Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catacombs to Hell - Part 2

I have not had much time lately to sit down and write as work has been very long lately. I'm not complaining being work was slow earlier. I'll take being tired and worn out over no work any day. There will be a part 3 to this, but I have not written it yet. Look for it maybe by next weekend, I hope.

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Part 2

Down in the catacombs, life was cruel for the ones being held. The place was damp and dark most of the time, as only a few lights had been strung into this particular area everyone was at. The place also stunk of death. The stench left fear in the ones being held, and eagerness in the ones holding the girls here. At present, these were six girls. No more than three were ever kept alive for long periods of time, so three had to be disposed of in there usual annually manner. The news girls being brought down had to witness the death of the previous three girls that were kept over year after year. No girl was ever kept longer than a year, as fresh meat is what they desired. Fresh meat to torture and play with.

The Catacombs

The main corridor and four specialty rooms on level one housed the basic essentials to keep the girls alive and nourished, one year at a time. Freeze dried foods, canned foods, bottled water, and baby food filled the four rooms.

The second level housed specialty tools, torture devices, bondage gear, specialty picked out clothing for the girls.

The third level is where all the action took place. It was also the level the girls kidnapped were housed. This level was every bit of one hundred feet underground and totally sound proof. There was one way in and one way out. Escape was impossible. This level had six specialty rooms for torture and cruelty, and it had one item all the men loved, an early 1800’s brick stove. It had one purpose, and one purpose only, to burn people alive in. It was used every year. It also had one other item that was rarely used, being it drew so much power from aboveground, as it was used as a scare tactic mostly. An electric chair. It did work though, as one girl found out three years earlier. The smell of her charred body can still be smelled among the walls of that one special room. They cooked her until she was a crispy black corpse.

This place was worse than a torture chamber. Beyond your deepest and darkest evil thoughts, this place was the furthest from your mind. This was a place of cruelty at its best. Screaming so loud from girls no longer here, there voices could still be heard in echoes down the long corridors. Screaming is what these men lived for. Gags were not needed, as lungs exploding out the most painful cries was music to there ears. Torture so bad it would make anyone vomit just to hear the storied past of this place. Years of round the clock torment made this place worse than hell itself.

Into there twelfth year now, victim numbers 1 thru 72 have been tortured to death, now with victims 73 thru 78 standing before them. They gave the girls numbers, just like a prison does, but only after they have died. Numbers 73 thru 75 were now on schedule to be put to death next, all three from the previous years enrollment, all three now 20 years old, and presumed missing or dead by local officials. Death would soon come for them.

Shackled in the most bizarre position a person could endure, Candice, a once fresh faced brunette with a life’s dream to become a lawyer, now before them like a piece of meat at a poultry factory, her badly beaten body was barely alive. Her last year of torment had made her lifeless in a sense, accepting whatever cruelty could be thrown at her, screams so long and loud, she has lost her voice eight times, her voice now a deeply growl. From hot irons shoved into her ass, to being made to eat and swallow some of the other girls that have already passed on, to having her feet burned in the brick stove while having hot coals shoved deep into her pussy, to having her pussy lips severed with a pair of scissors, her time had come to die before the new virgin torture slaves. She had been forced to watch and take part, in watching a younger eighteen year old the previous year die in front of her, as they made her suck the dying girls intestines out of her stomach, chew them, then swallow them as part of her initiation. After she vomited from swallowing the gross food, they made her lick up her own vomit from the floor and feed it to another girl, that girl being Anita, who now was shackled to the iron fence she was shackled to as well.

Anita has just turned twenty, her last year of torment trifold of what Candice had been put through. What could be worse you ask? After refusing to eat another girls shit, all of her toes and fingers were broken, then they were removed or cut off, while she was very awake. Once they were removed, she was forced to eat them. She was also forced to eat all the toes and fingers of the previous years assorted of dead females. One by one fingers were removed from the corpses and fed to her, then all the toes. Once she had fully chewed them and swallowed them, the tongues of the girls were removed, and she was forced to eat them as well. She had to endure countless gang rapes, three cocks in her ass at a time, forced to drink all the cum, piss, and shit from all the men taking part in her cruel acts of torture. Day after day of repeated rapes does make the mind of a girl change and accept her fate.

Also shackled next to Anita and Candice, is soon to be twenty one year old Beth. She was special to all the evil men. She was so special, they used her as a source to get rid of there anger. A human punching bag would be considered tame, being they did every strange thing they could to her. No matter the idea or thought on how to further injure the girl, they used her as the experiment to try new things on. All clothing, bondage gear, racks, devices, just about everything was used on her to see if the objects on hand was worth using on the others. Her tongue was very useful, as it had fourteen tongue rings in it now, all feeling incredible as she would suck them deep into her throat, letting the tongue studs glide over there cocks as they raped her numb throat over and over. They used her tongue for everything, including cleaning the floor with it, using it as toilet paper, and even licking up blood from the floor of fallen girls before her. Turning her around, the hole that once was her small asshole, was big enough now to easily accept a horses cock. Her pussy was so stretched and used, a watermelon would fall into it with ease. This place was cruel, and soon the new girls would be dealt the same treatments, some worse than others, as girls do wear out over time, so they needed fresh bodies to further explore the extreme limits of the female body, something they never got tired of.


Ted stood before his three new slaves, girls he would know very well over the next year. He walked up closely to Holly, his eyes exploring her body. “You my dear get to be the first in our initiation here. If you are wondering where you are, you are now below the school in a place we like to call home. This place will be your home as well over the next year and you will look like these three here when that year rolls around too.” Ted points at Anita, Candice, and Beth, all tied and bound to an iron fence, all with a noose around there necks, and all having the look of death. They wanted to die. “You will look just like Candice. You look at her real close now, as you are going to help me kill her, just as she helped me kill a girl last year.” Holly, not being gagged, is free to speak, “you are crazy. Why are you doing this to us?” Ted looks at her with his evil eyes, “why you ask? Because I can and because females deserve to be treated like used meat, that is why.” Holly looked at Candice, her body badly beaten, deep wounds covered it, as did many bruises, some of her teeth missing, as was three of her fingers and four of her toes.

“Let’s start, shall we?” Ted motions for Bill, his trusty and cruel friend, known to most of the most vicious man to walk the planet, with Bob being a close third, right behind Ted. “Get those shoes on her, as I think she deserves to be a bit taller.” Bill grabs the shoes for her to wear, some of the most kinkiest shoes for bondage, as they were more like ballet shoes, but these were leather with a ten inch pointed heel. Bill grabs the girls feet and forces the first shoe on, then the second, her not knowing it would be permanently attached to her. “Show her what it means to have shoes made to fit.” Bill holds her foot still, raises the hammer in his hand and nails the shoe on, each nail penetrating through her foot, the nail attaching itself to the sole, her screaming while the nails are driven into each foot. “Pl…please stop th..this..,” Holly is begging for them to stop, but it does not good and it never will. Five nails have been driven into each foot, small drops of blood seep through one of the holes in the bottom of the shoe. Ted looks over at Kalea and Diane, both horrified at what has just happened, “Don’t worry girls, you two will get your own pair of shoes too, just like your friend here.” Ted now leans down and takes a closer look at Holly’s bare pussy. “You are not bald baby, but you will be soon enough. Bob, remove them hairs from her.” Bob comes over to her, shows the lighter to Holly and she pleads for him to not do it, “pl…please do..don’t.” Bob could care less what a girl feels, as he flicks the lighter and singes off all her pubic hair, taking in the wonderful scent he loves so much. “You can beg and plead, and even scream for all we care. I don’t care about you bitch, I just like hurting girls.” Bob was right in her face when he said this to her. He walks away from her and walks up next to Kalea next. “You’re next bimbo.” Kalea looks down as he singes off her hair too, then he gets up close to her, “guess what? My buddy and me took your roomie out just before we took you, and we raped her. She was a very good fuck too.” Kalea stared at him in disbelief, “yes, we raped her virgin holes, broke both her arms, broke eight of her little toes, had her suck us off, then we killed her.” His eyes were wide as he told her of the rape, “yep, we watched her die as she fell of that cliff and broke every bone in her sexy body, and it’s all because of you. Because of taking you, we had to kill her.” A small tear appeared under her left eye, “what was her name again, Angel, yes, Angel was a good virgin fuck. I look forward to raking you over some of the same coals we made her suffer by sweet stuff.” Bob turned away from her and slid up next to Diane, “and you my dear, you are going to be this years special project, yes, you are going to be Beth’s replacement. See her hanging there before you, you are going to go down the same road she has traveled, one I will enjoy very much again, with some new things coming your way too.” He winked at her as he swiped the lighter over her pussy, then moved back over to Holly.

Ted was unshackling Holly as Bob stepped over to give him a hand. Holly was let down where she could stand on her battered and sire feet. “Stand up straight slave. Let the pain in your feet pass, and follow me across the room.” Ted walked across to where Candice is, stops in front of her, waiting for Holly to join him, as the nails dig into her already torn flesh. “Hurry up bitch, or Bob here were tare the flesh from your ass, now get moving!” Gingerly, Holly walked on her new feet, her screaming in pain with each step taken, “kneel bitch!” Holly hesitates for just a second, “you my dear have a lot to learn. You will follow my every command and you will not hesitate. Hesitation spells punishment. Bill take our lovely guest over to the punishment room, and teach her the meaning of what not obeying me spells.” Bill grabs Holly by her arm and drags her over to the wooden horse. “Bend over bitch and stick that pretty ass of your way up high.” Holly slowly bends over, Bill forcing her over the horse, making her spread her legs and poke her ass up. “You two newbies, watch and learn.” Diane and Kalea turn there heads to where Holly has been taken, the room in full view of them. “Bill, tie the bitch down and give it to her good too.” Ted wanted to watch her scream in pain, as Bill had a special treatment for whores like Holly. His special weapon of choice would make Holly learn obedience quickly. Bill shackles Holly’s ankles to the rack, then straps her wrists in place, as the pain alone would cause her to hurt her hands if they were free. Bill grabbed his weapon, a special whip made of barbed wire, sharp metal ends lined the eight hanging strands of metal. “I call this my flesh eater, so be prepared for the worst bitch.”

Both new girls, the three older girls, Ted and Bill await this ear piercing segment, one Holly will forever remember, just as Anita had, the wounds on her ass and back to prove it. “For being a stuck up blonde who thinks she knows it all, you will be subjected to ten lashes from the flesh eater. This will make the nails seem like childs play bitch.” Holly was bent over and motionless. She heard the tool whistle through the air and within a second of that sound, the flesh eater slashed across her ass cheeks, tearing off a large chunk of her skin, then he hit her again, this one sinking into her ass, digging in deep as it tore out another chunk of white skin. The screaming was unbearable to the new girls, but not to the three men. “Scream bitch! Let us hear those great lungs of yours! Poke them tits out and scream!” Three more slaps on her ass tore out chunks of meat, her ass now adorned with long red marks, each one making blood appear. “Five more to go bitch!” Holly was in so much pain, her ass burning and stinging badly as yet another slash of the whip cut into her buns. “That’s it, stick your ass up. Tell me you like this!” Bill was very experienced with his tool of choice, “spread your legs wider so we can see that hot pussy of yours!” Holly did as she was told, then a pain like no other swept through her body, the whip digging deeply into her exposed slit, tearing it open now. “Wider bitch! Let me see down in the dark shithole of yours!” Holly was shaking as she opened her legs as far as they would go, knowing he was going to beat her ass, maybe even kill her. Another slicing blow on her pussy made her crouch down some, blood beginning to drip from the wounds. “Get your ass back up in the air!” The last two blows were hard, both ripping the part between her ass cheeks, opening deep wounds in them. “Let her stay in that position for a minute or two. Either she has learned a lesson or we continue with twenty more.” Ted said this to everyone, then looked over at Diane. “Being this one here loves to get her ass beat, I say we start with Diane here. You my dear, you will be the first to experience what it’s like to kill another human being. Unshackle her.”

Candice is sparred for the time being, as Anita will now be the main feature for the night.

End of part 2

Part 3 coming soon...