Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cellar Part 3

Warning! Extreme Violence!

This story is fictional and completely made up in my sadistic mind. I, in no way depict anyone I know in this story. It’s fantasy….

The Cellar

Part 3

Day 2

Wanting more of his little sex kitten, Paul heads down to the cellar to his little vixen, for more sexual activities and training.

He climbed onto the big table between Amy’s trembling young legs. He leered at the frightened girl as her wide eyes peered at his swollen cock dangling over her belly.
He chuckled lewdly and climbed up her body until he was sitting on her aching young tits. His prick-head bobbed wetly over her nose and mouth. He reached behind her head and untied the leather strip. Then he yanked her panties out of her mouth and tossed them away.
“No!” Amy screeched, staring at his cock. “Please! It’s too big!”
He laughed and pressed his prick head between her soft, young lips. Amy gagged immediately because she had never sucked a cock.
He pushed inches of his thick cock into her mouth and the girl writhed and jerked on the table as he fucked her throat. Her screams were muffled by his thick cock. Her jaws ached terribly as he held her head and fucked his prick into her face. He gave Amy’s throat a few terrifying jabs, making her choke and gag. He knew he was really hurting the teenager’s young mouth but that made the cock sucking all that much more enjoyable.

He gripped Amy’s small head between his huge hands and yanked upward as he fucked his prick into her mouth. His cock-head rammed her throat so hard that she thought he was going to choke her to death. His bloated cock pounded into her sexy mouth. He filled her oral cavity easily with all that hot meat and he loved the feeling. His cock throbbed with lust and evil desire.
He grinned lewdly at her and grabbed her head again. He pushed his wet prick into her mouth and fucked it in and out several times. He pulled it out to speak.
“You ever swallowed cum before? Huh? Have you?”
“N-no,” Amy stammered weakly.
That pleased him. He bared his teeth in a frightening grin and pressed his hands so hard against her face that she cried out.

“Welcome to your first mouthful of cum, baby,” he laughed.

Holding her head still, he pushed his hips forward and stuck his prick between her helpless lips. Amy sobbed and her tears fell as he fucked her small mouth brutally. He rammed his cock into her throat and she choked on it. But he didn’t care.
His heavy ass cheeks mauled the hell out of her tender young tits and his hairy nuts slapped her chin as he fucked her pretty face. Pain upon pain shot through her tits and head and mouth as the wild cock-sucking went on and on and on.
“Uh! Uhnnn! God damn!” he grunted and groaned. “Suck it, baby! Suck! Suck! Ahhh, suck my cock, you little bitch! Suck it! Suck my cock! Unnnhhhh.”

A moment later, a strange grunting sound escaped his constricted throat and he reached behind himself with one frantic - hand. He grabbed at Amy’s thrusting, heaving young tits and mauled them, catching her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twisted each of them until the girl jerked with pain.
He pinched and mutilated her tits and nipples as he fucked her tight young mouth. His balls tightened up against the base of his cock. He fucked faster and harder. Amy gasped and choked and her whole body was racked with pain, and she knew he was going to shoot. He was going to rape her mouth just as he had raped her pussy.
“Drink it, you little cock sucker!” he suddenly howled.
Amy felt the man’s enormous cock bulge bigger in her tight young mouth. Then it jerked suddenly. Her eyes flew wide open, as a violent spurt of thick cum shot out of his piss hole. She gulped in self-defense, to keep from choking on the glob of goo.
The man’s pumping cock jerked again and again as he chuckled and laughed. Amy gulped and gulped as even larger globs of cum attacked her throat. Her nostrils flared as she gasped for breath. But there was no time to catch her breath. The giant prick spit savagely into her sucking young mouth repeatedly.
“Suck me off, slave!” the man growled angrily, fucking his cock into her helpless mouth. “Eat me! Suck me off! Drink my cum! Come on, bitch, suck! Eat it!”
His hot nuts produced plenty of cum for her. They tightened up and forced spurt after spurt of hot cum through his long snake. His piss hole stretched open in Amy’s mouth and vomited great wads of cum. The hot cum slithered down her gulping throat into her belly.
She felt sick as the jizz filled her young belly. She had never drunk cum before and it was vile and disgusting and she shuddered in revulsion. Hatred burned in her young heart as the big cock defiled her mouth the way it had defiled her virgin pussy.
The man shivered with his last spasm of lust. He fucked the last of his cum into her sore mouth. The final supply was too much for her inexperienced throat. Cum seeped from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her cheeks. Her captor laughed with pleasure as he pulled his spent cock out of her juicy young mouth.
“You look real pretty that way, bitch,” he said thickly, his eyes hot on her face. “Very becumming.” He climbed off the table laughing heartily at his own erotic joke.
He stood naked in the middle of the room with his cock dripping cum and Amy’s saliva and he laughed at her, as she cursed at him.

The anger, degradation and humiliation didn’t affect him in the least. He went to the small table in the corner of the room. With his back to her, he calmly lit himself a cigarette. He turned and blew smoke in the air, his hard, cold eyes staring at Amy.
He stepped across the floor to Amy. He stood at her side and eyed her cute, naked cunt. Amy held her breath, afraid of him. Her tits rose and fell unevenly with her labored breathing. What was he staring at her pussy for?
He took two more puffs of his cigarette, just admiring the girl’s sweet young cunt. But then he extended his arm over her pubic area and flicked the cigarette. The ash dropped to her pussy.
“Ow!” Amy blurted. Her hips jerked and she twisted her cunt. Paul laughed.
He puffed the cigarette again until it produced another good sized ash. This, too, he flicked down onto Amy’s naked flesh. She tried to move her pussy away from the falling ash, but she was too late. She yelped again as the ash burned her.
He leaned one elbow on the table between her outstretched thighs. Amy stared down between her thrusting tits to see him wave the cigarette just above her cunt.
“Wh…what are you going to do?” she gasped.
He chuckled and said, “Looks like my knife didn’t get all the hair off.”
“No, no, no!” Amy cried.
He bent over and put his face close to her hip to watch as he carefully singed the hairs off of her pubic area. He touched a blonde hair with, the lit end of the cigarette and watched it burn all the way down to her tender pussy. Amy screamed when the lit end of the cigarette touched her skin. The heat from it was enough to fill her with fear.
He burned another little hair, then another. She shrieked as the heat and the ash burned her flesh again and again. It was his pleasure to watch Amy’s pink pussy squirm and jerk and hump in its efforts to escape the torture.
He laughed and chuckled and drooled from the mouth as he went on with his perverted pleasure. He didn’t stop until every hair was burned off the girl’s smooth pubic area. Then her pussy was really shaved, completely of hair. He liked it this way-all soft and pink and fresh.

When Amy least expected it, he dipped his head and suddenly licked his thick tongue all over her cunt. She jumped and her cute little ass bounced on the table. He chuckled and shafted his thick tongue into her hot little pussy hole, making Amy swoon.
Pleasure she didn’t want rippled through her body as the wicked tongue ravished her pussy. Her clit erected against her will and tingled like crazy. She gasped and moaned when she felt like she would have to cum.
But she didn’t get to enjoy even an unwilling orgasm. The slave master stopped licking her cunt as suddenly as he had started, again making her catch her breath.
She opened her eyes and stared down at him, wondering what he was up to. She could see his big head, the fiery eyes, the evil glances. But what was he doing with his hand between her thighs?
Then she felt something small and soft separate her pussy-lips. For a moment she didn’t understand. Then she screamed.
“No! Oh, please! Don’t!”
The man continued with his little operation. He inserted the cigarette butt in her pussy-hole, all the way down to the lit end. Amy shrieked when she felt the heat of the cigarette around her pussy lips and clit. Then her screams filled the room as the man waited patiently for the cigarette to burn down.
There was only an inch of cigarette left now, and the burning end quickly reached Amy’s cunt flesh. The man moved and stood at her feet. He crossed his muscular arms across his broad chest and simply watched the action. The action was poor Amy, screaming and writhing, trying to get the cigarette out of her endangered pussy. The man stood and laughed with pleasure as he watched the smoking end of the butt burn the girl’s twitching, writhing young cunt.
His eyes got as fiery as the cigarette end. He was looking forward to the moment when the ashes would drop and the red tip of the butt would burn hotly into the girl’s clit and cunt lips. To his disappointment, that didn’t happen.
Amy cried out and jerked her ass so hard on the table that her last twist made the cigarette butt sink into her pussy-hole. For a moment she knew intense burning pain, but all of a sudden there was a sizzling sound as her pussy juice put the cigarette out.
“Well, I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch!” the man roared with laughter.
“Your fucking cunt’s so wet it put it out!”
He leaned over the end of the table and took a closer look at what had happened. He touched her cunt-lips with his fingertips and examined how her juicy cunt had extinguished the butt. He laughed again as he pulled the remains of the cigarette out of her squirmy pussy.
“Damndest thing I ever saw,” he murmured.
He turned and went up the steps, leaving behind his depraved victim, not to be seen until the following day.

End of Part 3

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