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Sick and Twisted Minds 7

Hello to all my evil fantasy lovers! Here is the latest part to my ever continuing story. I love writing this one. This part doesn't have much gore in it, just a lot of hot sex mainly. Don't worry, the next part will most likely have some gore for the ones who like this stuff like me. I have not written any of it yet, as I'm just starting to write two others, but do know this, I will keep this story going on a weekly basis no matter how much extra time it takes. Happy reading!

Part 7

Karlie had her little slave Kim wide open and ready for abuse. Karlie was not satisfied with her new trainee so far, and it was still only in the first hour of her twenty four hour time limit, to get Kim to the stages where she was begging for sex. For most young girls Kim’s age it took a little under a day to get them trained properly, and others it took much longer, which meant passing them off to other more evil people who knew how to make a girl submit to them.

“Being you have been a hard case so far, I’m going to teach you who the boss is here my little bitch. This will make you answer me promptly in the future.” Karlie reared back with her special weapon of choice, that being her three foot bamboo cane. Kim watched in horror as Karlie raised the cane and brought it down harshly, slamming it directly on her exposed virgin pussy lips. Before Kim could respond, Karlie smacked her lips again. The pain was unbearable to Kim. She was unable to scream, but Karlie could hear her groaning into the gag and the tears flowing from Kim’s eyes, to know she felt the punishment.

“Being you seem to enjoy me whipping your sex spots, I’m going to give you five more on your lovely pussy and five on each nipple.” Kim was horrified now.

Karlie wasted no time, as she smacked the cane into Kim’s already burning slit, then again, and again, and again. She let the pain burn into Kim, making her absorb the painful ripples now ripping through her young body. “One more to go, and being this is the last one for now on your sweet little puss, you will feel this one my dear. You will feel it like no other time before this.” Karlie stretched Kim’s legs apart as far as they would go, then stepped back, and flung the cane as hard as she could, which landed directly on the spot Karlie was eyeing. Kim’s pussy was glowing red as this last one left a long red mark across her lips, and the look alone told Karlie that Kim was near passing out from the pain.

“Now, now it’s time to burn some nips.”

Kim looked down at her own erect nipples, whimpering and fearing the worst as she watched the cane come smacking across her right breasts the cane landing directly into onto her tender nipple. The blow left Kim in a distant state of agony as she watched Karlie rear back and swat her again, this one leaving a deep gash of redness across her small left breast.

“You will do as I say from now on?” Karlie looked down at Kim, waving the cane above her as she asked Kim questions. Kim could only nod in agreeance.

Not satisfied, Karlie smacked her right nipple with more force this time. “are you sure?” Again, Kim nodded.

“You don’t seem to realize the position you are in my sweet little slavegirl. You are mine to do what I wish to you, did you know this? If I want, I can torture you all I want, subject you to every kinky thing I can think of, and you can do nothing about it.” With that said, Karlie slaps her left nipple, sending more stinging pains thrown Kim.

“You will submit to me little one, or so help me, I will put blisters all over your body. My cane here will teach you to obey me, or it will become your worst nightmare, do you understand this?” Kim again nodded as Karlie stared at her reddened pert nipples. Karlie’s eyes never left her nipples as she readied herself to smack them more. Kim’s eyes were going back and forth from her nips to the cane, waiting in anticipation for the next whack of the cane, never knowing when the next strike would come.

“I’m going to release your legs and you better obey my commands, or this cane will become part of your skin permanently, do you understand me slut?” Kim nodded as Karlie unbuckled her ankles from the table. Karlie reached down and released Kim, then moved back up to Kim’s side. Kim stretched out her legs slightly as Karlie watched her.

“Did I say you could stretch?” Kim quickly moved her legs back to the position they were in. For that motion, Karlie swatted each of Kim’s nipples, further sending waves of pain through Kim. “You only move when I say you can move, got it!?” Karlie yelled this into Kim’s face, Kim quickly nodding her head up and down, begging with her facial expression and her eyes, not to be punished any further.

“Move your sexy high heeled legs as close as you can together and pull them upward to your chest.” Kim did as she was told in one quick motion. “Very good, now put the heel of your sexy shoes on the table and spread your legs as far as they will go.” Kim did exactly as she was told, or atleast the best she understand the command. Karlie reminded Kim she was too slow, with another whack of the cane into her right nipple, then another whack of the cane into her left nipple. “Faster next time, got it?” Kim nodded yes.

“Now my little red titted slut, left your ass up off the table and hold that position. If you even touch the table with your ass, I will beat your sweet pussy, now get your ass up!” Kim pushed the weight of her body onto her heels and lifted her ass up, leaving a good eight inches of clearance between her ass cheeks and the table. Karlie knew the girl could only hold the position for a short time, as she was going to have fun with Kim for awhile just to see what she could handle mentally and physically.

Kim struggled to hold the position, her legs wide open, her small slit slightly open, as she strained against the heels to keep herself from touching the table. It was not an easy task for Kim, being she had never been in a position like this before. Karlie walked over and stood between Kim’s legs, licking her luscious lips as she looked over Kim’s exposed sweet spots. “Spread your legs wider and keep your ass up baby girl. Don’t disappoint me now.” Karlie leans down and kisses the girls inner thighs, which in return sends pleasure sensations up to Kim’s brain. “Wider.” Kim widens her legs as far as they will go without falling off the table, exposing herself further to Karlie. “Yes, left your ass up higher.” Kim struggles to move herself any further upward, straining herself against her ankles and elbows. Karlie runs her tongue over the girls flesh, from her inner thighs to her ass cheeks, licking and kissing the skin with small loving kisses.

Kim is beginning to tremble as she can’t hold the position Karlie has her in much longer. She knows she will be punished if she touches the table. She knows the punishment will be great too, but her muscles are tightening and causing her much discomfort. Kim fights at keeping herself lifted for Karlie, but to no prevail, as her ass cheeks slowly get closer to the table, each passing minute.

Kim grunts and groans into her gag as she fights against her own self. She has failed, and she knows it, as her ass cheeks touch the table just enough to alert Karlie. “I told you to keep your ass up, but you didn’t listen did you?” Karlie moved back to the side of Kim, “lower yourself fully and keep them legs spread my little disobedient slut.” Kim felt the agony once again, as the cane came out of nowhere and slammed into her right breast, then another stinging pain into her left breast. “You must like red streaks across your white breasts slut, so the more you disobey me, the redder they will get.”

Karlie steps back between Kim’s widened legs, lowers her head and slowly runs her tongue over Kim’s pink slit. “Mmm, you do taste good baby. I’m going to enjoy making love to you, with you begging me to fuck you the whole time. You will become the best submissive slut here, or you will regret ever being born my sweet little one.” Karlie licks up and down, and between the lips of the sweet pussy, slowly twirling her tongue between the folds, knowing she is making Kim feel good. “Does that feel good baby?” Kim nods slowly. “Do you want me to continue?” Kim nods again. The act didn’t disgust Kim at all, as the feeling between her legs did feel good to her, or atleast right now it did.


Mark has his old flame on the bed under him, Julie gagged and helpless to her one time boyfriend of the past, his cock firmly buried in her ass, pounding his large hips into her, making her take every inch of his monster cock deep into her shitter. He knew she never would allow him to fuck her ass when they dated, and now he had her in his grasp for life, raping her small anal passage with a savage thrust of evilness.

“Take it you fucking whore! I know you want it, just like all girls like you want it up there butt.” All Julie could do was groan with each thrust of his cock, “I know you used to play with your asshole when you were alone, as I watched you many times. All girls want it in the ass. All girls like you play with there ass.” Julie was disgusted and ashamed now, knowing he had been spying on her, watching her masturbate, watching her insert small objects in her butt, and watching her cum while she pretended having a man fuck her ass while she fingered her pussy. It was something she did a lot, which was fantasize. “I watched you put the cucumber in your ass baby. I knew you wanted it, so now you are going to get it just like you want it.” Mark was plunging his cock in and out, whispering his dirty thoughts into her ear, telling her all about his watching sessions of her from the small camera in her room, one he installed to watch his lusty ex get off. “I’m going to fuck your ass all night baby. You and I will become lovers again my love. I will have you begging me to fuck your ass every time you see me. You will regret breaking up with me.” Mark feverishly fucked his cork in and out of Julie’s ass, now holding onto her hips and pushing deeper with each thrust.

The night never seemed to end for innocent Julie, as her night of anal rape only got worse once Jake and Sam joined the party. Three full grown men, each with enormous cocks, fucking her over and over, hour after hour, and all in her butt too. Her ass was so full of cum by morning, that when she moved just an inch on the bed, her ass would make squishing sounds. It would be a night she would never forget, the worst being when Mark and Jake fucked her ass at the same time, both double penetrating her wide open ass, stretching her asshole to its limit, dumping huge wads of cum down into her bowels, her cries into her gag only making them hornier.


Karlie unshackled Kim from the table, releasing her numbing arms from the binds. “Stand up.” Kim stood up on the high heels, trying to keep her balance while doing so. “Get used to them heels babe, cause you will always be wearing them. They are apart of you now. Nine inch platform heels look very good on you, so get used to them. You will do everything in them. You will even bathe in them.” Kim stood perfectly erect as Karlie spoke to her. “Now walk across the room and swing your ass like a sexy girl does.” Kim took a step forward, then another, losing her balance a couple times as she proceeded to walk across the room on them.

“Swing your sexy ass babe.” A quick smack on Kim’s ass with the cane made her walk more sexily to Karlie’s liking. “That’s better, now walk back to me.” Kim turned and walked back across the room, swinging her hips and shaking her ass the only way she knew how to. “Practice is all you need babe, so keep walking back and forth. Just pretend you are a model on a runway.” Back and forth Kim walked, her cute small buns swaying to each step she took.

Three hours had passed since first getting Kim, Karlie now way ahead of schedule of the girls twenty four hour training period. Karlie knew cameras were watching what she was doing and she thought someone was always watching, but no one was watching her at the time, as all three leaders were quite busy with Julie. They did record everything from all rooms, so nothing would be missed while they went and played.

Karlie kept her eyes on Kim’s sweet ass cheeks the whole time she walked back and forth, now wanting some action herself. “Stop.” Kim stopped in the middle of the room. Karlie walked over to the cabinet and grabbed item ten from the hook on the door inside the cabinet and walked back over to Kim. She handed Kim the item and told her to put it on. Kim looked at the item in her hand, not knowing exactly what it was at first, but the more she looked at it and the way it attached to her, she soon learned what it was and what it was for. “Strap it on babe and make sure the buckles are tightly fastened.” Kim looped the straps in place around each of her thighs, then stood up straight again. Karlie looked down at Kim’s new toy, a ten inch strap on dong, which swayed up and down, side to side in front of Kim.

“You look good with a cock baby.” Karlie gets up close to Kim, feeling the shaft now attached to Kim as she kisses Kim softly on her red ball gag. “You are going to please me now baby, as you are going to fuck me.” Kim’s eyes widened at hearing that statement. She had never been fucked herself, and now this woman before her wanted her to fuck her? Kim lost her thoughts for a second as she pictured herself fucking this woman like a man. “Follow me my dearest.” Karlie led Kim over to the table, then Karlie climbed onto the table, laid on her back, moved herself downward to the end of the table and spread her legs. “Come here and get between my legs.” Kim walks up between Karlie’s legs, her new toy bobbing up and down as she walks. “Shove your new cock in my pussy and fuck me slut.” Kim looked down at Karlie’s smooth pussy, pushed the dong forward, the long rubber dong opening her love hole as it slowly was sucked inward. “Push it all the way in now.” Kim took a step forward on her heels and pushed the entire thing into Karlie’s cunt. “Yes, that’s it, now fuck me. Move your hips back and forth and fuck me damnit.”

If Kim could speak she would be speechless, her eyes totally glued on the action before her, herself about to fuck a girl, something she never thought of in her eighteen years of life. “C’mon, fuck your Princess. Fuck me!” Kim moved her ass backward dragging the rubber cock from within the pussy, then pushed forward sinking the cock back in. “That’s it fuck bunny, fuck me.” Kim repeated the steps, but not to Karlie’s liking. A quick swat of the cane on Kim’s left shoulder got her attention, “Faster fuck bunny. Fuck your lover faster and deeper, got it?” Kim nodded as she quickened her pace. “Shove it in me, make me see you that you love fucking me.” Kim did as she was told, never seeing a pussy this close before as it was getting fucked. She knew deep down inside herself, that she would be where Karlie is getting fucked for the first time herself in time. It was not something she was looking forward to, as she wanted to keep her virginity much longer. “With your right hand, rub the top of my pussy fuck bunny. Get me off! I’m going to teach you how to please a woman. I will teach you to get a woman off the proper way, now move them sexy hips of yours and fuck me.” The pace quickened as Karlie swatted Kim on the shoulder again with the cane, “Faster. Fuck me faster and rub me harder fuck bunny. That is your new name from now on, got it?” Kim nodded as she fucked and fucked the dong in and out, pleasing Karlie at the pace she was ramming her with.

The rubber cock began to glisten as it sank in and was pulled outward. “Stop for a minute fuck bunny and lean down to me.” Kim leaned down and Karlie took the gag off of her. “Continue fucking and rubbing me. No more nodding either. You will address me properly, or you will be punished?” Kim looked up to Karlie, “Yes, Princess, this fuck bunny understands.” Karlie smiled as Kim spoke. “You are so sexy when you say that, say your name again to me.” Kim was ashamed of the name but had to accept it, “Fuck Bunny.” Karlie again smiled at Kim and licked her lips at her.


Julie was sitting on her bed, exhausted from the night of rape. Jake and Sam had left the room, each going there own separate ways. Mark sat across from Julie, “look at me.” Julie looked up at Mark with her lost eyes, her mouth still gagged. “Did you enjoy my cock in your ass?” Julie just looked at him saying nothing. Mark suddenly slaps her face. Julie falls over on her side from the force of his slap, then lifts herself back up. “I will ask you one last time. Did you enjoy my cock in your ass?” Julie looked him straight in the face and nodded slowly. She had to nod yes, as she knew he would cause her further harm if she didn’t. “Then you will tell me if your own voice then.” Mark unbuckled the straps holding the gag in her mouth, “tell me then. Tell me with your sweet sexy voice you loved having my big cock in your ass.” Julie opened her sore mouth slowly, “I l..loved having you b..big c.cock in my ass sir.” Mark was somewhat satisfied with her answer, “I bet you fantasized me fucking you in your ass didn’t you?” Julie nodded, “yes sir.” Mark grinned at her, “I knew it. All girls like it in the ass and you have proved it now, even if you did deny me of your sweet ass for over a year. If you would have allowed me to fuck your tight ass back then, you would most likely not be here right now.” Julie was motionless hearing this, “but being the stuck up chick you became, I knew once you denied me your butt, that you would be here one day telling me you like it and that you want it. Do you want my cock in your ass?” Julie had no answer, as she didn’t want that thing in her ass again, but what choice did she have, as he would rape her anyway if she said no. “Y..yes sir, I want you to f..fuck my ass.”

Mark would test her now, “then get in the position and tell me to fuck your ass then.” Disgusted once again, Julie laid down on the bed and stuck her sore ass in the air, spreading her legs wide for him, “f..fuck my ass sir. I want y..your cock in my ass.” Julie had her head to her right side as Mark climbed up on the bed, laid down on her ass, placed his hands under her and took ahold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly as his cock found its way back into her already gaping hole and still lubed from the nights abuse. “If you want it so badly, then tell me you want it.” Julie felt his large cock once again push its way into her ass, “fuck me sir.” Mark whispered in her ear, “not want I want to hear baby. You know what I want to hear, so tell me.” Julie hesitated for just a second, knowing she had to say what she never wanted to say to this creep. She hated him. He disgusted her. “Say it with your sweet lips baby. Tell me what I have been wanting to hear from you for along time now. You know, so tell me.” Julie could not even make herself say it. “Either you say it, or I have other ways to persuade you.” Julie did the only thing she knew to say, “I do.” Mark was pleased now, “so finally you want to marry me baby?” Julie couldn’t believe her own self now, being he had asked her over a year ago when they were dating and she refused him. He became a different person when she refused his question and his even his kisses. “Was that an, I do? I, Julie want to marry Mark and bear his children, suck his cock, let him fuck you anytime he wishes, and have you beg to get raped? Did I hear you properly?” Defeated now, Julie says, “I do, I accept you as husband.” Mark began thrusting his hard cock in her, “tell me to rape your ass then my wife.” His mind games had finally broken her, she was his toy now, his property, his slave. “Rape my ass.” Mark wanted more, “no, you tell me to fuck your hot tight ass, not your ass. You will always tell me to fuck your hot tight ass, because it will always be hot and ready for me, got it?” Julie only nodded as Mark penetrated her sore ass with force now.


Kim was fucking Karlie with a pace that made Karlie feel good. “Yes fuck bunny, yes, fuck me like the slut you are.” Kim rocked back and forth on her heels, ramming the rubber cock in the glistening pussy before her. “Take your left middle finger and stick it in your mouth. Get it nice and wet, then stick it in my ass.” Kim sucked on her middle finger, then felt around between Karlie’s buns, found her asshole, then stuck her finger in. “Yes, just like that fuck bunny. Push your finger in and out while you fuck and rub me. Get me off!”

Kim felt the warmth inside Karlie’s ass, swirled her finger around inside it, making Karlie wiggle her buns as she finger fucked her. “Now all three at once. Rub me, fuck me and finger me, fuck bunny. I’m so close to cumming babe.” The pace quickened each minute, Karlie getting closer and closer to sending waves of pleasure toward her new slave. “That’s it, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.” Karlie closed her eyes and absorbed the excitement rushing through her sexual holes. Kim was in control, kind of, but Kim never tried anything as she watched Karlie close her eyes. Her hands were free to try something, but where could she go if she even tried? The place she was in was a maze of rooms, so her best chance at staying alive and less abused, was to please this woman before her, no matter how disgusting it was, or was going to be.

Karlie opened her eyes and glanced at Kim, watching her fuck her to orgasm, “You are doing great fuck bunny. Now remove your finger from my ass and put your finger in your mouth.” Kim was not sure about that now, as she hesitated sticking her stinky finger in her own mouth. “Suck it and lick it clean, then stick it back in my ass.” Kim stuck her middle finger into her mouth, closed her lips around it, and sucked the foul taste off of it. Her facial expression told Karlie it tasted bad, “don’t worry, you will get used to the taste soon. Now stick it back in my ass.” Kim pulled her clean finger from her mouth and inserted it back into the warm hole. “Oh yes, that feels good. Keep doing that, finger fuck me a good ten times, then suck your finger clean, then put it back in my ass.” Kim nodded at Karlie, “Yes Princess.”

Karlie was beginning to moan slightly, her own nipples standing more erect than usual, her pussy quivering and about ready to cum. It was a feeling all women enjoyed before the big climax. “Stick your finger back in your mouth.” Kim quickly pulled her finger from Karlie’s ass and sucked her finger clean once again. “Now pull the dong out of my pussy and lick it clean, and don’t stop rubbing me either.” Kim placed her hand over the dong as she pulled it entirely out of Karlie, slid her hand across the dong, gathered the juices in her hand and licked her hand clean. “Yes, does it taste good?” Kim didn’t think it tasted all that bad actually, “it tastes good Princess.” Kim never stopped rubbing the top of Karlie’s puss the whole time she licked her hand clean. “Now rub my clit between your fingers. You should see it cleanly fuck bunny.” Kim looked down and there it was, bigger than she thought it would be, as her own was not any where near the size of Karlie’s, or atleast not yet it wasn’t. “Lean down and start sucking on it. Get your face in my pussy and bite it fuck bunny. Make me cum on you.” Kim leaned down on her know sore feet, her knees sore as well from the heels, as they made her use muscles in her legs she had never used that much of before. Kim looks into the womans pussy, lowers her mouth over the clit, and sucks on it, then bites it some, licks it, then sucks on it more. “Oh yes, suck it, get me off. I want to cum in your mouth. Yesss, make me cum fuck bunny!” Karlie’s voice began to change as she neared her first orgasm, “stick your tongue in my pussy and tongue fuck me you lezzy fuck bunny. I’ll make you a lesbian sweet stuff. I’ll make you love eating pussy. Yes, suck me, lick, bite me, yess!”

Not as innocent as Karlie thought she was, Kim had eaten a pussy once before in her young life. Her best friend and her once had an experience close to this while at camp one year. They each had licked each others pussies and got each other off, so Kim knew how to get Karlie off, just not exactly the way Karlie wanted her to satisfy her though. “Lick all inside my pussy, get your mouth up inside me and suck.” Kim sucked and licked, taking in the sweet juices, swallowing them as she sucked. “Open you mouth fully and don’t close it until I say.” Kim opened her mouth wide, knowing inside her that Karlie was about to cum. She had never tasted pussy cum like this, and waited for the rush that would soon fill her young mouth. “Twirl your tongue on my clit as you keep your mouth open. One more minute babe, one more minute and I’m going to fill your sweet mouth with my nectar.”

That minute passed quickly as Karlie blasted off into Kim’s mouth, three long squirts from her pussy shot into her awaiting gullet. “Don’t swallow it, just take it all in your mouth.” Kim sucked all the nectar from Karlie’s expanded pussy, some of the juices dripping from her chin as she tried to keep the nectar in her mouth. “Yes, you are very good at this fuck bunny. Now close your mouth, stand up, and come over here next to me.” Kim clamped her mouth shut, the juices filling her mouth, stood up and walked over beside Karlie. “Lean down and kiss me.” Kim leaned down, opened her mouth and the pussy juice poured from her mouth into Karlie’s awaiting mouth. Kim lowered herself further until both pairs of lips met, Karlie’s tongue instantly exploring Kim’s mouth, her spitting some of her juice back into Kim’s mouth, both now kissing each other, swallowing the juices in there mouths. Karlie pushed Kim upward away from her lips, “Mmm, you and I are going to be lovers for a long time fuck bunny, now get between my legs and lick me clean.” Karlie watched as Kim swayed her sweet buns as she walked, then felt the girls hot mouth on her pussy as she probed her tongue over her hot pussy. “Yes, lick it all up. When you are done, stick your tongue in my ass and give it a good tongue lashing fuck bunny.” Kim eyes the brown hole as she licked up the remaining juice, then placed her tongue on the brown anus, pushed her tongue inward and felt around inside, her nose pressed against the womans ass, the aroma not the best to her liking.

Karlie was in heaven once again, being she had not had sex like this in years. Herself once a slave like Kim, years of training now behind her, many rapes now behind her, she was now having pleasures again, instead of pain and pleasure. She moves herself closer to the end of the table, spreads her legs wide, raises her ass up some and tells Kim, “Spread my ass cheeks apart and tongue fuck me fuck bunny. Get your tongue all the way in now and fuck me.” The rogue taste of the shit covered Kim’s tongue, a flavor not easy to get used too, but she had to get used to it, or be punished. Satisfying Princess Karlie was more important than that cane on her skin. She wanted no part of that cane. “Stick your fingers in my pussy while you suck my ass.” Kim never hesitated, shoving two fingers in the juicy pussy, sliding her fingers in and out, her tongue licking and her mouth sucking out the ass juices.


Julie was drenched in cum. Her ass and back was covered in long strands of it, as was her face, as Mark had made her suck his cock after the anal assaults. Mark looks over to her again, “go get yourself cleaned up. Be ready in one hour for the ceremony. You are the special guest for this ceremony, so put on what is in drawer two of this dresser, then be ready for when I return. You must be sitting here in this chair, cleaned, shaved, and looking sexy, or you will be punished severely my new bride. Do you understand me?” Julie could only say one thing, “yes, your sexy hot assed bride understands.” Mark stands up, his cock semi erect, “then go get cleaned up.” He leans over and kisses her before she leaves, her returning the kiss, but not wanting too. “You have been worth the risks so far my love. You will not regret this at all, believe me.” Mark leaves the room as Julie begins her shower. The thoughts running through her mind are hatred, denial, shame, humiliation, and some very pleasureable. ‘What awaited her?’ She thought this the whole time she prepared herself for this so called ceremony. ‘Was it a wedding ceremony?’ She thought this to herself as she washed the cum from her body and her ass. ‘Was it something else?’


Karlie was smiling from ear to ear as Kim was doing everything she has asked of her. Just into the fourth hour, she had Kim willingly fucking her, eating her, fingering her, kissing her, and drinking her. Would it last?

Find out in Part 8

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