Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Cellar Part 6

Warning! Extreme Violence!

The Cellar

Part 6


Day 5

Worn out and exhausted from the previous days and nights of rape of her youthful body, her sleepness nights, and her dreadful thoughts, she shook with fear as she heard foot steps...

...fearing the worst, she heard the door open yet again…

“How’s your little pussy doing, throat sucker?” he chuckled.

Laughing obscenely, he hefted her pretty legs way up in the air and over until he shackled them to her wrists. With her hands and feet tightly bound together, her cute little ass was fully exposed, up in the air.
This position greatly pained the girl and she wept for relief, but all she got was laughter from the evil man. Little did she know that her cute round ass looked appetizing to him, very appetizing.

Lusting after it, he leapt onto the table like some horny gorilla, and stared hotly at her open asshole. It was a cute little pink hole that was enough to arouse any man. Thus fired up, he reached over to the board on the wall and gripped a big, leather-stripped paddle. He laughed and smashed the heavy thing into Amy’s defenseless ass. She screamed, and he hit her again. Her ass-cheeks reddened immediately from the brutal impact of the vicious blows. That turned the man on and he suddenly dipped his big head down. To Amy’s complete humiliation, he extended his thick tongue and stuck it into her sweet asshole. He ass-kissed and drilled his tongue into her.
Her virginal asshole clenched and clamped around the man’s evil tongue, and the dirty penetration made her gasp and even moan a little as he fucked his tongue in and out like a wet prick.

“Ohhh, nooooo. . ” Amy wailed as the tongue created sensations she didn’t want, feelings of sex and pleasure.

They didn’t last long. This guy wasn’t into pleasure, but pain. Just when she started to writhe and moan, he stopped tongue-fucking her asshole and whacked her ass with the hard paddle. Her ass-flesh bruised, reddened, then blistered. Then, just as she started to wail in pain, the sadistic bastard tongue-fucked her asshole again.
Amy thought she would lose the little sense she had left as the man confused her emotions totally. He created pain and he created intense pleasure, pleasure she neither wanted nor asked for. Pleasure that was sometimes more painful than anything.
His tongue drilled into her asshole and the tip of it reached depths that made her whole body jerk and jump violently.

“No!” she shrieked. “Please stop! Don’t! Ohhh, noo, don’t make me cummmm".

She whipped and jerked wildly with youthful orgasm as the man drove her to the brink of orgasmic bliss. Just when she was cumming wetly, gasping for breath, he cruelly whipped her ass with the paddle. He wanted her to cum, but not with pleasure, but with pain. So he whacked her ass again and again, making her cream against her will.

He left her writhing and moaning, while he walked across the room.
He returned with a whip, her eyes and mind swirling once again at what he would do with her.
He unhooked her from the wooden table, lifted her off and told her to kneel on the floor.

“Crawl, bitch!” he ordered.

“Come on. Show me what a proud little slut you are! Trot like a fucking horse! Move that ass!”

He loved watching her sweet little buns twitch from side to side. Such a teasing little ass, like all the little sluts her age.

She crawled on the floor for the man, afraid to disobey. She moved one knee, then the other. Her knee-caps cracked and hurt.
It hurt like hell to move. But it hurt even more when the man straddled her and sat on her body. She was his mare!

“Move it, bitch!” he snarled.

He forced her to ride him in a circle around the room. He stooped and picked up a whip, and used it on her naked ass to make her move faster. He dug his knees into her rib-cage and pressed his powerful thighs together to crush her.
The whip whistled and hissed through the air.
He was depraved, filthy, animalistic, and all for the sake of his cock-that ugly, swollen, growing hunk of wicked meat.

When his prick was enormous once again, dripping clear fluid, he stopped riding the girl. Amy looked horrified. He first decked her and rammed his powerful cock into her asshole. He fucked it in and out brutally until she cried out loudly.
He smacked her around for a minute, then smashed his fist into her pretty face. He got her weeping and sobbing, softening her up.
He stood over her, leering at her crumpled young body.

“Get up here and suck me off!” he snarled.

Too fearful to disobey, Amy staggered onto her knees and crept over to the man’s enormous hard-on. Sobbing pitifully, she opened her mouth and took his cock into her face.

“Jerk my cock while you suck! Play with my nuts! Suck harder! Suck faster!”

He grabbed her head as he had done the day before and to her horror, fucked her face as if she were an animal. He held her face in a vise-grip and fucked all of his cock down her throat. She gagged and choked and cried.

Still he wasn’t ready to cum. He yanked his cock out of her sucking young mouth. He knocked her down onto the floor and threw himself on her body. He fucked his stony prick into her tight little pussy and made her scream in pain.
After a dozen wild strokes of his big cock, he pulled out and knocked her over onto her tits and belly. Without ceremony, he pressed his wet prick to her ass and drilled all of his cock into her asshole. It ripped into her wrenching young body and that ripped a terrible scream from her throat. He stuffed his prick into her mouth and fucked her there. Then he screwed her cunt, then her asshole. He laughed and sweat profusely, wildly insane to rape and torture. His cock penetrated every fuck-hole he could ravish.
As he fucked her, he whipped his hands back and forth across her face, knocking her almost unconscious. His fists and his thick cock all but killed her. She was reduced to writhing, moaning masses of hot female flesh.

The height of his depravity came when he caught young Amy over one muscular arm and hefted her limp body up. He knelt between her quivering thighs and impaled her pussy with his cock.
He fucked his prick into her brutally, rapidly, until he clenched his teeth and howled like a wolf. His cock exploded in the depths of her twisting, humping cunt. He poured all his cum into her, gasping all the while.

When he was finished shooting his load into the girl’s body, he was finished with her for the week.
“Stand up bitch!”

She slowly lifted her battered body upward.

“Wh..what are you go…going to do with me?” she rasped weakly, unable to move too well.

He looked down at her, his chest breathing deeply.

“You are going to be here with me for a very long time my little slave, so get used to it. I have many things I still want to do with you, as the past 5 days were just the start of your extensive training.”

She listened carefully.

“ for wh..what?” she asked with a worried voice.

His wicked mind was racing with racy thoughts.

“To be my personal sex slave, not like all the others before you, but the best sex slave ever...who will obey my every matter what.”


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