Friday, April 24, 2009

Sick and Twisted Minds 1

Back to my usual tormenting stories....I got away from them for a little bit. I'm much happier now. Happy reading.

One day earlier...

Julie had been preparing for school, when she heard a strange noise just outside her bedroom window. It wasn't a normal sound of a dog or cat, more like the sound someone makes when thrashing threw bushes. She glanced out the window, but heard nothing. As she peered out the window, she looked around and saw nothing too. She continued with what she was doing.

A moment later, she hears the same noise, which startles her. She glances out the window again, still nothing. She figures it's just birds flapping there wings in the bushes. As she turns down the covers on her bed, glides in between the sheets, puts her head down on her pillow, she hears the noise again, only this time it's louder, more like a meaningful sound. She gets out of the bed, puts on her nightie, and decides to investigate this strange noise further from outside.

She opens the front door and walks outside. She listens carefully, pointing her left ear toward the sounds she heard, still no noise. She stands on the front porch for a minute or so, waiting for a sound...the sound never came, but he did.

The following day...

“I like you a lot Julie. You are very sexy. I loved fucking you, but your mouth repeatedly insulted me in the court room, so I give you a choice. Either die or do as I say.” Julie, stared at Mark, her ex-boyfriend, listening to his words.

Julie's ex-boyfriend and her were very tight at one time, but he would beat her repeatedly and force her to do weird sex acts that made her downright sick to her stomach. After they broke up, Mark - her ex, was served a restraining order to stay away from Julie. She pleaded for the court to save her from him, as he was a serious threat to her and her family. After three months of staying away from Julie and her thinking she was safe again, Mark was back for revenge.

“Are you ready to do everything I say from now on? Are you ready to see what your body and mind can withstand? Are you ready to see what a twenty year old girl can go through, before she goes totally of her mind, or would you rather just die right now?”

Julie was motionless, stunned by his words, worried now, fearing death, a slow death she feared in the hands of this person she used to know intimately, now a monster.

“Are you ready to be raped over and over for hours? Giving yourself to me? Letting me do what I want with you?"

Julie nodded with every question, knowing deep down she was unsure as to what she would do, being she didn’t know what he was going to do to her.

He stared into her eyes, “okay then, it was your choice.” He said this with a smile, and Julie grew very concerned. He unlocked her shackles, took the gag from her mouth and motioned for her to follow him. She moved slowly as her body was very sore. He opened another door that led down a very long and dark corridor. She looked down it and was scared now. She looked back watching the door behind her close, thinking of her step-sister Lisa the whole time, who had been in the house when she was abducted. 'Was she here somewhere too?' She thought to herself.

The corridor was damp and musty. She could feel a cool breeze over her erect nipples. Mark stopped and told her to not say a word unless he said too. She nodded her head in agreement, looking at him in puzzlement. He took her into a room that was very warm. “Sit on the bed.”

He closed the door and locked it. She looked up suddenly as he locked the door, watching the sliding bolt lock in place. A shiver went through her body. “You will stay in this room until morning. In the top drawer of the dresser are clothes for you to wear. You will wear everything in it. You will take a shower in the bathroom, and be ready in the morning when I come back. Do not speak, just do as you are told, which is your wish.”

He left the room and locked it behind him. Julie sat on the bed, her mind racing with many thoughts and memories. Her body was so sore, she was almost unable to stand, as she sat on the bed for over two hours. She kneeded her sore muscles, sore from what he had done to her, which was bind her for hours in the most painful positions he could find. He made her agree to this cruelty he was about to pour onto her, giving her no choice, except for death. He was a very cruel man, as she was a witness to his acts of violence for 2 years. She knew he would kill her. She knew he wanted revenge for her making him stay away from her.

She was not alone, as a camera was watching her every move, even in the bathroom. She thought of Lisa again. They did everything together. They grew up together. They went to school together. They hung out like real sisters do. They never had a fight. Never argued. They even spent some time alone together, exploring each others body, touching each other, and even had kissed once. They were always together. To think that they both could be here in the hands of her ex, gave her shivers. She began to cry as she thought of Lisa and where she was.

Julie went and took a shower. It was a long one too. She soaked her body under the hot streams of water, standing their enjoying the relaxing feeling. She lathered up her hair and body. Her nipples and pussy were very sore, as was her beaten ass. Her ex had beaten her body with a paddle the whole time she was bound in the many positions he tied her in. The water stung her ass, but the more she stood their, the better it felt. 'Why was I here?' She thought to herself. 'What was about to happen to me?' Her mind raced, but could not settle on anything, as all she wanted to do was rest and sleep.

She dried off and went to the drawer in the dresser. She opened it slowly. Inside were sexy garments. She was shocked to see them, as she was expecting regular clothes. She put the items on the bed looking over each item. Her mind raced again, as these were not normal things she is used to seeing. 'I have to wear these? OMG!' They were bondage clothes! She knew she had to wear them as she had agreed to some sort of agreement to do everything that Mark told her to do.

While Julie slept and rested her sore body, Lisa on the other hand was at the hands of the madman, in another part of the place they had been taken too. Mark had lusted for her eighteen year old hot body for years while going with Julie. She was part of his revenge plan too. Mark had already raped her in the ass since leaving Julie in her room. Lisa was now his very own too, as he would make her do as she was told too, making her agree to either abuse or death. It was a powerful statement. If given the chance, both would have tried suicide instead of what Mark had in store for them both, as he was not the only perverted man here. Mark was just phase one, and now she would be turned over to phase two…their names being Jake and Sam. They were even more cruel than Mark was, something Julie could never imagine.

After Mark finished with his rape of Lisa, she was handed off to Jake for further humiliation, turning his concentration and main appetite to Julie, as her coming days would decide her fate.

Julie awoke suddenly in the night from a bad dream. She thought of Lisa, as her dream was of her being mauled by rapists. Julie cried in her palms, then went and used the bathroom. She went back into the room to dress. She went through each piece of clothing. The skimpy sheer black thong went on first, then the black thigh high stockings, sliding each one up her sexy youthful legs. Then the skimpier sheer black bra, then the black garter belt. She snapped each clip into the thigh highs and stood up, stretching into the garment. She sat back on the bed and put on the silky anklets, sliding each one on over the feet. Next was the black mini-skirt, which was very short and pleated. It barely covered her thong. She slipped on the black chemise, then set her eyes on the shoes. They were black as well, and she wondered if she could walk in them, as they were 9 inch bondage heels. She slipped her feet into each one, wrapped the strap around her ankle and buckled it in place. She stood up gingerly, only to fall quickly. She had to get used to them fast, or fear being punished. She stood up again, her toes on the ground with her heels 9 inches upward. She looked at herself, thinking she looked like a tramp wearing this outfit. She wondered why she was wearing this, and then her mind kicked in. Would she be subjected to some kind of kinky fetish, then get raped? Her mind raced as she practiced walking.

The men watching her on the camera had raging hard-ons watching her, as she was more sexy now than she was. Dressed for sex, as they liked to put it. Twenty, blondish hair, sexy green eyes, a smile to die for, dressed for ultimate pleasure… what more could you ask for? Julie was going to be their special girl for the next few months, only things that perverted molesters and rapist could think of. Normal minds could never think of these wild ideas, only sex starved bondage lovers with the thirst for rape and mind control.

Many young girls had come before Julie and many would come after her. It was up to Julie how long she lasted and lived. Depending on her actions and decisions would decide her fate, just like all the others.

Sixty girls are here in this sick place currently, all in other areas around the this place, which was bigger than Julie could ever imagine. She thought only she and Lisa were here, how wrong she was. Two hundred and ten had been where she is before she arrived. Sixty remain alive. A few of the dead ones are here too, as Julie would soon find out. Her worst nightmares would soon be reality, as corpses were part of this evil minded place, young corpses of girls from eight to eighteen, a few on ice for the pleasures of the sickest minds. Julie would soon find out face to face, how cruel this place can be, with her being the main subject in their corpse orgy.

Stacey was a loving eighteen year old, so full of life, cute as a button, incredibly sexy eyes, a body to kill for, until she met these sick people. After three weeks of rape and torture, forcing her to have sex with two dogs for a week, forced to have sex with two dead girls, then forced to eat one of them out, she went crazy in her lost mind control. She was then sent to the punishment room, which was a place no girl ever wanted to go, unless they refused to do as they were told. After two weeks in that room, she was raped repeatedly in every orifice five times a day, forced to eat shit daily and forced to drink piss by the gallon - as it was saved from all the cruel men daily. When her mind refused orders after two weeks, Jake did what he did best, which was paralyze her by breaking her back in that special place in her spine. She is now motionless, as she has no control of any limb, but she does have feeling in them. She spends her time on her back and belly, blinking her eyes, gasping for air as she is raped like a rag doll. She moans and squeals lightly at times, but mostly she just has to endure her treatments.

She was now on the schedule for her next act, that being Julie. Julie was going to be her new friend, as Julie was going to be spending a lot of time with Stacey. This meant they would share a bed together, share sex together, share everything together. Intimate sex with a motionless paralyzed girl can change anyone, change them for the worse and change them mentally forever. This was their plan for Julie, to change her, to make her do anything they asked, to make her rape if they told her too. Her mind would be changed. Her past would be erased from her mind, including Lisa, or she would end up like Stacey. Young girls like Julie with weak minds, like hers, were easy to control and brain-wash. She was an easy target for them, just as Lisa would become.

Tormenting, torturing, raping, and brain-washing girls was something this place was built for. 60 girls were at the hands of 9 of the most evil men on the planet. Mark has been recuited by one of the men, as they knew he liked punishment of this level. Most had done time in prison for rape or some kind of molestation of girls. 5 of the 9 were wanted by the FBI or police. They feared no one. Their passion was sex with younger girls. Not normal sex, but sex of the most evil creation. Whenever they saw a girl they liked, they got her, even if it meant killing the parents, family, husband, and friends, which has happened a few times. Kidnappings from public places, beaches, bus stops, schools, home invasions, malls, friends houses, etc., was what they did best. None have ever been caught in the past 7 years they have been doing this. None of the missing girls has ever been returned, except in a body bag. Once they have been grabbed, that would be the last time they would ever see their parents or freedom ever again. The life of rape, torture, porn, and/or death was all they had to look forward too, but one thing was true here, no girl has ever been released alive once she turns 25. After 25, they have to either become the property and sex slave of the men, doing exactly as they say, or you are killed. There was no other option. Sex or death. Only 4 are 25 or over.

The first victim of this place was more than nine years ago. She was a petite eithteen year old by the name of Jaycie. She was so cute, but hard headed as hell. She was a slave for only 3 months, raped repeatedly in her ass and mouth, forced to do so much she just never adapted. She was then forced into porn, but was killed by Jake in a severe deep throat scene, where she died from lack of air. He came a gallon down her throat as she died and kept on fucking her until she was blue. She was kept on ice for 3 weeks, raped everyday, then they got rid of her by mutilating her and feeding her to the other girls. That was a normal practice, to feed the girls to the other girls.

The second victim was another eighteen year old college freshman by the name of Jill, and she was a hot little blonde with one of the smallest and tightest pussies they had ever seen. They liked her a lot, but her attitude did her in. They loved hearing her scream as they drove their big cocks in her little pussy, stretching and tearing it with every thrust. By the time she died at the hands of two perverted individuals, her pussy was much bigger as it could handle the biggest of cocks at this place. She died of strangulation. They choked her to death as they raped her ass and pussy at the same time. From what Jake said, it was the best fuck he had ever had in his entire life, as her pussy gripped and squeezed her mammoth cock the whole time it took her to die. When her last gasp of air went through her air tunnel, he came inside of her. She too was kept on ice, raped everyday, then was fed to the other girls.

Life here was the cruelest of the cruel. Hot irons shoved deep in their pussies and asses, forced to drink pee by the gallon twice a day, nipples stretched to their limits, their mouths stretched wide and forced to eat cum and shit daily, whipped over and over, bound by night and raped by day, life was the same each day, either get raped and tortured or killed and eaten.

The taste of broiled pussy lips, clits and nipples was a specialty, which by the way was very tasty, said Mark to one of the other men. The younger they were, the better they tasted.

End of part 1

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moms Anal Whore - Part 3

I could go on with this and I may at a later time, as I left the end open for more. I hate ending stories, as they get my mind whirling with more dirty things to do. Enjoy it my dirty friends.

Part 3

Evening had arrived…

Now laying in her own pee, the day passed slowly for Ann, her sore ass reminding her of the days events. She repositioned herself many times as the scarves holding her in place were very uncomfortable. She could hear noises above her, upstairs in the house. She tried to listen as carefully as she could to make out the voice or was that voices? ‘Was someone else here with her?’ She thought this to herself, unsure of what she was hearing.

The door slowly opened from upstairs, getting Ann’s attention.

“How are you tonight anal whore?” A voice called out to her that she did not know.

Ann stayed quiet.

“Speak up or be beaten anal whore? Tell me who you are and what you desire?”

Ann was petrified at what was being said, and still she did not know the voice. She remained quiet.

She then heard footsteps coming down the steps. She heard each one, one by one, until they stopped. She looked up to see a face she did not know. She froze in fear, ‘how did he know to call me anal whore’, she thought to herself.

“Well now my little anal whore, look at you. So sexy laying there with your ass ready for me. I bet you want a good ass fucking, don’t you?”

Tears welled up in Ann’s eyes, as she watched the man walk to her side and sit down on the bed next to her.

“You will speak to me. You will please me tonight and I shall do the same for you anal whore.”

Still saying nothing, the man leaned over and picked up the metal hanger.

“I guess you want this instead, right?”

Ann spoke up, “pl..please don’t hit me with th..that, please.”

“Then tell me what I asked you then. You know what I want, so say it you sexy ass bitch.”

Ann turned toward him and said what her insides told her to say, “rape this anal whore. Rape me.”

He seemed pleased. He began untying her binds, letting her arms and legs finally relax. She curled her legs upward and they were stiff.

“Get up on your knees and stick your ass out. Move it whore.”

She jumped at the sound of his voice. She was naked and exposed in front of this strange man. She felt fear as he got up behind her.

“Wiggle your hot ass bitch. Wiggle it nice and sexy now, just like little whores do.”

She shook her bottom back and forth, giving him a clear view of her pussy and ass.

“That’s it, shake it like you want it. Give me a good show bitch.”

Ann shook her ass back and forth, doing things that made her sick to think of on her own.

“Now spread your legs and let me see your pussy and your hot little asshole bitch.”

She spread her legs as told and felt the air on her pussy. Her nipples became aroused at the feeling.

“You have a great looking pussy baby. Too bad I wont be exploring it tonight much tonight.”

She now knew he was here for her ass only.

“Take your hand and reach between your legs and finger your pussy bitch. Get it in there deep and start fingering yourself as fast as you can.”

Not wanting too, she reached between her legs, parted her tender folds, opened them slightly, and inserted her middle finger. It did feel good to her, as she had played with herself many times. She had never had to this in front of anyone before, not even for her boyfriend.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck yourself bitch. Get your pussy all hot and slimy. Yes, work that finger in there.”

Ann was moaning slightly as she fingered her puss. Her tight slit loved being played with.

While she played, he began to take off his clothes. His cock was at full staff, him massaging and stroking it slowly as she masturbated herself. He was big too. His cock was long and fat. If he had to measure it, it would have been fourteen inches long and a good four inches or more in diameter. In other words, he was fucking huge. An anal pounder is what he was. An ass rapist of little girls. He made money by pounding his cock in asses.

As she continues to finger her sweet pussy, he comes over to the bed and sits down next to her. He reaches out to her and Ann is startled by his grasp. He swings her over roughly and places her on top of him, her looking down on him as he lays down on his back, looking up at her soft tits, protruding nipples, and elegant looking face.

“You are going to rape yourself bitch. Yes, you are going to force my cock up your butt and you are going to ride me baby. Spread your legs and sit on my cock whore.”

Ann moved her body to where his cock, his mammoth cock, touched the opening of her asshole.

“Lower yourself down onto my cock and push it in your ass. Tell me to rape your ass as you push it in.”

Not moving fast enough, the man swung the metal hanger and it landed on her tits. She yelped as he smacked her, then he did it again. “Get it in your ass whore. Shove it in. Push it in bitch!” His yelling made her move faster.

His cock slowly penetrated her loose bud. “Fuck this anal whore. Rape my ass. Rape my ass with your big cock.” She looked down on him while saying this, his cock slowly sliding deeper into her ass. “Rape me.” She stared into his eyes as she repeated herself, “rape my ass. Rape me in my anal whore of an ass. Rape me.”

He shoved his cock all the way in and Ann grunted deeply as she felt his cock hit something in her ass that was not a good feeling. He grabbed her hips on each side and began lifting her up and down, while he thrusted his cock in and out of her tender butt.

“You keep telling me to rape you until I cum bitch, got it? If you cum before I do, I will beat you.”

Ann was lost again in deep thoughts, he mind racing, her ass aching, her legs straining to keep herself on him. He was not being gentle either, he was brutal towards her, making her say bad things, making her his own.

Her erect nipples stood out and he took notice too. They were exciting to look at. Very exciting for a girl her age. He wanted them in his mouth.

“Bend down here baby. I want your nips bitch.”

Ann moved down and he sucked in her left nipple, sucking, licking, and biting it. He bit each one hard too, making her squirm with displeasure. His cock worked it’s way in and out of her ass, ripping into her, driving it’s way in, back out, back in, over and over and over. In and out, in and out, in and out, sucking nipples, chewing them, sucking, chewing, biting, sucking them until they were raw.

Her face was near his and she kept saying, “rape me….rape this anal whore…rape me in my ass…” Deep thrusts in her ass made her voice crackle each time she said to rape her. “R..rape me. Rape my whore ass. Rape me.”

Saying the words repeatedly to his face made him hornier for her. “Lay down on your stomach and stick you ass in the air bitch. Tell me to rape your hot ass bitch.”

She moved down and laid flat on the bed as he got on top of her and buried his cock to the hilt in her ass. Ann deep in a deep breathe and granted louder as his cock assaulted her youthful body. Her asshole was being spread wide to take in his cock in this position. Like a man on speed, he raped her severely, just as he had raped many girls before her, some unwillingly. He was liking Ann’s ass, deep and tight, her little nips exciting him, her elegant cute face making him want to call her his own.

“Rape me….rape me…..rape me……rape my ass….rape my anal whore of an ass….rape me….”

Over and over, burning into his ears, the sound he loved to hear from little girls, them begging to be raped, his cock pounding into them, having his way with them, making them become whores, without them even knowing it.

“Reach under and finger your pussy bitch. Work your pussy good too.”

His raping cock never let up, thrusting deep within her, forceful thrusts that made Ann sick inside.

“C’mon whore, spread your legs farther. Get your ass up and rape yourself. Finger your hot pussy. C’mon, take it bitch. Take my cock in your worthless ass. You little bitch, fuck my cock. Fuck it!”

His demands grew larger and more intense.

“Ram your fingers in your puss, get off bitch. Make your pussy cum. C’mon bitch, move your ass back, rape my cock in you. You worthless piece of shit. Fucking whore!”

He began slapping her ass cheeks, harder and harder, “get yourself off bitch. Show me you like getting raped. Little cock teasers like you deserve to get raped. Tell me you love getting raped anal whore. Tell me!”

With her pussy being worked over feverishly with her fingers, ramming her ass onto his cock, yelling for him to rape her, she yells out, “rape my hot ass! Rape this anal whores worthless ass! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me!”

He was ready to fill her ass with his cum. His balls ached for relief. The continuing pounding in her ass and her fingering her pussy, rolling her small clit between her fingers, she was close too.

“Don’t cum until I tell you whore. You only cum when I allow you too, got it? I‘m going to make you the perfect little anal whore you are meant to be. You will obey me whore, you understand me?”

She nodded her head.

“Roll over and get on your back.”

Ann rolled over, her ass sore as ever.

“Spread your legs. Spread them as far as you can whore.”

She did as she was ordered.

“Now reach down and spread your pussy lips open. Dig your fingers inside and spread it open as far as you can.”

She spread her pink petals open, pulling each side open exposing herself further to him.

“Mmmm, such a nice little pussy, all bare and ready for me. Do you like your pussy?”

Puzzled at his question, “yes I do.”

“How much do you love it? Are willing to lose it for your life?”

Still puzzled and not knowing what he meant, “I like playing with it. Please don’t hurt me.”

He wanted something from her. He wanted her to make a choice. “Your life for your clit. That is your choice, as anal whores don’t need a clit. You think it over while I play with it.”

Horrified at what he had just said, “please…please don’t hurt me. What are you saying? I don’t understand.”
He moved himself up to her face and said to Ann, “you have a choice bitch. I either kill you or I remove your clit.”

As his last word sounded, he grabbed her hands and tied each one to the post behind her. The gag was inserted back into her mouth, and as she fought at him, legs flaying around, he tied her legs out to each corner. She was helpless once again, displayed out for him to do what he pleased to her.

He thumbed her small clit, exposing it and making it hard. She winced at his touch, both pleasure and pain tore through her pussy. “Have you decided whore?”

She shook in fear of losing her clitty. Tears poured from her eyes as he continued pulling on her clit, pinching it, rolling it, tugging on it, each time harder than the first.

“I will decide for you then. I will get you off one last time, then I’m going to slowly cut it out and make you the anal whore your mommy desires of you. You will then become our property, our anal whore, and you will love it.”

Her head shook from side to side as he twirled her clit in his fingers, tenderizing it for her final time with it.

“You will submit to me, then you will submit to your mommy. You will do everything we tell you. If you disobey, the metal hanger will greet you each time, with no less than twenty lashes per offense. You will then only use your ass to get off on. You will be an anal whore. You will be whored out to other men and women who desire asses only. Your clit serves you no purpose any longer bitch.”

She looked down as he moved his mouth over her clit, letting his tongue roll over the top of it, her pink petals glistening with her juices. He took her clit into his mouth and bit down on it. She yelped into her gag as he bit into it, drawing blood, then sucked on it hard, drawing the small amounts of blood into his mouth.

He moved upward toward her, sucking on her nipples along the way, her feeling his cock position itself on her pussy as he stopped at her face. Staring into her fear stricken eyes, his cock slid into her pussy, her eyes now wide open feeling his mammoth cock slide deeper into her. He pushed his hips into her, driving his cock all the way into her. As he kissed her face, licking her lips, he let his cock rest inside of her. She was extremely snug and tight around his cock. This had not been apart of the evil plan, but he wanted her in his own way. He wanted to make her cum normally, before he took something from her. He wanted to her forever remember her last good fuck.

“You feel good baby. I see you are not a virgin in you puss either. You are little whore aren’t you? You fuck all the boys don’t you? I bet your boyfriends rides you left and right. Now I’m going to take you too. I’m going to give you one last fuck in your pussy, fill you full of cum, then I’m going to rip out your clit and watch you wiggle in agony.”

Ann could do nothing but squirm in her binds, as he began fucking his cock in her. In and out he pushed his huge cock in her. He kissed her face, squeezed her nipples, and rammed his cock in and out of her. “Take it whore.” They were the last words her spoke, as he pounded his cock in her, raping her like a rapist does to little girls like her. The sweet girls who act clean, but are nothing more than whores themselves, giving themselves to friends. She was in agony as his cock drove in and out, forcing her pussy wide open, taking in the rape snake of his.

Ann laid and watched him rape her. She looked out the corner of her eye and there was her mom, standing there watching her get raped. She had a smile on her face as she watched the man pound his hips into in a wild motion. Her mom knelt down next to Ann, “Does it feel good baby? How is my anal whore liking this? You will cum for him. You will mate with him baby. He desires you, can’t you tell? He is going to pump his seed in you. Yes, mommy knew this was going to happen as I planned it for you. You are going to be the anal whore I want you to be. You will get used to it baby. You will beg for it soon. When you are changed and willing, you will drop your panties and tell me to rape you in time. You don’t want to except it now, but you will in time baby. Enjoy his cock baby, enjoy his cum.”

With that, she left the room, as the man raped Ann with no signs of letting up. He pulled her legs upward and drove into her, his large nuts banging up against her ass the whole time. The feeling in her puss was relentless. She was close to cumming too. The more he drove his cock in, the more she wanted to cum. In and out, his cock was loving her, making her grunt and groan with each thrust. He could feel her pussy tighten as it gripped his cock, sucking him inward. He looked back up to her, squeezed her nipples some more, kissed her cheeks, then poured his cream into her. She felt hot spurts filling her pussy, then she came right after he did. He kept up his pace, draining his cock of cum, feeling her squirt on his cock, and he was loving it. He jerked his cock in her, deposited the rest of his cum in her, then pulled his cock out. Long strands of cum followed, mixed with her juices and small amounts of torn tissue.

He looked down at her pussy, took in the smell, then looked back up to her. “Did that feel good baby? You came a lot, so you must have enjoyed your last fuck in your pussy with a clit. Time to remove my prize now.”

She watched his every move, as he stood up, his cock hanging below him still dripping cum. He walked over to the desk by the washer and returned with a pair of scissors. He wasted no time, as he opened the scissors, placed her clit between the shears, looked up at her tearful eyes, then closed them shut, snipping off her clit in one movement.

Ann’s eyes went wide as the pain shot through her body. Blood squirted upward as he removed her clit. Ann yelling loudly into her gag, her legs tightened, her toes pointed, her ass off the bed fighting off the pain, she was in pure agony from hell . He licked her removed clit, took it into his mouth and sucked on it. He then spit it out onto her belly, leaned down to her now clitless puss, and sucked on the open area.

Ann was shaking now, her body as tense as ever, as she looked at her clit laying on her belly. Horror, pure horror struck her. Breathing deeply, the pain slowly subsided. “Okay anal whore, you are now my slave. You will do everything I say from now on. If you refuse me, I will cut each of your nipples off, then I will cut your tongue out after that if you refuse me. Do you understand me bitch?”

Ann nodded yes quickly, fearing for her life now.

He removed the gag, “your name is what and you like what?

Ann spoke out, “my name is anal wh..whore s..sir. I like to be raped in my ass sir. This anal whore likes to be raped in her ass. I will do everything you s..say.”

“Very good slave. I will let you heal over the next week. You will then sleep upstairs with your mom and I. Your mom and I are lovers baby and you my dear - you are my daughter. Yes, now you know who I am." He grinned widely at her.

Ann's eyes flung wide open at the sound of his last statement. She had never met or seen her father, until now. She was in disbelief.

"You are now apart of us. You will obey us. You will fulfill our every wish, with a big smile too. You will readily give yourself to us and everyone one else too. You will wear what we want you to wear. You will never backtalk us. You are an anal whore, got it?”

From losing her sweet little clit, to being severely beaten, and threatened with the removal of her nipples, she did as she was told promptly, but first...

...Ann gets on the floor, up on her knees, staring at the man, now known as her father, and spreads her legs as wide as they would go, "rape me..rape this worthless anal whore's ass."

With his brainwashing treatment complete, he climbs between her legs.

“Oh..oh yes daddy, I am Anal Whore, who w..wants to be used in her ass like a whore sh..should be tr..treated. Rape me! Shove you big c..cock in my ass!"

Moments later...with cum dripping from her ass, "I want you to go upstairs and get cleaned up. Then you will report to your mother afterwards. She has something special planned for you."

She does as she is told and moves swiftly up the stairs and heads for the shower, her sore pussy, rubbing between her legs, reminds her of what would be done if she did not do as told. It would forever remind her to obey.

The man, now known as her father, walks into the room where Ann's mom is and says, "well, that was easy enough. She will forever be our slave."

Ann's mom looks up, "yes, very well done. I wasn't sure if she could be turned to the dark side of being a slave, and being she is now right in her mind, I think her boyfriend will like her much better now."

The End

I hated to end this, but I had to at some point. I may continue this more in the future. Did you enjoy it? I hope so. Thanks for reading it. :D

Moms Anal Whore - Part 2

I had intended for this to be just two parts here, but since I have changed the ending again, it will now be three parts. The more I wrote, the more I wanted it not to stop. hehe It's not too cruel. lol

Part 2

The next morning....

I finished checking the knots in the silk ties that held Ann in place, and stepped back and looked down upon her. She looked beautiful lying there naked with her round ass pointing upward, her arms held taut above her and her legs stretched out in a V below her. She was helpless. She was now mine and all to myself too.

Her head was turned to the side watching my every move. I replaced her scarf gag with an oversized red ball-gag that strapped to her head with a leather strap. It was guaranteed to keep someone totally quiet. Only a muffled sound would be heard, as what I had planned for her, she would be screaming a lot.

I had always envisioned doing this to her and being reality was now upon me, I was very ready to make this the best experience of my life. Having a personal sex slave all to myself, had always been a dream of mine. I was not going to let this moment pass without causing some kind of harm to her or better yet, maybe even leave some scars on her sexy bottom to remember me by.

With her eyes glazed over and still dopey from the sleeping pills I gave her last night, I proceed with my first act of mercy.

Sitting along side of her I pour some warming massage oil onto my hand and rub it onto her ass cheeks, slowly working it into her skin, over each cheek, between her cheeks, and all into her ass crack. I pour more of the oil directly onto her ass bud and work the oil in with harsh rubbing and squeezing, knowing the oil is heating up against her sweet little brown hole. I let the oil coil it's way down between her cheeks and onto her pussy, letting it sting her little cunny. I know it's not a good feeling on her pussy, but I didn't care. Her ass was my priority.

Ann moans softly into her gag, enjoying my touch for the moment. My hands slide continue there assault on her soft and curvy buns, working the oil in deeply, over and over, until she is all slick, just the way I want her to be.

Sitting up, I moved slightly over her ass and peer down into her ass love button. I lick my lips at the sight of it, knowing I was about to have the time of my life with it. I grip her cheeks in my hands, forcing them far apart and just enough to see her little bud open slightly. A force came upon me as lounged forward quickly and stuck my tongue right up her ass. The was not the best tasting thing to ever enter my mouth, but with the taste of her ass juice, it was a pleasant taste. My tongue was moving from side to side, sinking further into her ass.

Ann was squirming around under me, realizing what I was doing to her, and she didn't like it one bit. She was saying something loudly into her gag, all muffled sounds to my ears. My tongue was buried in her ass, licking and tongue fucking her with a fast paced rhythm. The more my tongue ventured in deeper, the more Ann would resist to my rimming of her. I started darting my tongue in and out, in and out, tongue fucking her with greed and passion, taking in all the great scents that were being directed to my nose.

Being my tongue could only go so far into her sweet asshole, I started biting her lightly on her bud, making her buck feverishly with each nibble. She fought violently at her binds, screamed into her gag, did everything she could to get free, but nothing worked as I continued my lustful assault on her. I was really getting into this and I loved watching her fight against me. It turned me on the more I did it, as my own pussy was dripping wet.

With Ann whimpering into her gag, sniffling like a little girl with a cold, I pulled my tongue out of her sweet shit hole and jammed my middle finger deep into her up to my knuckle. I long moan of pain and discomfort escaped her mouth right into the gag, as I pulled my finger out sharply and shoved two more fingers in. Her ass tightened and her legs fought at her binds as I slowly fucked my two fingers in and out, spreading her wider with each thrust, loosening her ass for more goodies I had planed for her. I needed her ass wide and accepting, a wide open canal is what I wanted to see. I wanted to see the inners of her ass without holding it open.

Next, three fingers were fucking her, then four. Grunting and groans filled the small room, as Ann was in severe pain, which was pleasure to my senses. I pulled my fingers from within her and looked down into her shitter. Her body was quivering as she needed more to get her opened up to the width I wanted. I began licking the inside of her ass, kissing her tender exposed tissue, licking from side to side taking in all the anal aroma, which had me boiling to a hormonal explosion.

"Oh Ann, you should see your hot little ass baby."

She cried out into her gag as I kept telling her about her new ass.

"You are going to love your new ass. No more tight ass on my baby girl."

With that said, I placed my whole hand up to her opening, making a fist.

"Brace yourself baby, time for a fist fuck."

Deep groans and struggling body parts began, as I forced my entire right hand into her anal opening. I pushed and pushed and pushed, causing her great pain, as my fist plopped into her ass. What a feeling. A warmth covered my hand. I could feel her heart beating, and she was very juicy. My hand was buried up to just past my wrist and I let it rest there as I opened each finger very slowly. I knew she could feel me inside of her. As each finger opened, she would squeal. By the time I opened my thumb, Ann was in pure agony.

"Does it feel good baby? You like mommy's hand in your ass? This ain't your boyfriends cock now baby. Being you liked him in your ass, you will now enjoy me just as much. You will beg me to fuck your ass each day with my fist."

Her head was shaking back and forth resisting what I had just said to her.

"Oh yes baby, you will beg me to anal rape you by the time I finish with you. You will be my anal whore and beg me to fuck you in your new ass. Watch and see baby. I will turn you. I will make you enjoy me, just as you loved your boyfriend banging you in your little shitter."

The fighting at her binds and the deep groans into her gag never ceased over the next few hours. I continued my assault on her ass, making it wider and wider, fist fucking her with no relief until her asshole stayed open even when her cheeks closed. Just the way I wanted her.

I took a short break for myself mainly, went upstairs and took a warm bath, and played with my pussy while thinking of Ann bound in the basement, her ass stretched to its limit. I shot a strand of cum from my pussy like nothing else before. I was beyond the most sexual desire I could of ever thought of. I was in overdrive. I was in love with Ann's ass. I lusted after it now. I wanted it now. I was going to get it now.

I dried off and went into the basement, with my supply of anal toys in tow. Admiring my daughter in front of me, I sat the toys down on the bed next to her and sat down on her side. Placing my hands on her soft and sexy legs, I caressed them softly working my way back up to her new ass.

"Are you ready for me baby? You want mommy to fuck you?"

Her struggling told me no.

"No? You don't want mommy to fuck you in the ass?"

She resisted even more now.

"I will change your attitude bitch." When my tone changed, Ann struggled and fought like no other time before this. She knew she was about to be tormented and abused.

I stood up quickly and grabbed the coat hanger that was hanging on the rod by the dryer and opened it up to make it straight. Ann watched me in horror as I worked out the kinks in the steel. As I moved it over her ass, she cried out into her gag. I think she knew what was coming, and if she didn't, then she would soon find out.

"You want mommy to fuck your ass?"

She said nothing and stayed still.

"Nod your head yes bitch, or you will regret it."

No words. No nothing.

"Okay then....I guess you want to be spanked then. Do you? Do you want mommy to spank you?"

Still nothing.

"I remember spanking you when you were smaller. I think you enjoyed it being you kept getting into trouble. You like getting spanked, don't you?"

I let the metal scrape against her ass cheeks.

"Your boyfriend has spanked your butt. Oh yes he has, so don't say he hasn't baby. I watched you. I watched him spank you while he had his cock in you. You liked it. You will like this too my sweet Ann."

Ann could hear it coming. She heard the sound that metal makes when it's ripping through the air. It was coming fast too, as I reared back with all the force I could and landed the metal hanger square onto her cheeks. A sound came from her gag like I had never heard before. With a sudden red streak across her bare cheeks, I hit her again. Another red streak. It looked good to me. Another sound like none before escaped her gagged mouth. She was fighting the pain. Her wrists and ankles tightened against her binds. She was in pure agony. I knew it. I wanted her in pain. I wanted her to know who the boss was. I was going to make her enjoy it.

"Does it feel good baby? You want mommy to whip you more?"

Her head shook back and forth, the word no being forced into her gag.

"It's either get fucked or I whip you more. It's your choice baby."

Ann's words were lost in her mind as the searing pain burned through her cheeks and through her whole body. She heard that sound again......

Another streak appears on her young fleshy cheeks. Then another..another..another.

Ann is beyond the screaming. She is beyond what pain feels like. She is numb. Her cheeks are numb. She is speechless and not able to make even a small sound, as the painful whips have kept her from even thinking correctly. Her mind is swirling with explainable thoughts.

"You want more bitch? Your ass is glowing red baby. You want mommy to make it feel better baby?"

Slowly, Ann's head nods yes. She is not even sure she is nodding or doing anything. She just wants it to stop.

I ran my hand over her reddened and welted cheeks, "mmmm, they feel good baby. What do want baby? You want me to fist fuck you or spank you?"

Ann had no way of speaking. She just nodded her head and made muffled sounds into her gag.

"I knew you liked it. You want me to spank you again, don't you?"

With no time to respond, Ann braced herself as another searing pain ripped through her. She could feel the pain shoot through her nipples as the metal hanger dug into her skin. The pain was so bad. Her nips were already real sensitive, but to feel pain in them from what was being done to her ass was something she could not stand much longer.

"You want more baby? Tell me you want more." I was determined to make her say yes. "I know what you want. I know exactly what you want baby girl." I eyed her wide open ass and placed the hanger right on her opened canal. "You want it here, don't you? You want mommy to whip your crack, don't you?"

I gave her no time to respond as I reared back and whacked the opening. Her ass tightened and tried to close, when I whipped her again..again..again. Red streaks covered her entire ass. I stood back and admired my handiwork. I was going to ask her one more time and if she did not give me the right answer, I would make sure she would forever fear me for as long as she lived, if she didn't already.

I got up close to her ear and whispered to her, "you either tell me to fuck you in your ass or you will beaten for the rest of the day. It's your choice baby. Don't disappoint me either."

The torture of her ass was about to make Ann do things she would never do, as she fought against her wills to keep from saying, but she had no choice. She was defeated. She wanted the pain of that metal to go away.

"Tell me sweetie. Nod your head if you want me to fist fuck you."

Ann nodded with a slow pace up and down.

"Are you sure baby? Are you sure you want mommy to fist fuck you?"

Again Ann nodded ever so slowly.

"Okay baby, being you want it, you will tell me you want it with your own words." I unbuckled the straps on her gag and and watched the gag fall from her mouth. A long groan escaped between her lips.

"What was that? What did you say Annie?"

Saliva dripped from her mouth as she spoke for the first time being a slave to me.

"Pl..please mom."

"Please what baby? Please fuck me in your ass? Is that what you are trying to say? Tell me goddamnit!" I wanted her to hear the hate in my voice. I wanted her to hear my demands and remember them. "You want my fist in your ass?"

She nodded, "y..yes."

"Tell me then. Tell me to ass rape you bitch!" I grabbed her by her hair demanding an answer.

She turned her head to face me and softly said, "r..rape in ass."

Not good enough for me, "say it louder whore. Tell me you want it. Tell mommy to fuck your whores ass."

Being made to say these words, words she only used with her boyfriend as a fantasy or role playing, made her feel cheap. She felt like a whore having to say what her mom wanted her to say. Humiliation and having to submit to her mom dwarfed her brain.

"Say it whore! Tell me to fist fuck your ass whore. C'mon, you can do it. Tell mommy that her anal whore wants a good fist fuck."

Ann was about to speak when another searing pain ripped through her inner right thigh. She went to scream, then her mom covered her mouth with her hand, "you keep quiet or your bald pussy gets a whipping next, you got it?"

Her mom released her hand covering her mouth.

Ann nodded quickly, as the pain in her inner thigh burned and she could feel the blood pumping in it, "pl...please mom, no more. I'll s...say it. Pl..please don't h..hit me anymore."

Her mom had grown impatient with Ann, as her own juices were flowing for release.

"You are my anal whore bitch. Tell me to fuck your ass anal whore."

Ann was in total disbelief at all of this, but she did as told, "f..fuck this anal whore."

"Say it like you want it bitch! Say it like when your boyfriend fucks your ass."

Ann swallowed hard, "f..fuck this anal whore! Pl..ease fuck this a.anal whores cheap ass w..with y..y.your fist."

Hearing what she has wanted to hear, her mom places her fist at the opening of her daughters ass. "Tell me to shove it in your ass whore."

Bracing herself, "sh..ove your f..fist in my ass. Fuck ass mom. F..uck this anal w..whore.

Displeasure swept through Ann's head as her moms fist began forcing its way back into her ass, deeper and deeper it went, making Ann clinch her fists in the bindings, her legs tightening as the pressure in her ass increased.

Loud sucking sounds of her moms fist fucking filled the small room. In and out, in and out, "tell me to fuck you baby. Tell mommy to fist fuck you deep and hard."

Ann repeated her moms demands each time she wanted her to repeat the words. Her ass was on fire. It stung badly, and without her even knowing, it was bleeding too. The welts on her ass and thigh had grown in size, red streak marks adorned them both, while her moms hand fucked her over and over. In and out, deep thrusts, her ass still burning, Ann did the best she could. Her nipples were rock hard, her pussy was dripping juices, and she sunk into the bed feeling the unwanting sensation up her butt.

"That's it anal whore. Take it baby. Cum for me. Let your pussy cum for me baby."

Ann laid on the bed, her arms sore from being tied above her, taking in the force of her moms hand, back and forth, in and out, her hand drove to the deepest parts of her ass. She did feel something deep within her. She knew that feeling.

"Cum for me baby. Let your pussy flow."

Her mom knew what Ann was experiencing. She knew deep anal thrusts could muster an orgasm. She wanted Ann to cum. She wanted Ann to cum so she could taste the fluids she was forcing from within her. It was her desire to make her cum on demand. Ann's juices were her treat for raping her own flesh and blood. She had a hunger for her.

Ann was breathing deeper and deeper as she felt that wonderful feeling she had only experienced twice in her young life. That wonderful feeling you get from an orgasm. She didn't want to cum this way, but deep within her, she did want it.

"That's it baby. Tell me to fuck your butt baby. Tell me to make you cum."

Ann was sighing and moaning lightly, "m..make me c..cum. Make cum mom."

Hearing this made Ann's mom thrust her hand in and out faster.

"Cum now baby. Let your little pussy defy you. Give me what is mine."

The pressure in Ann's ass was beginning to be too much for her, as her orgasm neared closer and closer. She had cum twive in her life. Once with her boyfriend and once by herself. The feeling she had deep inside her now was ten times more, that she felt she was going to explode.

"C'mom anal whore, cum for your mommy. Give me what I desire from you. Give it to me. Cum bitch!"

The pace quickened even more, the pressure in Ann's ass increased, "cum now goddanmit! Tell me to make you cum whore. Cummm!"

Ann was panting and sweating, "m..make me cum. Make th..this anal whore cum."

Ann's mom let her free hand glide across the opening of Ann's pussy slit. Ann twitched at the touch, sending pleasure waves through her pussy and her nipples. Back and forth her mom slowly played with her slit, "cum baby. Let you pussy cum for me."

Ann was now moaning deeply, unwanted and wanted at the same time. She fought it and applauded it at the same time. Her mind was swirling with emotional release. The need to cum was close.

Her mom worked her ass and pussy feverishly, making Ann's body shake and quiver. She knew Ann was close. She knew she would be releasing the juices soon. She licked her lips at the thought of it.

In and out, the fist fucked Ann. Her mom began opening Ann's pussy slit wider and wider, exposing her tender insides to the air, a cool breeze soothing Ann. Ann was so close, she knew it, her mom knew it.

Her mom got down under Ann, between her legs looking upward to her pussy, which was inches from her mouth. Her hand was still imbedded in Ann's ass, slowly working its way in and out, at a slower pace now. She wanted those juices. She wanted them badly.

"Cum baby. Cum in your mommy's mouth."

A long groan escaped Ann's trembling mouth, a groan of pleasure. Her body tensed up as the cum flowed from her inner self, worked it's way down through the canal, and exploded in her moms awaiting mouth. The feeling of the release calmed Ann, then another wave hit her as she squirted more juice onto her moms lapping tongue. Ann could feel her moms tongue licking her pussy, she could hear the sucking sounds of her mom eagerly gathering up every drop she could get.

"Mmmmm baby..........mmmmmmm, keep it flowing baby."

Another wave hit Ann as she squirted more cum, then another, as her mom kept fucking her ass and lapping up her juices at the same time. Ann had cum like never before, breathing in deeply each time she orgasmed.

"That's a good anal whore. You taste so good baby."

Ann was slowly coming down from her experience, reality hitting her now, her mind slowly coming back to normal. Her mom had released her hand from her ass, but was still licking Ann's slit. Ann had to admit, the feeling did feel good.

"Mmmm, oh yes, mmmmm, god you taste so good baby, you want a taste?"

Her mom lifted her hand to Ann's mouth, "taste yourself whore."

Ann's tongue darted out and licked her moms fingers.

"Tastes good, huh?"

Ann nodded, tasting her own cum for the first time which wasn't that bad, even though it disgusted her to even think it.

"How was it anal whore? Did you like getting your ass fucked anal whore?"

Ann just nodded and said, "yes", very quietly.

"From now on, that is your name, you got it? You will be known as my anal whore and you will give up your ass to me whenever I desire it, you got it anal whore?"

Ann nodded yes.

"I'm going to leave you tied up down here for a few days to make sure you understand me, got it anal whore?"

Again, Ann nodded her head. Not wanting too, just having no other choice. Thinking of the metal hanger made Ann say what her mom wanted her to hear, if not, then she would be beaten with it.

"You have a good night down here anal whore and I will be back later tonight for some more fun, okay?"

Your boyfriend would be proud of seeing your like this. Heck, I might even claim him for myself, being you wont be needing his big hard cock any longer."

Ann's mind began to wander again, not knowing what her mom was talking about. 'Not needing him anymore? Why would she say that?'

"If I hear anything from you down here overnight, I will make you pay for it. I will leave the gag off to see if you do as you are told. No noises anal whore, got it?"

Ann nodded in agreement.

"Got it anal whore? Tell me you understand me anal whore."

Ann turned her head to speak, "Th..this anal wh..whore understands."

"Good, I'm glad you came to know your new name. Ann is no longer your name bitch. You will answer to me as anal whore and you will introduce yourself as anal whore, because that is all you will be using from now on, your ass."

Stunned by her mom's cruel and harsh words being directed at her, she complied.

"Now get some sleep anal whore, as your actions tonight will determine your future."

The door closed and Ann laid in her own sweat on the bed, not wanting to believe what had just happened to her. Her mom had raped her. Her own mom. Her loving mom her entire life had just raped her and made her cum. ‘She ate my cum. She made me eat my cum.’ Her mind thought of all the horrible things her mom had done to her.

She began to cry.

End of part 2

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Do you like gay sex maybe? Forced sex with other men? I don't write many like this, but from time to time I like some all guy sex to write about. I hope you enjoy this one.

I never expected prison to be like it was. Sure, I had heard all the stories about rape in prison and the gay guys, but I never ever believed it. I would always laugh, and punch them. But then, I got into real trouble.

It was the day I did something I never thought I would actually do, only in my mind, never in real life. I took the chance of my life to satisfy an urge that had been playing with my mind for years. It was wrong to do and I knew it, but I did it anyway. I cornered my brothers daughter one afternoon and slid my hand down into her panties and forced her to strip for me, while I fingered her slit and kissed her hotly. The moment only lasted fifteen minutes, and being I thought my words to her were good enough to keep her quiet and me safe, that backfired quickly. I tried to blackmail her in return for something she did wrong a few years earlier, in return for what I did to her.

Two days passed and I thought I was in the clear. Hardly. Not knowing I had been reported to the police by her, I got the surprise of my life later that evening. I had just returned home from the liquor store, when two cops appeared before me with an arrest warrant. I froze in my tracks, knowing exactly what they were here for. My whole body went tense knowing I had been caught. The feeling is something you never want to ever feel in your life. It's a feeling of fear and loss from your loved ones.

"Are you Mr. Jenkins....Mr. Ted Jenkins?" The cop looked me straight in the eyes.

"Yes I am?" I said this very calmly.

"You are under arrest for the attempted rape of a minor sir. Please put your bags down and turn around sir."

The cops arrested me right there in front of my apartment, handcuffed me, read me my rights, placed me in the police car, and took me away. I watched my neighborhood pass as they drove down the road, knowing my future had dramatically taken a sudden turn for the worse.

I was denied bail and I sat in jail for four weeks before my court date. I did what my lawyer wanted me to do, which was plead guilty and take what they would give me. He thought me pleading guilty would help in my time to be served. Hardly.

I sat in the court room, scared to death. I looked behind me and there she was, the girl I had molested. My own niece. My brother was there too, as was his wife, my mom, and my own sister. This was the worse feeling ever, to be sentenced in front of them. Embarrassment was an understatement.

The judge entered the room and we all stood up. The next moments were quick and fast.

The judge looked down on me, "Mr. Jenkins, stand before me please."

I stood up and walked over in front of him with my lawyer right beside me.

"Mr. Jenkins, you are charged with attempted rape of a minor and blackmail, how do you plead?"

I was shaking, "Guilty sir. I plead guilty for what I have done and I ask you have mercy on me, for I have done something I regret and I'm very sorry."

Some good that did me. My mercy plea seemed to go in his one ear and out the other.

"Being you have pleaded guilty to the charges Mr. Jenkins, and with the acts of your crimes being as to what they are, you give me no choice but to sentence you to the maximum sentence of 8 years for attempted rape of a minor and 2 years for blackmail of a minor. You are hereby sentenced to 10 years at the maximum security prison of this state."

My jaw dropped hearing the years being rattled off. I was in denial. The cops handcuffed me and took me away. While being led out of the court room, I got my last look at my niece, who was smiling at me, then blew me a kiss as she vanished from view. I was shocked. I was now stressed like no other time in my life. Had she set me up?

I was practically being dragged down the dark, murky hallway of the prison cell, the guards telling me to stand up and move right, not laying around on my lazy ass. It was bad enough I was in prison, let alone being dragged into it.

My knees scraped the floor mercilessly. All around, the men yelled out jokes to me, a few whistling. I've been regarded as good looking by most people. I've had my share of girls, sure, sex, love, whatever. But never before prison had I even thought of getting fucked or being fucked by a man.

It . . . Was somehow too strange. So, naturally, when I was thrown in my prison cell, that wasn't what I was thinking about. I was more planning a way out, hardly noticing the big, husky male sitting on the bed, looking at me. After about an hour, I sat down on the cot, and turned to see him. I was a bit startled, but I really didn't care that he was there. Not yet, at least. The guy was big. Really big. His arms must've been twice the size of mine, and he had half a foot on me. I was strong, but no where near that strong. He looked at me for a while.

Finally, the guards yelled "lights out", and suddenly, all the lights went out except for a few dim lights in each cell, barely illuminating it. Suddenly, the cot creaked, and in the dim light I saw the man stand up and stretch. Good, I thought, I can lie down now. I was just leaning over when he grasped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, hard. He pulled me in tight, and looked at me, and once again did a grin. It was a wide, meaningful grin. As I got closer and closer, I could feel his cock beneath his uniform. It was semi-erect, and wanting me. I knew it. I tried to step back, but he held me tight. I couldn't yell for some strange reason.

All I knew was that he was suddenly kissing me, tongue flying deep in my mouth, licking the inside of it. He began to take the zipper on my orange suit down, slowly as he kissed me. I didn't kiss back. Once again, I attempted to break loose, but couldn't. It was too hard to. Pretty soon, the zipper was all the way down, and he began to remove the suit, finally lifting me up high, and getting it from around my legs. All that was left were my boxer shorts. He seemed to hate them, nearly ripping them off, which he could have with his grip. He continued to pull them off until they were on top of my suit.

Still kissing me, he placed his hand on my soft cock. Finally he stopped and began to strip down fast. The kiss wasn't bad, just like every girl-kiss, just from a guy. In a few seconds he was totally naked, bare penis exposed. It was amazingly huge, about one and a half times the width of mine and almost twice as long at 12 inches. It was a true mammoth. I had never seen something like that before. My mouth dropped. He smiled, and turned me around. It was then it suddenly hit me he was going to rape my ass, with that huge slab of meat, my ass which had never even had a normal sized penis in it. I knew if I resisted it would hurt more, so I meekly bent over, cock limp and down. Then, I felt it on my cheeks, grazing them until it reached the hole, slowly touching it with his penis head.

"If you make a sound mother fucker, I will make you regret it the whole time you are here. Put your hands on the wall and stick your butt out."

I could do nothing as this huge guy overpowered me and forced me up against the wall. The feeling of him behind me, about to rape me, I didn't like it at all.

"I know what you did to get in here mother fucker. We like guys like you who hurt kids. Now I'm going to hurt you and make you pay for hurting that little girl."

I swallowed deeply as his cock slowly penetrated the opening of my asshole. The mammoth head moved with purpose, flowing into me, and suddenly pumping deep inside. It hurt. It hurt bad. I wanted to scream, as a low groan came from within me.

"Don't say anything. Keep quiet as I fuck you mother fucker. Take it or I will rip your fucking cock off and shove it down your throat."

Listening to his threats made me go against my will, as I allowed him to ass fuck me. My cock was erect as stone as he pumped his rigid bat in me. He somehow knew it, and grabbed it in his powerful hands, jacking me off slowly, pumping in behind. It hurt so bad, as I remember his huge width and length sliding into me, pumping in and out. I was near crying out in pain. He was assaulting me with a powerful force. I never realized guys could be so forceful when fucking until now.

I felt a build up inside of me, and my prick began to throb lightly, sperm building up. My balls began to tighten as he slowly rubbed the head of my cock, slamming his cock up my butt in even strokes.

"That's it lover boy. Take it like a man. You have a great ass. You will serve me well little bitch. Ohh yess....oh yess...."

His pumping in my ass quickened, as he pumped my cock faster, rammed me faster, squeezed my cock with force, and I knew he was close to shooting off inside of me, just as I was about to shoot off on the wall.

"Take it mother fucker. Oh yess, fuck it bitch. Fuck it up your tight ass bitch."

Hearing him say that word bitch over and over, I knew this was not going to be the only time I would get raped.

His pumping of his manhood and stroking of my cock became more and more rapid, more fierce, more painful. In and out, over and over, he stroked and pumped, until I could stand it no longer. In a cry of pure orgasm, I erupted in his hands, shooting a load over his hands and outward onto the wall. Again and again I came, stronger than I ever had cum before, my sperm flowing freely. It stopped a little while later, and I grew limp in his hands. Suddenly, on an huge inward thrust, I was hard again, and suddenly felt warm cum flow into my ass wall. He grunted loudly as he thrusted his cock deep in my ass and filled me up with his cream.

It seemed never-ending, a continuous flow of warm liquid inside my tight ass crack. He had let loose a torrid amount of cum, none like I produced.

Finally, he came out of me, limp again but still huge, and kneeled down, and immediately began to kiss the head of my cock. The cum dripped out of my ass and onto the floor, as he began to kiss and lick it all over, including my balls. He got me harder and harder and almost vertical before he took me in. Looking up and me, he slipped his mouth over my erection slowly and with skill. He began to slide his mouth along the head and shaft, up and down with speed and skill, twirling his tongue around my pre-cummed head, until finally, he slipped it down. I felt it press against the back of his throat, and yet he pushed it down his throat.

He got all the way down the shaft until no more was left, and cupped my balls. Orgasm was once upon me, my body racking with burst after burst of warm, tasty cum. I felt it all around, swishing in his mouth, around my cock, warming it, keeping it hard despite ejaculation. Finally, it was gone. He swallowed every last drop. Now, me still in his mouth, he moved me to the cot. Pushing me down, he actually got under me by lifting me up, and laying' me horizontally, gazing at the giant penis, amazingly stiff.

"Suck me bitch. Do it bitch...suck my cock." He whispered this in my ear. What other choice did I have?

Struggling, I spread my lips wide and took it in. I got the wide head and a few other inches in, until it pressed against the inside of my throat, warm pre-cum tipping it, flowing very slightly. And then he thrust it forward. I nearly gagged as it went straight down my throat and back up again. This was the Mount Everest of cocks, tall and vertical. Mine was not as large, but he had his fun with it.

"Suck it rapist. This is what we do with bitches like you. Suck my cock. Suck it like the criminal you are."

I twirled my tongue around his cock head, just as one of my ex-girlfriends had done to me, licking the pre-cum off. It was disgusting and humiliating to be doing this. Was the fifteen minutes of what I had done to my niece worth this?

It went on like that for a while, sucking, licking and kissing his cock. Then it happened. In a flash, like watching a porn flick, the white cum burst into my mouth, warm, forceful spurts.

"That's it bitchboy, suck all my cum out of me. Take it all in your mouth and swallow it."

The thought of swallowing his acidic seed made me want to vomit.

"Swallow it bitchboy. Suck and swallow."

I swallowed it as fast as I could, but couldn't keep up, and some of his cum dripped out of my mouth, running down his cock or off my face. I was sick now. Cum was settling into my stomach as he made me suck every drop from him and swallow every last drop of it too. Nothing was spared, as he made me lick all the cum up, even off the bed.

My night of rape had just begun.

By the time morning came around and the guards checked in on us, he raped me three more times in my ass. My ass was on fire. The taste in my mouth was worse, as he told me I was not allowed to brush my teeth with toothpaste. I could only brush with his cum or his spit. The taste of this man would forever be within me. I was too scared to think of anything in a good way. My thought patterns were all screwed up.

The days and nights passed slowly for me the first week in this hell hole. I was passed around to other men, made to let them fuck me, made to beg to get gang raped. I never actually raped my niece, I just fondled her, but the men here didn't care. I was dirt to them for trying to hurt a kid. I was there bitchboy. I was there fuck meat. I paid dearly for my crime of lust toward my niece. The guards didn't care either, as I was dirt to them as well.

Now in my second year with eight more years to go, my nights are spent the same way as my first week. The nightly rapes are allowed by the guards. They turn the other way when it's my turn, only because of my crime. My family has dis-owned me, I hear from no one except some counselor that comes by twice a month.

As I lay here on this bunk with another prisoner on top of me ramming his cock in my ass, all I can think of is my niece who blew me that kiss before being taken away from the courtroom. What did that mean? Would I ever know? Did she enjoy my hand on her pussy? Was this her revenge for the blackmail?

Would bitchboy ever know the truth as cock after cock is forced into my body night after night, week after week, month after month, and year after year? It has never left my mind as yet another cock explodes in my ass.

My cellmate has now entered the hallway to the cell and I hear him calling out to me, "Bitchboy..........where are you bitchboy? I have a special present for you tonight bitchboy."


Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Is He?

I wrote this 6 years ago. It's rather tame, which is not my forte any longer. It's rather sexy with a bit of rape thrown into it.

'I'm going to be late,'Karen kept thinking to herself as she drove down the freeway to work.

'Next exit, then 4 turns and 2 lights,' she kept saying to herself. She was a little careless as she hurried down the road.

'7:56 -- I have to park, then wait for the elevator. I'm going to be late....' She parked her car in the lot. Because of her tardiness, she had to park at the far end of the lot. She grabbed her purse and slammed the car door and nearly ran to the office. Just as she approached the door, something distracted her and she looked away for an instant.

Wham! She ran right into him. At least he was holding the door open. Karen dropped her purse in the collision.

"Excuse me ma'am," he said, "Here, let me help you." He picked up her purse and handed it to her. All she could do was stare. He was tall, about 6-2. His chest was broad, with muscular shoulders and short blond hair. He had on a dorky-looking yellow hard-hat. He was wearing a plain, button-down work shirt and jeans with brown leather work boots.

"Uuhh, I'm sorry. Thanks," was all she could bring herself to say. Karen was still in a daze.

"Are you OK? You need to slow down a little," he said with a look of modest concern.

"Uuhh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm sorry for running into you," she replied. He held the door open for her. She took her purse and walked,almost stumbling, toward the elevator. The doors opened almost immediately. 'Whew,' she thought to herself. The image of him was fixed into her mind. There was something about him.

Karen's morning was busy and boring as usual. Typing, filing, and paperwork. Her boss yelled at her for being 2 minutes late again. She promised to make it up over lunch time, taking only 20 minutes this time. She was used to it.

'Who was he? That man at the lobby... I can't get him out of my mind,' Karen kept thinking to herself. She had never seen him before. Workers were always around her building, either remodeling suites for new renters or making repairs.

Lunch time arrived and Karen went downstairs to the deli for a small salad as usual. She went outside to sit in the sun on one of the park benches in front of the building. No one else was there yet, so she sat sideways, with her legs up on the bench. She closed her eyes and relaxed for a minute before eating. His image was still in her mind. He was such a hunk - the thought of him almost made her horny. She moved her legs down to sit up straight and eat.

'Damn! I did it again!' Karen thought to herself. As she slid her legs down, a small splinter on the bench snagged the stocking on her right leg. 'Damn. A run. And no spares in my purse. This is really my lucky day,' she was thinking. She looked around. No one was around yet. It was still just a little early for most people's lunch. 'It will only take a second,' she thought as she pulled her skirt up and unhooked her stockings on each side of her garter belt and pull them down. Just as she rolled her stockings down, she looked up.

There he was again, watching her. Him. The same man she ran into in the morning. He was setting some decorative bricks around the sidewalk in front of her building. 'Where did he come from,' she thought. He was staring at her. She blushed. 'Did he see me pull up my skirt?' She looked at him. She felt a warm blush in her face. He was just looking at her while he worked. Karen looked down and started eating her salad. He looked away and continued working. He never noticed
her again. His image was still in her mind.

Karen went back to work, stopping at the ladies' room to remove her garter belt. The afternoon continued just as the morning. Boring. She couldn't wait until 5:00.

'Finally,' she thought to herself as she walked to her car. 'Finally, I can go home.' She unlocked the door and sat in. She threw her purse over to the passenger seat. She inserted the key and turned it. Nothing. Just a click. 'Dead battery. What a rotten day,' she thought.

"Tap, tap, tap." Someone was tapping on her car window. She looked out. All she saw were his jeans, and the bulge they contained. She instinctively locked the door.

"Tap, tap, tap." 'What?' She said. He leaned over. It was HIM. HE was tapping on her car window. "Problem miss? Can I help?" He asked.

"Umm, yeah. My battery seems dead," Karen said through the closed window.

"Roll down the window a little, ma'am," he said. "I understand if you are scared of me." Karen rolled her window down an inch.

"Release the hood latch under your dashboard," he ordered. She felt down, around
her left knee. Yes, there. She pulled. The hood popped up two inches. He walked in front of the car and released and raised the hood.

"Yuck. Here's the problem," He said to her. "Your battery connectors are corroded. I can fix it in about 2 minutes for you."

"Thanks so much," she said. She was scared somehow. She didn't know why. There were other people around. It was still early and light out. Still... She just sat there. Meanwhile, he used a wrench and some other tools. It only took a couple of minutes.

"Try it now," He said, as he stood back, next to her door. The car started immediately. He walked around and closed the hood.

"I don't know how to thank you," Karen said to him. "It's OK,miss. I am happy this is all it was," he said to her. "If you drive for at least 20 minutes before turning off then engine, the battery will recharge and be fine. Good luck." And she was off.

As she drove toward home, Karen's mind was in a daze. Who was he? She stopped at the market for some groceries on the way home. By the time she got home, it was quite dark out. She walked up the stairs to her apartment and let herself in. She dropped the groceries on the counter as she entered. She hated entering her dark apartment, but it was that time of the year.... She turned on the light and walked into the living room. She turned on all the lights as she walked to her bedroom. She threw her purse down on her dresser and pulled out her stockings, one with a run, and her lace garter belt. She tossed the ruined stocking in the trash. What an awful day. Who was HE?

Karen started taking off her clothes, as usual, when she got home. First, she pulled the silk blouse over her shoulders and hung it up. As she turned around, she noticed him. The empty apartment across the lot was now occupied. She never bothered with the curtains much because that apartment was empty for almost a year, so it was a surprise to her to look out, standing in the bright light of her room, looking out her window and into his.

It was HIM. HIM - that man. Tall, blond, muscular. He still had on those jeans, but his shirt was off. What shoulders. What a hunk she thought, as she stood there with only her bra and skirt on. It made her horny. After all, he saw her raise her skirt, now he sees this. There would be no harm in this. She stood facing him at the full-length window in her bedroom. They looked into each other's eyes. She ran her hands
down her sides and over her small breasts. Her nipples hardened. He was just standing there. Not moving. Watching.

Karen was in a trance. She unzipped her skirt, and pulled it and the short slip down over her hips. She stood there, with only her underwear and heels on. Watching. Looking. He was staring at her. She loved the attention. No harm. She started to rub her breasts some more. She ran her hands down her sides and over her small, round ass. She moved her hands up, over her breasts, again. This time, down and one hand into her panties. She was wet. Very wet. No harm. She looked away for a second, then back. The apartment was dark! He was gone. Where did he go? He was there staring at her just half a second ago.

Karen quickly closed the curtains. She hung up her skirt and put the slip over a chair. She slipped off her heels and put them in the closet. She put on her terry cloth robe and went to the kitchen to get some dinner. Her panties were wet. She was horny. 'Not now - I must eat something. Where did he go?' She thought. She opened the refrigerator. Leftover chicken and rice. She put it in the microwave oven. 'What was that?'

A knock on the door. 'Who was that?' Her neighbor was out of town. She had to feed his cat. Another knock. 'Ug..solicitors,' she thought.

She opened the door. It was HIM. HE was at the door. He pushed the door open and pulled her close to him. He slammed the door behind him.

"Stop. Stop. No. Who are you? What are you doing here? Leave!" She ordered. Karen was helpless now. He was as strong as he looked. He held her close to him, almost lifting her to his lips with one arm.

"STOP!" She ordered once again. He just held onto her and began kissing her. First her lips, then her neck. With the door closed, his other arm was free. He pulled her robe off. He forced his lips to hers. She shook her head to the side.

"Stop! NO!" Was all she could say. She was getting scared. He forced her backwards to her bedroom and pushed her down backwards onto the bed. As he leaned over her, holding her hands tightly over her head with just one of his, he pulled his shirt off, popping all of the buttons. He reached down, unfastened his belt, and unsnapped his pants with one hand.

"No! No! Please." Karen pleaded. It was useless. She looked down. He was huge. All she had on were her bra and panties. Bra and panties she displayed to him at the window. He reached down and ripped her panties aside.

" Please stop."

He did it. He forced his huge cock into her. He rammed his hard meat all the way in. He let out a grunt. Karen went limp. She closed her eyes. He pulled out his cock and drove it in again, harder. She was so wet; he slid in so easily.

"You wanted this, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" He said to her, impatiently, while fondling her through her bra with his free hand. Karen was silent. He was right. She pulled her knees up. He started thrusting harder and deeper. It felt like he was in her stomach, he was so deep. It hurt, but it felt so good.

"Unnh.. Unnh.. Aahh.. Mmmm." Was all Karen could say. It was enough. He seemed to get bigger with each thrust. She felt him in her throat. Harder, deeper.

"Ahh.. Uhhh.. Unnh.. Oohh.. Ohhh.. Uhhh..

Unnh.." She was coming. She couldn't help it. He was raping her and she wanted it. She wanted more. He was breathing hard, but otherwise silent.

"Ahh.. Ahh.. Ohhh.." Her legs wrapped around him tightly. He pounded her with his cock. His huge cock. Harder, faster.

"Ohhhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhh" Karen started her orgasm. It was lasting forever. Her whole body shook.

He came inside her, flooding her with his semen. She felt the wet warmth throughout her. He was still pounding her. She was almost screaming. It felt so good.

He finally stopped. She put her legs down and opened her eyes. He was handsome. A real hunk. He raped her.

He got up and pulled his pants up, grabbed his shirt, and quickly left. Karen just laid there. Who was he?

'I've been raped. I have to call the police,' she started thinking. 'I stripped for him. I lifted my skirt for him. He will go free. What's the point? But he took me against my will. Never mind my orgasm.' She was thinking to herself. She was confused. She called the police.

"About 6-2, 180 pounds. Big, muscular shoulders. Short blond hair. Light blue button-down shirt. Blue-jeans. Big, leather work boots. He lives in that apartment over there - the dark one" She dictated a description. The officer didn't ask about her behavior. He didn't ask if she enjoyed it. He didn't ask about the size of his cock.

"Is this all of the evidence?" the officer asked, holding her torn panties. "Yes."

The police took her to the hospital for an exam.

"Did he use a condom?" the doctor asked.

"No. He just forced me down and raped me." Karen replied.

"Did you take a bath? Or douche? Did you wash at all?" she was asked.

"No. Nothing."

"Did he ejaculate inside you?"

"Yes. Lots." Karen said, feeling almost humiliated by all the questions.

"Well, we see no evidence of rape. There is no sign of semen anywhere. We can tell you had something large inside your vagina, but there is no physical evidence." The doctor looked at her skeptically.

The first officer, the one who questioned her at home, met her at the hospital. "That apartment you pointed out - the one across the lot from your bedroom - it's empty. No one has lived there for a year." The officer explained. "The manager was going to get it remodeled, but no work has started yet. It has been locked up all night. Are you sure that is where you saw him?" Karen was even more confused.

The officer took her home and walked her up to her apartment. She went in. The lights were all on. The officer walked in with her. He made sure it was empty.

"Are you OK, Ma'am?" He asked. "Do you need us to call a friend over for you?"

"No. I'm Ok. But I saw him in that apartment."

"If you see him again, call me right away. Here's my card. The case number is printed on it." The officer left, her locking the door behind him.

Karen took a long, hot bath. She soaked for over an hour. 'How could this have happened?' She thought. 'What happened? He WAS here.'

The doctor was right. Her pussy only had her own juices. 'What happened?' She got up, and dried off. As she walked into her bedroom and pulled down the blankets, she
saw something on the floor.

"What's this?" She said to herself. She bent over and then the room went black.

She awoke the next day unable to move her legs or her arms. She struggled as she tried to look around the room, but her head would not move either. Panic set in as she could here voices, but could see nothing. The voices sounded familiar. 'I know that voice.' Now worried. 'It was HIM.' She thought to herself.

‘Where am I? What’s happening to me? Am I dreaming? Has all of this been a dream?’

Dream or not, Karen's new path on life would be much different, much..much different.

The End

(I may continue this into a part 2 one day, as I know I could make this a very juicy and terrifying story. I hope you enjoyed it.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moms Anal Whore - Part 1

I wrote this ten years ago and have edited it some since then, making it more intense, longer, and more violent. It started out tame, but now it's much better. hehe

Part 1

Most mothers don't look at their daughters as lovers or slaves. Then there are the mothers that do, but never dare to make the attempt to pursue it. I was not only a parent who thought about it, but acted on my intentions. Quite honestly, my daughter Ann and I have been intimate with each other more than a few times over the years.

This is my story:

I couldn't help notice Ann in her early years of growing up. She had small nips and a tight featured ass, so very sexy and cute. I can remember the times that I bathed her, feeling her smooth body always caused an instant wetness between my legs and my nipples always went erect.

Ann had just turned eighteen last month and the view of her now is one hundred times better. Watching her cute little ass wiggle when she walks always gets my attention as well. How nice it would be, I thought to myself, to have her bend over, then spread her ass cheeks apart, and letting me lick and tongue fuck her sweet pink ass bud. The vision of it was tearing me up inside. I had to act on this soon or I would forever regret it.

The moment came on a Saturday afternoon after she took a shower and walked into her bedroom. It wasn't unusual for her to walk around the house naked, being I was divorced and it was only the two of us in the house, so she certainly wasn't embarrassed, but this time things would be a bit different. I walked in the room behind her and sat on the edge of her bed. As we talked, my eyes fixed on her little hairless pussy. The thought of licking her brought water to my lips and I was determined to have it soon, as I was ready to burst with lust. The more we talked and the more I glanced down at her sweet tight slit, the more my inner evil self took over.

I stood up suddenly and slowly walked over to her by the closet, as she was hanging up her clothes and started to slide my hands all over her soft ass. She jumped as my hands touched her cheeks, "what are you doing mom!?" I pressed my body closer into her back and squeezed her cheeks, then whispered in her ear, "you feel so good baby, don't fight it." She tried to release herself from my grip, but it did no good, as I grabbed her around her waist and forced all my weight against her, forcing her into her closet and up against the wall. I had gone this far and there was no going back now. I could feel the fear in her body as I had my arms around her waist with all my weight pushing her further into the wall, mashing her orange size breasts face to face into the wall, while she shook and struggled to get free. My desires for her now were like nothing else I had ever felt before. My pussy was dripping.

She was whimpering and begging me to release her, but I had no intention to release her freely.

"Mom, please let me go. You are scaring me."

I was in overdrive now, "shut up Ann! Just shut that pretty mouth of yours or I will shut it for you, do you hear me!?" I shouted at her for the first time and it felt good too.

"Pleeease mom, pleeease let me go. Why are you doing this to me?"

I was going to tell her too, "you are a sexy lil slut Ann and I want to fuck you. Now shut your fucking mouth right now or I will make it to where you will never speak again!" We had never fought, never argued, never even disrespected each other in her eighteen years, and this was beyond anything Ann could have ever imagined happening to her. I wanted her and now I had her right where I wanted her.

She continued her pleads and begging, and the next thing she felt changed her attitude, as I let my right hand swat her right ass cheek with all the force I could put behind it. A loud smack rung across the room and she let out a loud, "owwww!" I continued my assault on her cheek, smacking it harder and harder with each swat. My hand stung from the abuse I was giving her.

"Now keep that sweet mouth shut or I will turn your cheeks into red jello, you got it slut!?"

She nodded slowly, sniffling and whimpering from her first whipping. I caressed her red cheek and gave it a good squeeze, which made her jump in pain. I knew she could feel the burning sensation in her ass as I squeezed it hard too.

"You do as I say Ann, do you hear me?"

She nodded again.

"Don't back talk me or try to get away either, or I will blister your ass, you got it!?"

She nodded again, fearing the worst from me.

"You will do everything I say from now on Ann, do you understand this? You do exactly as I say, or I will make you regret it for the rest of your life. Do you understand?"

She nodded again tearfully.

"I'm going to release you and if you try to fight me or try to run, you will pay for it, do you understand?"

Again she nodded yes.

I released my grip from her and stood back waiting to see what she would do. She did nothing but stand up straight. She was crying slightly and I didn't really care, for the first time in my life.

"Turn around and face me."

Ann slowly turned her sexy body to the right and faced me, face to face. I stared into blue her eyes seeing the fear in them. Her eyes were wet from the tears and it excited me. Her eyes were also staring back into mine, her face telling me she was lost in what was happening to her.

Before me stood the girl I have wanted for so long. Both evil and sexy thoughts crossed paths in my mind, as I was about to take my 'innocent' daughter into a world she never knew existed. The long wait had been worth it, as now she had become a very sexy girl with perfect features from head to toe. Her long blond hair, still wet from her shower, hung over and across her very shapely breasts, both of which were perfectly rounded with pink nipples standing out in the center of them. The abuse of her ass made them hard and erect. Ann was short at 5 feet even and weighed only 100 pounds. She was the perfect dream doll. She was now all mine.

I walked over to her and got right in her face, letting my lips lightly touch hers, "I know all of your little secrets Annie baby, so open your mouth," I said to her silently.

She was stunned at what I said to her.

"Open your mouth, Ann." She hesitated then slowly parted her lips and opened her mouth half way.

"Stick out your lil tongue baby."

Slowly her tongue came out.

"Stick it all the way out Ann."

She was obeying my demands and it was getting me hotter by the second.

I took her tongue into my mouth and began to slowly suck on it. I stared into her eyes as she did the same, as I watched her reactions to me kissing and sucking on her tongue. Numbness is what I felt from her. She let me do what I wanted, as my left hand found her warm pussy lips, which startled her. The look I got from her was hate and bewildered at the same time, as I slowly let my fingers glide across her pussy lips, rubbing them ever so lightly.

My kissing grew more intense as I sucked on her tongue more agressively and explored every inch of her mouth. The feeling was better than I thought it would be. Feeling her teeth, gums, and her tongue with my tongue had my pussy in overdrive. Having fantasized about this for so many years and now living out my fantasy, I knew this was wrong deep inside me, but I didn't care anymore. I was about to rape my own daughter and I felt good about it, even if she thought I was the devil.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good baby."

Her glances at me told me she didn't like anything I was doing to her.

Quietly she said, "why are you doing this to me, mom?"

That did it, "I warned you damnit! I told you not to speak or else!"

She jumped backwards at what I had just said.

I grabbed her by her wet hair and dragged her out of the closet, down the hallway, down the stairs, and into the basement. The basement was the perfect place to seduce her as it was virtually quiet enough that no one could hear us. I had a bed down in the basement as an extra, plus a place I went to masturbate when the need came around, which was a lot lately.

"Now get on the bed slut and keep your slut mouth closed, you got it?!"

I grabbed a scarf from hamper by the washing machine as I swung her toward the bed, "you are hard headed and now you will listen to me bitch."

I came over to her and placed the scarf around her head and across her mouth, gagging her with it. She whimpered the whole time, as I tied it tightly. Tears streamed from her eyes as she trembled from what I had just done. She was in shock by being gagged by me is what it was.

"Say something now slut. You will learn obedience one way or the other."

I stood over her as she sat gagged on the bed, "now lay down on your back. Swing your legs up and lay out straight. Do it!" I screamed at her and she moved quickly with each demand.

"That's it baby, stretch them sexy legs out so mommy can see them. Point your toes and tighten your ass. Make your sweet bald pussy stand up for me. Tighten your ass more damnit!"

I was so horny for her I was blurting out orders and demands left and right, making her do everything I wanted her to do, and she did it.

"Now don't move an inch, got it?"

I went across the basement and grabbed the silk scarves hanging from the rod by the dryer and took them over to the bed. I took each wrist and tied them tightly to the head board rails, then did the same for each of her ankles, tying them tightly to the foot board. She was now spread eagled across the bed unable to move.

I sat down on the bed next to her as her eyes watched my every move. I could see tears flowing from her eyes, while my hands glided over her baby smooth skin, stopping at her tender nips tugging on each one and squeezing them between my fingers. I leaned my head down and took her right erect nipple into my mouth and gave it a good working over with my teeth and tongue. Her body tensed up as I sucked each nip and squeezed her breasts with great force, making her uneasy with discomfort. I continued squeezing and kneeding her breast as I looked her directly in her eyes and licked my lips at her. I was so full of lust I just smiled at her as I watched her eyes look me over.

"Does it feel good baby? Do you like me squeezing your titties? I bet your boyfriend likes it. Oh yes, I have watched you two together for sometime now, you little tramp." Her eyes never left my face as she listened to every word I said, knowing she was being spied on from afar.

"I have watched you do many things. Oh yes, don't act so innocent now. I know all your secrets. Your little mouth has explored many great things, hasn't it?" I continued my kneeding process on her breasts, while her face contorted from what I was saying and doing to her.

"Don't play innocent with me baby. I watched you suck his cock. Yesss, I watched you suck his cock in and out of your slut mouth. You worked him over good too, didn't you?" Spying on her the last couple of years had become a hobby of mine.

"Did you like his cock in your mouth? You can tell mommy."

She didn't move a muscle until I slapped her across her face, "fucking slut, tell me you enjoyed sucking his cock! Tell me now god damnit."

She muffled some words, "mmurhm".

I pulled the gag from her mouth, "what!?"

"I...I liked his c..cock," studdering quietly she said to me, "please d..don't make me say th..these things, please."

"You will tell me everything I want to hear, you got it you lil slut? You fucking lil cock sucking whore. I knew you were out whoring around trying to hide it from me. Lil miss innocent don't do that. Oh no, lil miss perfect don't play with big cocks or suck big cocks or squeeze big balls or drink cum like a fucking milkshake, does she? I know a lot about what you do away from home slut. You will pay dearly for it too."

As much as I wanted to jump on top of her and lick and suck her pussy and get off on her, I wanted to play more mind games with her, then torture her some before I began my long awaited time with her. I was going to make this the best experience of my life, no matter how much it would affect her.

End of Part 1