Sunday, May 24, 2009

Death Modeling Agency

I had fun witing this one. I started it at work during my lunch period this week. hehe My boyfriend read this just now and he confirmed I am a sick lil bitch. lol My fantasies run deep, so be prepared to read some gross shit from me most of the time. I rarely write anything tame. Happy reading...

The day started out very well for Anna, an aspiring young model who had a love for what she did for a living. Her days of being a model starting when she was fifteen years old. She had seen the adds online for young teen models looking to make a career of modeling different styles of clothing from bikinis to evening gowns, to make extra cash for school or whatever else she wished to spend her money on.

Now eighteen and looking for some extra cash, she turns to her long time photographer, Ted, of the past three years for some advice on further things she could do to further her career in modeling. She had modeled every type of clothing style there was, but now she wanted to try some new things, like nudes for one. She knew it brought in much more money, but was she really ready to expose herself like never before? Would she have her current photographer help her out and do the nudes, or would she venture out to someone else? She would ask Ted in her next photo shoot.

Saturday morning came quickly, Anna ready for her next photo shoot with Ted down by the pier for a bikini shoot.

“Hi Anna, how was your week?” Ted asked this to her.

“My week was okay, how about yours?”

Ted looked over his long time hot model, “It was a good week Anna. I have a few different style bathing suits you may want to try today.” Anna looked them over, then thought of asking Ted about what she has thought about all week long, but decided to wait until later.

She slipped into the first bikini, a bright red two piece that fit her breasts snugly and the thong bottoms about showed her pussy to him. It was very small, and he knew it would be. “Kinda small on these wouldn’t you say Ted?”

He looked over at her as she appeared from behind the screen, “No matter what you think, you look hot and sexy in it Anna. Wow!”

Anna blushed a little at what he had said, being he had never said this to her directly before. “You think I look sexy?”

Ted’s cock quickly came alive as his eyes peered between her legs, “Oh yes, you are a sight for sore eyes. You will make the lenses melt for sure today.”

This further made Anna blush, knowing deep down inside of herself, that he wanted her. “You say that to all the models here don’t you Ted?”

If she only knew, “Oh no, only you can make that outfit shine like you do. None of the other models here have a body like yours and none know how to model like you either.”

Inside his evil mind, he wanted her and he wanted her badly. He had fantasized about her since first seeing her three years ago, and he knowing she was now fresh legal bait, instead of jail bait, he was going to show her off the only way he know how to, just so he could see more of her hot tanned body. He had spent years masturbating over her, but he wanted more of something for her too. He was going to ask her today if she wanted to try some new things as well, even if she refused him.

Lunch time rolled around as they were just finishing up the fifth bikini shoot. “Hey Anna, you want to grab some lunch before we start the next session?”

She was rather popped, “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

If she could read his thoughts she would read: ‘I want to eat your pussy for lunch hot stuff.’ “How about we drive down to Abe’s for a quick sandwich, then we can talk about some things I want to talk to you about afterwards.” She nodded a she went to change into her normal clothes.

As they rolled down the road Anna tested her nerve and decided to ask Ted about her future, “Ted, can I ask you something?”

Ted looks over at her, his eyes working up her sexy legs to her face, “sure, you can ask me anything.”

Nervously she said, “I’ve been thinking of furthering my career and wondered if you or someone you might know could do some nudes of me maybe.”

This got his attention fast, as he pulled the car over and stopped the car along side the road. “You want to do nudes? What kind?”

She looked directly into his eyes, “well, just some glamorous nudes, like showing my breasts some and things like that.” He pictured her young tits in his mind, just as he had done years before this. “You mean sexy and teasing nudes or full open nudes?”

She didn’t know the difference between the two, “something like that. Can you do them or would you even want to do them? If not, can you refer me to someone?”

Oh, he knew the answer to this one. “I can do them if you want. You have the perfect body for doing nudes.”

Again she blushed at his remark, “knock it off you.”

Oh, but he was not joking at all.

They both had lunch, then on the way back to the shoot, Ted decided to ask her a few other things, “Anna, I like you, I like you a lot actually. Having been your personal photographer for the last few years I feel I know you better than you think.”

Looking at him with a puzzled look, “what do you mean?”

He swallowed, “I think you desire something more than just doing nudes.”

Her face stayed puzzled on him, “desire something more, like what?”

He was not bashful or shy at all and just said what he was thinking, “I think you would be perfectly suited for doing some hardcore nudes, you know, doing some explicit pictures with a big cock maybe.”

Stunned at his statement, “what?” She had no idea he wanted this for her. She was downright disgusted by what he just said.

“You mean you don’t want to make thousands of dollars showing your hot body getting fucked or maybe even raped?”

Not realizing her surroundings, Ted had driven off the road and down a long narrow dirt road. “Ted, you are scaring me.”

He stopped the car swiftly, “good, I’m glad I’m scaring you because you need to be scared of what people can do to you and what they will do to you if you desire to get naked. You are just a hot little tease who wants to strip nude for me aren’t you?”

Backing away from him, she reaches to open her door, but it wont open. Ted moves closer to her, “I know what you want.” He grasped her small wrist in his massive hand and gave it a squeeze. “No one can see us babe. We are far off the road and in a place no one ever goes to.” Small tears appeared under her eyes, “you need a good fucking is what you need. You have teased me for years and I’m now ready to please you.” She fought at him lightly, him only overpowering her small framed body.

Ted leaned closer to his doomed model and kissed her cheek. “You want it just like all the others have wanted it, and you will get it my dear. I have waited three years to get you here. You wont be leaving either, unless you obey me you little tease.”

Fearing for her life now, Anna is forced out of the car and led deep into the woods with her evil photographer, his camera right in tow. “Move you sexy ass. Yes, twitch that ass at me tease.” Anna moved swiftly through the deep brush, him pushing her in the direction he wanted her to go. “Just think my dear, you are not the first to make this trek with me. Leslie, Kara, Pam, and now you have made this journey into my little world. They were fun too, just like you will be.”

Anna was so scared she about peed in her shorts as he talked to her like a pet on a leash. ‘Where was he taking me? Were the other models here too?’ Her mind was thinking of many things, but nothing of what she was about to do or become.

“Keep moving Anna, we are about there my dear.”

She moved as he said, “Ted, where are you taking me? Please don’t harm me. I trusted you.”

He moved swiftly to her side, “you trusted me a little too much my dear. I have lusted for you since I met you, so just know you are going to please me like a man should be pleased very soon.”

A clearing appeared before Anna, as Ted pushed her out of the woods and down a long path. “Almost home my dear.”

The word home stuck in her brain, not knowing what he meant by saying that.

A voice ahead of them blurts out, “Hey there Ted, what have you brought me today old friend?”

Looking ahead, “Hi Brad, I brought you a new model for your collection.” Ted stops Anna. “This here is Anna and she wants to do nudes, just like the others did.”

Looking her over, Brad seems pleased, “well now, she is a hot one Ted. Is this the one you have been telling me about the past couple of months?”

Ted nods, “yes this is her front and center. She is a hot little tease who likes to make a mans cock rise with lust.” Ted comes right behind Anna and puts his arms around her hips, unbuckles her belt, and lets her shorts fall to the ground. “She likes to be seduced and show off for older men, don’t you sweetheart?” As he said this, he slipped his hands into her panties and pulled them down, exposing her virgin body to a man for the first time. “Just let the panties work down your heavenly thighs tease.” Anna could do nothing but stand and let Ted molest her. “She has nice perky tits too.” Ted slides her shirt off, then unhooks her bra, letting it fall to the ground. “See, just look at these cute tits. I think they need a good sucking, wouldn’t you say Brad?”

Brad wanted some of Anna, and he wanted her now. He walks in front of her and they both squeeze Anna between there bodies. “Yes, her nips feel great,” squeezing her roughly with his fingers. “Reach down and unzip me tease.” Brad orders Anna, “that’s it, now reach inside and pull my cock out.” Her small hand reaches inside his shorts, then she feels his warm rod. “Yes, that’s it. Now pull it out and stroke it in your hand baby.” Brad was loving this, “Mmm, your hand feels good on my snake. Are you a virgin tease?” Anna nods at him, “is your mouth virgin too? You ever sucked a cock tease?”

She opened her mouth to speak, “I’m a virgin and I have never….never sucked a cock. Please don‘t make me do this sir.”

Ted leans over and whispers to her, “you are in for a treat my dear.”

Ted moves back a little, her hand letting loose of his rigid cock, “let’s take her inside for some fun.” Anna is pushed by Ted toward the wood cabin, just out of view from them.

“Leave her clothing as she wont be needing them any longer,” Ted says to Brad. Anna is led into the cabin and taken into the back room. Both are now fully nude, both cocks twitching before her, both dripping clear fluid for her, and both wanting to get inside all her holes.

“Sit on the bed baby.” Brad says this to her. “Before we get started here, first you will sign this modeling contract Anna.”

She looks up at both of them, “what?”

Brad looks down on her, “either you sign it, or I will break your fucking fingers, got it?”

Scared again and not being able to read the paper before her, she signs it hesitantly. “What have I signed?”

Ted chuckled at her, “you my dear are now signed to the DMA. A special modeling agency for girls like you. You will most definitely be doing nudes, a lot of them actually. You have no choice put to comply being you have signed away your life to us. Gag her Brad.”

Anna looks over quickly but it’s too late, as a special gag is inserted in her mouth, “please…, ” she begs before being silenced, one that will allow them to face fuck her when they want, all the while keeping her quiet.

“Welcome to DMA, Anna. DMA stands for Death Modeling Agency my dear, which means one thing and one thing only Anna, you will die here and you will die while modeling for us.” Her eyes bugged outward hearing this, “and you will be doing every kind of kinky sex act we can think of, while the shutters and lenses click away, recording your every act for all the kinky online fantasy dwellers who love watching a girl get raped live and in person.” Brad’s smile gleamed down at her, her thoughts now glazed over with the word ‘rape.’

“Yes Anna, I have waited very patiently to finally get my cock in your little holes. You wont be a virgin much longer, so enjoy your virginity while it lasts.” Ted’s cock was now at full attention, him pointing it toward her mouth. “You will suck me off now my little tease. I have wanted to cum down your throat for too long now.” Ted guides his cock inside her mouth and lets it lay on her tongue. “Lick it. Lick the head tease and lick it tastefully too.”

Brad has now cuffed her ankles together and is now putting handcuffs on her wrists. “Now she can’t do shit. Let’s rape this tease.”

Ted pulls Anna toward the floor as Brad gets on the bed. Brad pulls Anna up onto him, his cock pointed directly at her virgin slit, “that’s it baby, let my cock slide into your snug hole of lust. Time to deflower another virgin tease today.”

Anna grunted and groaned deeply as Brad’s huge ten inch cock sank into her love hole, him forcing it deep into her, deflowering her quickly, taking her most desired gift from her in one swift action, until his whole cock was buried to his balls in her stretched pussy. The camera lenses were focused right on her pussy and the cameras clicked away as the slow rape of Anna began. The online audience was getting yet another eyeful, a site which charged over one hundred dollars a week, but it was worth it once you got to witness a live rape, this one being a live virgin rape. The server went into hyper drive as it filled with patrons, each stroking there own cocks watching Anna get pounded.

Ted wasted no time, as he sank his cock into her young mouth, passing her tongue, the head of his cock hitting the back of her mouth, the eye of his cock looking downward into the dark hole of her throat. He wanted to feel his cock in her throat as he fucked her, something he had masturbated over many times before. Gurgling noises escaped Anna’s mouth as Ted’s twelve inch super cock slid down her tunnel, her mouth engulfed with cock meat, her eyes watered over, snot coming from her nose as he let his entire rape stick sink entirely into her awaiting gullet of pleasure for him. Ted felt her throat with his hand and he could feel his cock working in her throat. Anna fought feverishly to get him free of her air passage, but all it did was pleasure Ted further, her throat muscles squeezing him like a hand grip. “Take it bitch.” Ted yelled at her as he began fucking his cock in and out of her throat, making her take every inch of him in a slow rythmetic passion of severe rape.

Anna’s mind whirled with thoughts, none of which that made sense to her. Not being able to breathe normally, and having a cock driving in her sore pussy, didn’t help either. Her face began to change color now, her being depraved of air, more air being forced out of her nose from the pounding meat in her pussy. Finally, Ted pulled his saliva covered cock from her mouth and as she took a huge breath, he plunged his cock back into her wet throat and continued his assault on her. “You are going to drink me tease. Yes, I know you have wanted to suck me off, now I get to make you take all my seed in you. I’m going to cum all down your throat until your drown in it bitch.” Gurgling noises was all Anna could let out.

Brad had his huge hands on her hips, grinding his cock faster and deeper into her now reddened pussy, it swelling with each thrust. “Damn she is tight man, but she sure knows how to please me though.”

Anna’s eyes had about bugged out completely, her cheeks pushed outward, her mouth opened as far as it would stretch, begging to let her breathe. She is no longer struggling like she was, as the cock works it’s way deep into her throat, sliding in and out feverishly, sucking the life from her slowly, a way that only Ted knew how to do, being he did the same to the other models before Anna.

Ted grabs his camera from the table next to him, points it downward to Anna’s face and clicks away, taking pictures of her shame and slow death. “Nice shots these are Anna, your best ones yet.” She could do nothing but look at him with her teary sad eyes, his cock all the way into her throat now. “Yes my love, I feel you want my cum, don’t you?”

Brad was going to town driving his piston in and out of her burning hot pussy. “Don’t kill her yet, I want to do her ass man.”

Ted looks down at Brad, “Once she drowns in my cum, we can fuck her tight little ass once she has died. I plan on fucking her dead ass for hours until we grow tired of her, then we can dispose of her like the rest of the others.”

Brad seemed happy about that, “sounds good to me. I had a good time fucking that other dead model here yesterday, what was her name, Kara? She was a great fuck and made me cum like never before. I’m sure this one will do the same too.”

Anna couldn’t believe she was hearing this about her friends and herself. She now knew she was going to die at the hands of these two animals. They were going to kill her sexually, a thought that made her cry inside, as she could nothing about it, but accept her fate.

Ted was looking right into Anna’s eyes, now with a video camera pointing down at her face, “time to die bitch. Smile for the folks online as they watch you die with my cum traveling down into your belly.” His balls began to quiver, then he erupted into her throat. She could feel his strong splashes of cum being shot down into her gullet, squirt after squirt filled her young throat, his cock never leaving her throat. “Yes, take it slut. Take all my cum into your throat. Feel it rushing down into your tummy?” Anna was begging for air with her eyes, pleading for him to pull his cock out of her mouth so she could get some air, none of which that happened. Ted kept thrusting into her throat, draining his cock of all his cum, her eyes now bloodshot. “She is close to passing out man, fill her pussy with cum before she goes.”

Brad thrusted harder into Anna, lifting her body upward with each force of his cock, “come on bitch, make me cum in you. I know you want to feel cum spraying in you for the first time. All girls love that feeling. Fuck me bitch!” Anna’s body began to jerk, darkness quickly covering her eyes, her death soon upon her.

Ted’s cock was still buried in her, as he wanted her to die with it in her throat. It turned him on seeing girls die like this. She wasn’t his first from the experience and she wouldn’t be the last either. “Do her Brad, she is close to passing out. Once she passes out, I’ll pull out and stuff this rag down into her throat. We will have twenty minutes with her warm body before her brain dies, so shoot her full dude.”
Brad was close and hearing the words that Ted had just said, sent him over the edge, “here it comes bitch!” Anna was barely alive, but she could feel his cock in her pussy still and she felt his cum begin to shoot into her now too. “Feel it bitch? Oh fuck yeah bitch, you feel it filling your pussy?” Brad pounded his cock up into her, draining his cock of his rape seed. Anna felt every drop too, a feeling she had never felt and would never feel again. Anna’s eyes closed.

“She’s out, time to get her ready for an anal pounding.” Ted was so ready for this as he said that to Ted. He pulled his cum covered cock from Anna’s throat and quickly stuffed the rag next to them into her throat, pushing it in deeply. Brad pulled out from under her and Anna just fell over onto her side. She was still alive, but just barely.

Brad felt for a pulse, and it was barely beating. “She’s almost dead man.” He picks her up and lays her down on her stomach, puts a couple pillows under her, spreads her legs and readies her for there next session. “She sure looks good, don’t she Ted?”

Ted was staring at her little brown hole, “that there is what I want. I know that will be one tight hole.” Ted gets up on the bed and lays on top of Anna, positions his cock, then rams his cock up into her shit hole. “Oh fuck yeah, what a warm delight this is.” Anna is motionless as his cock pounds away at her ass. Ted is squeezing and pulling on her still warm nipples, about pulling them off as he raped her ass. “I’ve waited years for this dude. It has been worth it too.”

By the time Ted was finished with his ass rape and cumming inside of Anna, she died sometime in between that time. “Now that was a great fuck. Much better than that Kara chick was.”

Ted propped her dead body into a sitting position, “damn, she is even sexy when she is blue and dead.” He chuckled as he said this, “let’s get her ready for the photo shoot. I’m sure our fans online want to witness another disposal.”

Brad sat down on the bed next to Anna, grabbed her lifeless tits and gave them a big squeeze. “I’m ready to keep these little nips. Bring me that knife on the table Ted.” Ted handed the knife to Brad, “time to lose your titties little tease. She did have some nice erect ones, didn’t she bro?”

“Yes she did. They were always sticking out during the photo shoots. She loved showing them off too.” Ted was now laughing at her, while Brad began to slice her nips off. “While I’m at it, do you want her clit Ted?”

“Sure, cut it off, then roll her back on her belly. I want to fuck her cold dead ass a couple more times before we take her to the dump. Make sure we get some close ups of you cutting her clit off too.”

Brad finished his surgical removal of Anna’s nips, then positioned the camera into her vagina, which was still dripping some of his cum. “You want just her clit or do you want the whole pussy?”

Ted looked down, “just give me the whole pussy so I can play with it and fuck it in my alone time.”

Brad sliced her pussy out and laid it on the table. “I’ll put it in this fluid here, it will keep it fresh for you.”

“Awesome man, time to fuck some dead ass.” Ted rolls Anna over and proceeds to fuck her ass for a few more hours.

Later that night…

“How many more models do you have Ted?”

“Ten more. Four will be eighteen soon, then they are ours. Our next model will be Tammy. After five years with her, I’m eager to have her sign onto the DMA, so I can fuck her tight body. She teases me way too much, something she will pay for dearly, very soon. She will be eighteen in two weeks.”

Brad looks over at Ted, “Tammy huh? Is that the girl I saw you with three weeks ago down on the beach?”

Finishing his final rape of Anna’s ass, “yes, that’s the one. Hot huh?”

“Yes, very much. She has big tits too, something I want for my collection.”

Ted laughed at that, “you do like the big ones. How many pairs of nips do you have now?”

Brad thought for a few seconds, “I think I have twenty two pair now. Big nips, small nips, some still erect, most soft though. Shit man, I suck on them all the time too, just like you when you fuck there dead pussies. I love sucking on them, teasing them, biting them, pretending they are still alive and wanting me to torture them. Sick fucker ain‘t I?”

Again Ted chuckles, “no sicker than I am bro. We are some sick and perverted mother fuckers for sure, something I’m proud to be.”

Ted lifts Anna’s corpse up, lays her down on the ground, takes a few more shots of her with his camera, “time to get her wrapped up. I’ll get her ready if you want to go get the tie wraps.”

Brads proceeds to getting the wraps while Ted places Anna in a black plastic bag. They both make sure she is secure in the bag, then Ted lifts her onto his shoulder and takes her out and lays her down on the ground in front of the cabin. “You coming along Brad, or staying here? I need to get her to the dump tonight.”

“I think I’ll stay here and play with these fresh nips tonight, then I’ll join you later so we can go through the pictures we took.”

“Okay Brad, see you later then.” Ted lifts Anna back onto his shoulders and walks through the woods toward his car.

Brad watches as Ted is out of sight, then goes back inside the cabin, “yes my sweet little Anna, your nips and I will be having a good time tonight.”

The End


Anonymous said...

filthy and hot. just the way i like stories like this. more if you got'em.

CJ said...

Can I guess how you came up with this story? Damn, this is an interesting one you have this time.

lickalicka said...

The ending is not what I expected. Still it's a good story ho.

lustyho said...

"filthy and hot. just the way i like stories like this."

I'm happy you like them. Thanks

"Can I guess how you came up with this story?"

Your place gave me the idea. hehe

"The ending is not what I expected."

What were you expecting? More blood? hehe

Thanks for the comments. :)

waylon said...

that is hot...this dirty, sensual,erotic story has me dying to get home so I can double team my neighbor with my wife....any ladies want to join?