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Sick and Twisted Minds 6

This has been one hectic week. First my computer crashed on me last week, then I lost power for 2 days, then I had to work 12 hour days for the last week, and then...then I could finally get some of the story written. Sorry this is so short...I plan on making this a long story with no end in sight on this one. I do have anything story I'm writing at the same time as this one, so look for it soon. Happy reading....

Part 6

Ward Ten

Kim was in shackles being led down the long hallway toward another room she had never seen yet. Her mind whirled with thoughts of the most evil kind, being she just left a room that featured a girl she did not know, getting raped with a pole in her ass. The screams alone from the rape victim were stuck in Kim’s young mind, fearing the worst for herself now as the door opened to Ward Ten.

“In you go sweet thing. Stand over against the wall and don’t say a fucking word. Your training starts today on becoming a sex slave and you will do as you are told, or I will kill you myself.” Sam stared at Kim as he barked out orders to her. “You are going to be a special case here, as we have a special teacher for you to obey. You will do everything she commands you to do, as we will be watching.” Kim’s eyes wandered around the room looking for camera’s, but didn’t see any. Sam kept his eyes on her as she looked around the room, “you don’t see them do you?” Kim shook her head slowly. “You can’t see them as they are hidden, but do know this, we will see everything that happens in this room and I mean everything too.” Kim looked down on the floor as Sam walked over to her. “You are so pretty. Such a shame I will not be the one to teach you thing here. You and I would be having a great time by now if I was assigned to you.” He caressed her face as he spoke to her, then whispered this in her ear, “you are very sexy and when you are finished with your training in this room, you will be all mine for a couple nights of rough sex. I look forward to ramming you full of my cock.” With that said, he turned and left the room, rubbing his cock through his pants as he closed the door behind him.

As Sam walked down the hallway, in front of him Karlie appears from around the corner. She was all decked out in her new mistress uniform, spiked heels, leather corset, vinyl stockings, and her new favorite weapon of choice, a three foot long bamboo cane. “Hello Princess, you look mighty hot today.” Karlie’s eyes stared into Sam’s eyes, “thank you sir, I’m quite ready for my new assignment.” Sam smiled, “I bet you are. You have fun with your new toy babe.”

Karlie continues her walk down the hallway then opens Ward Ten’s door. She walks in, closes the door behind her, then walks over to a petrified Kim.

“Stand in the middle of the room.” Karlie directs her first command at Kim. Kim slowly walks to the middle of the room.

“Remove all your clothes and put these high heels on.” Kim unbuttons her blouse and removes it, then unzips her skirt and lets it fall down her legs.

“Strip faster!” Karlie was wasting no time. Kim slides her panties down her legs to her ankles and kicks them off, then unhooks her bra and lets it slide off her arms. She leans down and picks up the right 9” platform high heel shoe and slips it on her foot, buckles it in place, then does the same for the other one. Having never worn heels like this before, Kim struggled to keep her balance.

Karlie walks up behind Kim and slaps her ass lightly with the cane. Kim jumps as she feels the cane hit her, “move your cute ass over to the wall.” Karlie points to where she wants Kim to go.

“Face the wall and put your hands up against the wall. Stick your cute ass out too.” Kim did as she was told promptly.

“You will address me as Princess. Not mistress, miss, mrs., or even bitch. You will remember my name as Princess at all times or you will be punished. Do we understand each other?” Kim nodded, but it displeased Karlie, “that’s not what I wanted to know.” Karlie whacks Kim’s ass with the cane a little harder this time, “I said you will address me as Princess, not by nodding your head you little slut.” Kim jumped closer to the wall as she felt the cane spank her tender cheeks.

“Being you can’t even listen to one simple order, I want you to stick your ass out and tell me to spank you ten times.”

Kim didn’t move. She then felt her ass come alive as Karlie gave her a hard slash of the cane across her white cheeks.

“Tell me to spank you slut. Turn your head to the left and tell me to spank your hot ass now!”

Trembling with fear and feeling the pain in her cheeks, Kim spoke, “spank my ass ten times Princess.”

Not a second passed when Kim felt the first stinging sensation.

“Tell me it felt good and that you want another one.”

Kim was shaking as she did as she was told, “spank me again Princess, it felt good on my ass.”

Another crash into her tender cheeks made Kim yelp, “you tell me each time you liked it and you want another, got it?”

With tears streaming down her face, Kim cried out for Karlie to whip her and that each one felt better than the one before it. To Karlie’s surprise, Kim was doing everything she wanted her to do with no objections so far.

After the tenth lashing, “Your cute reddened ass look so good sweety. Do you want another?” Not sure what to say, Kim says what she knows Karlie wants to hear, “yes Princess, I want another as they feel good.”

Karlie comes over to the left side of Kim, runs her long fingernails across the reddened skin, then let’s the cane loose on her cheeks. “Take that you slut!” The hardest whack of them all sent Kim screaming to the floor in agony, as the cane dug deeply into her now bleeding ass. “You want another one slut?!” Karlie began screaming at Kim, “tell me you want another hard one slut!”

Kim is about speechless as her trembling voice blurted out, “y..yes Princess, y..yes I want another one.”

No time was wasted as Karlie flung the cane through the air and let the cane land directly on Kim’s left inner thigh. An ear piercing song filled the room, as a long red streak formed on Kim’s extremely tender inner thigh. She was crying out loudly now, begging for another one, at Karlie’s surprise. “You want another one? Where would you like it?”

Karlie was swinging the cane in the air above Kim awaiting an answer, ready at the second to torment this girl even further. “Well…?” A long pause. A shaky voice escapes Kim’s lips, “where e..ever you d..desire Princess.”

Karlie smiled hearing those words from Kim. “Stand up and turn around.” Thinking the whippings were over, Kim stands and turns around, now facing Karlie face to face. “So you want me to whip you where I want to slut? Is this your wish?” Kim nodded at Karlie then spoke, “yes, Princess.”

Karlie licked her lips at Kim, “you must really like being treated like a tramp then.” Karlie’s eyes ventured up and down the sexy girls body. “Anywhere I wish huh?” Kim watched Karlie as she moved the cane back behind her, and watched her focus on the prize, “open your legs wider slut.”

Karlie wanted one place only. She wanted the shaking girls tender pussy lips to be her wish. “Wider.”

Kim spread her legs as she stared at the cane, now realizing what was about to happen. “Tell me to whip your pussy.” Kim couldn't’t believe what she was hearing. “Tell me, or I will tie you up and beat them all fucking night slut, now fucking tell me!”

Tears now pouring from her eyes, Kim parts her trembling lips, opens her mouth, “w..whip my p..puss..pussy Princess.” Karlie was having feelings in own pussy as she stared at the girls exposed lips. “push it out more. Show me you want this.” Kim pushed her stomach out which makes her pussy more exposed. “Very nice slut.”

Kim stares at the cane as it comes whistling through the air and lands directly on her lips. A pain like she had never felt before rips through her body, making her young nips poke up like darts, her face reddened with agony, about to let out a scream like she had been thrown into a burning fire. She was unable to scream, as Karlie covered her mouth with her hand, applies pressure over her face and tells Kim, “suck it up slut. No screaming, you hear me? Let the pain subside as you endure it. Enjoy the feeling of your Princess.” Long groans filled Karlie’s hand as Kim soaked up the pain, her pussy on fire, slow painful ripples tearing through her abdomen. “That’s it baby, it’s your Princess’ gift to you. Yes. Yes, that’s it. Do you want another gift slut? Do want to feel your Princess like never before?”

Kim could say nothing. “Is that a no?” Karlie stood back looking over Kim. “Did you just tell me no?” Kim didn’t move. “Well then, I see you do know how to say no. For that, I have a special something to cure you of that.” Karlie walks over to the cabinet of goodies and returns with a red leather ball gag. “Being you want to stay speechless, I will let you be speechless for the rest of the night.” Karlie buckles the gag in place. “Now get over to the table.” Kim slowly walks across the room, struggling to walk on the heels as Karlie pushes her toward the table.

“Lay down on your back.” Kim lays down on the table, not realizing the shackles around the corners of it. Karlie locks each wrist and ankle in place, has Kim displayed wide open now, her stinging pussy now in full view. Licking her lips at what was before her, Karlie leans down and lets her long tongue travel across Kim’s pussy. “Mmmm, you do taste good baby. You and I are going to be great friends by this time tomorrow, oh yes.” She continues licking Kim’s tender pussy lips up and down, taking in the aroma of her youthful cunt. “Yes, you will be begging me to lick your hot pussy very soon.”


Mark and Jake seemed pleased so far at what was being displayed in front of them on the tv monitor. “What do you think so far Jake? You think Karlie has what it takes to make it here with us?” Jake kept looking at the monitor while he spoke, “maybe. I haven’t seen anything different from her last session with Lisa. She needs to really show me she can take the lead and make, and I mean make, this girl do everything she asks. Being apart of our clan here is more than just making some bimbo fresh off the streets obey her, ya know?” Mark nodded at that statement, “I guess time will tell then. You enjoy the show as I’m going to go spend some quality time with an old girlfriend. I think Julie deserves some extra fun tonight with me. You care to join me maybe?” Jake still looking at the screen, “not right now, but I might join you later. You go have a good time though.” Mark smiled, “oh believe me, I’m going to have a great time with something she would never give me, her ass.”

Jake watched the screen closely, watching every move of Karlie. He had trained her and now he was being given the chance to see how his trainee trained a new trainee. The only thing Jake wanted to see from Karlie, was her anger and how far her anger could go. She had to prove she could be a protegee of him. She knew the basics, but not the direct path he wanted from her. He wanted to see if she could dwell into his kind of evilness without being shown or told what he wanted from her. She had to satisfy Jake’s desires, or she would become the trainee to his kind of evil fun, at his own hands once again. She had no way of knowing what desires he wanted of herself, just that he wanted her to train a new slave.

Would she able to please Jake? Could she actually feel what he wanted from her? Did she have the power to make this girl do whatever she wanted her to do. Could she actually kill this girl, knowing this might please her master?

Find out in part 7.

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