaves who give poor service.

April glanced up at Jake as he entered the room, hatred filling her eyes toward him, and Jake knew what she was thinking. How he knew? After many girls before her, he knew exactly what she wanted to do to him, but Jake was the one about to give her the most unpleasurable day of her young life. She thought having her tongue ripped out was the worst, not even close, as April was about to enter a new realm of what torture was and felt like. She would never be the same after her day with Jake. No girl was ever the same. No girl ever wanted to live after spending a day with him. Jake was the meaning of torture. His desires to torture young pretty girls was his expertise. It’s what he lived for and it’s what he proved was his best skill in life. He gave no mercy. He didn’t care what the girls felt. He knew he loved making them feel worthless and helpless. He longed for when the girls begged him to kill them, and by the time he was finished with April, she too would beg him to kill her. The more the girls begged to die, the more he would torture and cause them to accept his punishment on them. The next three hours would feel more like three days to April, with slow painful ripples through her body that would change her and make her the slave Jake wanted her to be.

End of Part 3

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