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The Cellar Part 2

Warning! Extreme Violence!

This story is fictional and completely made up in my sadistic mind. I, in no way depict anyone I know in this story. It’s fantasy….

The Cellar

Part 2

Amy screamed as the man unshackled her wrists. He yanked the chain away with such force that she thought he had taken both her hands with it. Searing pain shot up her arms when she brought them around in front of her. She wanted to cover her tit, her pussy, but she couldn’t. Her arms and hands hurt too much.

The man chuckled with obvious glee, happy to have a virgin at his disposal. Cruelly, he grabbed her slender wrist and pulled her to her feet. His big fist gripped her wrist like a vise as he used his other hand to strip away the last vestiges of her clothing. Then he knocked her to the floor and tore her shoes and socks off.
When she was totally naked and weeping like a child, he yanked her to her feet and pulled her across the room to a heavy wooden table. Through tear-filled eyes, Amy saw that the table was equipped with iron pegs at the corners. Thick leather cuffs dangled from each and she sobbed pitifully.
The man muttered thickly, “Built this for a taller woman. Have to stretch you a little.”
He scooped up her frail young body as if she were made of paper. Amy gasped as he crushed her naked body against his massive, hairy chest. Her legs flailed the air when he threw her down on the table. The back of her head hit it hard and she saw stars for a minute.
He grabbed her left wrist and cuffed it to a corner. He reached over her jutting, heaving tits and cuffed her other wrist. Then he moved to the end of the table and grabbed her bare feet. He pulled her young body downward. Her tender ass scraped against the rough wood and she cried out. He cuffed her feet so that her pretty young legs were wide open. Her cute pussy was fully exposed to his devouring eyes.

Amy was frightened and she struggled, but she was no match for the sexually enraged man. When her ankles didn’t reach far enough, he simply pulled and pulled until they did. When they were securely shackled, Amy’s slender body was tightly stretched on the table. That alone created great pain throughout her thin frame. The position made her young tits taut and hard as small apples.
The man grinned at her as he lifted his pliers in one hand and his knife in the other. Then he climbed up onto the table and knelt between Amy’s spread and trembling thighs. His eyes burned into her ripe, jutting tits.
With saliva forming at one corner of his mouth, he leaned over her writhing body and trapped one of her pink nipples in the jaws of the pliers. Using his elbows for support, he squeezed her nipple brutally and scraped her other tit with the blade of his knife. Amy screamed bloody murder as mixed feelings coursed through her chest-pain in her left tit from the pliers, pleasure in her right tit under the scraping of the cold knife.
When both of her nipples were hard and protruding, he took away his toys and used his big, thick tongue all over her tits. He soaked them with his saliva and the wetness made the twine tighten up around her tender tits. Amy cried and twisted her head in agony as the man licked and sucked her tits.
“Cute tits,” he growled low.
He shifted his mouth to her other tit and suddenly bit down on her nipple. He chewed on her tit until Amy screeched. Her whole body strained against the pain and her chest jerked upward. Her firm young tit thrust into the man’s mouth and he chuckled and sucked on it so hard that she shivered and trembled fitfully.
When he raised up from her heaving chest, his mouth was drooling spit. He dragged the knife blade over her tits, around them, back and forth on them, teasing her nipples again.
He grinned lewdly at her and muttered thickly, “Sweet tits. Cherry tits. Baby tits.”
Paul looked insane to her and just the sight of him filled her with fear and dread. Terror rippled through her when he trailed the point of the knife between her tits and downward over her flesh to her navel. Her tummy muscles tightened up as he stroked her body with the blade.
He drew himself up and trailed the knife-point over her trembling tummy to her pussy. Now he rasped hotly, “Hot little pussy . . . juicy virgin twat.”
“No, noooo!” Amy screamed, sensing the worst.
“Yeah, little rich bitch,” he panted , his massive cock throbbing in mid-air, “nice fucking virgin twat“.
Amy struggled in vain against her bonds, the cuff chafing her wrists and ankles. She sobbed as the man put the point of his knife between her pussy lips. Her ass muscles tensed in reaction and she cried out as she tried to hold her lower body totally still. She was so afraid the knife would cut her cunt.
But the man was expert at this. He laughed at her fears, at her humiliation, at her degradation, and slowly massaged her pussy lips with the blade.
“D…don’t do that,” Amy pleaded.
She peered up at him with her eyes filled with tears. The leering look on his face told her that begging would get her no mercy. He was hypnotized by her pussy!
The look of total fear on the girl’s face heightened his excitement and lust. Her tears and cries aroused him further and brought an evil thought to his lust-filled mind. He grinned wickedly and gripped the pliers in his big fist.
He pressed them to Amy’s helpless pussy and said, “I ought to get your cherry with these! How would you like that, rich bitch? Huh? Want me to rip your cherry right out of your belly?”
“No, noooo!” Amy screamed, horrified.
There was a method to his madness. “Then beg for my cock, you little slut! Come on! Beg! Or I’ll use the fucking pliers on your cherry cunt!” Amy didn’t want either horror to befall her. In a last bid for mercy, she begged him tearfully to set her free.
“Please! Please!” she cried. “Don’t break my cherry! Oh, God, please, don’t! I want to be a virgin when I get married! Please! Do you have a daughter? Can’t you understand?” The man reared back and laughed so hard that his prick jiggled and dribbled clear fluid onto the table between Amy’s quivering thighs. Sure I got a daughter!” he roared. “And I fuck her too!”
“Oh, dear God!” Amy gasped.
“So what’s it going be, bitch?” the man demanded to know. “My pliers or my cock?”
Her mind racing with thoughts, looking over at her dead mom…shaking at the thought of dying.
“Well?” the beast growled.
Amy turned her face away, sobbing and sniffling. She didn’t want to look into his eyes, that would be even more humiliating. She caught her lower lip between her teeth to keep it from quivering. She sniffled. She shuddered.
“Your cock,” she said weakly.
Staring into her eyes.
“I didn’t hear you, what was that?” he said with a louder tone.
“Your cock,” she said more clearly.
Not happy with her answer, he shook his head at her.
“Tell me to rape your virgin pussy with my big hard cock. Say it nice and loud too.”
She just laid there saying nothing.
“DO IT BITCH!! screaming at her.
She was puzzled and scared having to say that to him.
“Tell me now or you will pay.” he demanded.
“R..ra…rape my v… with big hard c..cock.” she crackled.
He set the pliers and the knife down on the table to each side of Amy’s trembling body. Then he gripped his thick cock in a fist and grinned at her. His hairy hand wrapped around his blue veined prick and he inched it down to her quivering little cunt.
The wet end of his prick touched her pussy lips. Amy gasped and wiggled her hips to one side. But she couldn’t move far. The manacles that restrained her, bit cruelly into her wrists and ankles and she winced with pain. His cock felt giant against her crotch and her pussy seemed ever smaller to his large prick. She sobbed softly as he pressed against hers. She shivered when he chuckled so evilly, staring at her so lewdly.
He wedged the thick head of his prick between her tight pussy lips. Amy caught her breath and her eyes filled with fear. Her pretty face contorted into a mask of terror. Her nostrils flared and she clenched her teeth against that big thing that was lodged in her cunt mouth where no prick had ever been.
Never before had she felt so afraid or so degraded. Her tits ached from the tightness of the cutting twine and from what the man had done to them. Her cunt was wet and she knew it, but he had done that, too. It shamed her that this animal could make her pussy get wet.
He loved it! Sucking madly, drooling at the mouth with depraved lust for the girl, he gripped her young hips and pulled her ass up off the table. Holding her hips tightly, crushing them between his powerful hands, he inched his massive cock into her pussy.
“Tight cherry cunt!” he groaned with obscene pleasure.
“Oh! No!” Amy screeched suddenly “Please don’t do this to me!”
Tears streamed down her face. Her body stretched, strained, shivered. She gasped for breath. Her cunt hurt.
“Oh, good God! Stop!” she wailed.
He grit his teeth and inched more of his thick prick into her clenched little cunt. Amy cried out as his thick cock stretched her pussy walls apart. It felt like a telephone pole entering her virgin cunt. He chuckled and pushed forward.
“Ow! Owww! It hurts!” she yelled.
“You haven’t felt anything yet, little bitch!” he snarled.
To prove it, he thrust forward with his hips and more of his cock speared into her tight pussy. His massive cock head rammed against the fleshy blockade of her hymen. Pain shot through Amy’s body. She screeched, then wept. He jabbed again at her cherry, then again, and each time she cried out.
Amy choked as if the big cock were in her throat. She tensed and shivered. Her pretty head tossed this way and that. Her tongue fell loosely out of her mouth. She gasped for breath. Her pussy walls were stretched to their absolute limit. She thought his cock would rip her open.
“Cherry,” he groaned hotly. “Ripe cherry.”
He drew his prick back an inch, then pushed it forward again. His cock head hit her cherry and she sobbed, caught her breath, then gasped. Her taut hymen stretched and made her squeal.
“Gonna bust your fucking cherry bitch!” he growled, enraged with lust for her now.
He gloried in the girl’s anguish. He gloated when she cried. He laughed when fear and hatred flared in her young eyes. Her cunt was all his and he loved that. Amy looked like she could murder him, given the chance, and he chuckled with glee.
He was crude and perverted in his assault of her young body. Amy cringed with disgust repulsed and degraded that she would lose her precious virginity this way. His cock-head rammed her hymen again and she cried out.
He eased his prick back until just the head was lodged in her quivering cunt. She saw the look of victory on his leering face and she shook with fear. She knew he was going to do it now.
He grinned and drilled his big cock into her clenching, trembling cunt. His purple knob speared through her hymen and her screams filled the room. The man grunted like an animal and fucked all of his cock into her shaking young body. The thin membrane ripped and his prick speared deeply into her pussy. New wetness beyond her cherry aided his forced entry and all of his cock drilled into her taut, heaving belly. Then, laughing obscenely and driven by lust, he fucked the hell out of her virgin pussy.
He held her hips tightly, cruelly, and fucked his wet prick into her cunt again and again. It slipped in and out faster and faster, harder and harder, soaked with her pussy fluids and her virginal blood. The blood and the cum made her tight little cunt squishy and slurping sounds arose from her crotch as he drilled his prick into her.
He threw his head back and grit his teeth He arched his broad back and drove with his hips with a fury. Amy swooned, almost passing out from the pain and the rush of incredible feelings in her pussy. He kept on fucking her pussy with great power and force.
Amy’s cries of torment and pain filled the room. Her lovely young body bucked and jerked fitfully as the big prick ravished her pussy. Sharp, burning sensations raked through her ravaged cunt as the last shreds of her cherry were ripped out of her.
The sharp pains of the powerful fucking drove her out of her mind. Thin, strangled cries of anguish escaped her lips as the man raped her pussy. The vicious fucking tore at her nerves and sent her into wild convulsions.
“No more!” she screamed. “Stop! Stop! Ohhhhh, please stop!”
But he didn’t stop. He couldn’t stop. This was the freshest, tightest, sexiest little cunt he had ever fucked. So he had to fuck her viciously, brutally, no matter what it did to her.
He groaned and fucked her harder. He yanked at her slim hips and made her pussy come back onto his drilling cock. He pulled and drove his cock at the same time. His cock head reached deep into her heaving belly, each plunge a new pain for little Amy.
Now he was really sweating. The perspiration poured from his forehead and upper lip and down his hairy chest. Sweat formed all over his straining body as he worked to fuck the life out of the helpless girl. He grit his teeth and drove all of his prick into her quivering, cummy little pussy.
Blood mixed with juice squished and spurted around their crotches as he drove his powerful cock into her cunt. He didn’t care about the blood, it aided his vicious entries. He laughed and fucked his cock into her with a vengeance. Amy whimpered and moaned weakly as she came against her will.
The most intense orgasm of her young life rippled through her body. The way it made her whole body ripple and twist and hump pleased her rapist. He chuckled and pulled rapidly at her hips, yanking her ass up off the table, and drilling all of his long, thick cock into her cunt. Amy moaned weakly, almost unconscious from the vicious fucking. With her body lax that way, he was able to control it. He gripped her hips brutally and worked them round and round to make her tight little pussy suck and fuck his cock.
He churned her hips for her as his cock drilled deep into her guts. His prick made her cum again, then again. Amy cried out against the outrage, but it did no good. Her pussy creamed several times for the rampaging cock.
Panting for breath, the man slammed all of his prick into her velvety cunt. His hairy nuts rammed against her ass cheeks as his prick ripped into her belly. He buried it in her and kept it buried. Then, grinning lewdly, he released her from his grip and left her suspended above the table impaled on his long, throbbing cock.
Amy gasped for breath. Through her tear-filled eyes, she saw him towering over her. She cried bitterly and peered down between her pain streaked tits to see her naked little cunt stretched open on the big cock.
The man grinned at her horror stricken face. He licked his lips and eyed her tits with a new hunger. Amy cried out when he suddenly attacked them with his mouth while he resumed fucking her cunt. He chewed her tits and nipples until she screamed and he drilled all of his vicious cock into her burning, aching pussy.
He grunted. His nuts tightened up against the thick base of his fucking prick. Amy felt something deep in her belly, a swelling of his cock-head. She screamed. He was going to shoot his load of cum into her!
“No!” she squealed. “Please no! Don’t shoot in me! You’ll make me pregnant!’
He laughed and plastered his mouth on hers to silence her. Chuckling through the cruel, painful kiss, he fucked all of his cock into her belly and let loose with a fiery load of cum. Amy wept sorrowfully as she felt his prick explode in her guts.
He jabbed forward, burying his prick in her belly. His body tense, then jerked wildly. He plunged his cock once more and loads of hot cum torpedoed out of his piss hole. Gush after gush of cock cream burst into Amy’s churning, quivering cunt.
He rammed his tongue down her throat and almost choked her to death as he fucked every last drop of his burning cum into her pussy. Amy shivered and shuddered with orgasm as the spitting cock forced her responses.
Dizzy, half-conscious, almost delirious, the poor girl writhed and twisted wildly on the table as the devastating cock drove her crazy. Her first real fucking made her fuck back. Her tight little cunt, wet with cum and blood, fucked crazily on the drilling, shooting cock.
Her eyes rolled in her head and her breath escaped her. She lost all control of her teenaged body and it became a slave to the man’s perverted demands. It went lax and limp, and he took full advantage of it. He chuckled and fucked his spitting cock in and out of her body with increasing pleasure. He came like a horse in her belly.
When he finally stopped fucking her and pulled his soaked cock out of her cunt, he stood back and leered at his handiwork. Blood and cum leaked out of her baby cunt and trickled down her ass-crack. Amy was only half-conscious on the table, wiped out after losing her cherry so viciously.
He leaned over between her legs and, to the horror of Amy, started forcing a huge chain link into her tight, virginal asshole. He took Amy’s panties and shoved them in her mouth, forcing them entirely inside.
He laughed heartily and shoved the chain along the table to her quivering ass. He leaned his left arm on her belly to hold her still, lowering his head to her pubic area and carefully guiding the end of the chain to her ass.
He prodded her ass-crack with the chain link, then squeezed it between her tight ass cheeks. Amy gasped when she felt the cold metal kiss her asshole. Then she screamed as the man wedged the metal object in her tight asshole.
Her body jerked as the link pressed into her ass. The man chuckled and pushed harder until he had the whole thing buried in her asshole. Then he inched another link into her bowels, then another. Once he has those in place, he did the same to her cum soaked pussy. Only then did he stand back, perspiring and grinning, to watch the poor girl writhe and twist in agony. Had it not been for the panties in her mouth, her agonizing screams would have burst his ear drums. As it was, she could only squirm helplessly on the table, cry bitterly, pull at her bonds, and hopelessly screw the chain.
The worst part for the hapless teenager was the fact that her fuck holes were very small and terribly tight. Her cunt and asshole literally choked the chain links, holding them deep in her bowels and belly. The result was sheer torture for Amy as she twisted and turned in pain.
Amy clamped her teeth on the panties stuffed in her mouth. Unfamiliar sensations of pain mixed with pleasure rippled through her young body because of the chain links stuck in her fuck holes.
The man stood at her feet and leered at her. His eyes ran over her supple, lithe body. He ogled the thrust of her tits, distorted by the twine squeezing them out of shape. He gazed hotly at her little hairless cunt with the big chain lodged in it. He moved aside a little and looked at the chain stuffed in her tight little asshole. He grinned and licked his lips.
Horny out of his mind, he grasped the chain by its loop and took up the slack. The ends moved inside Amy’s pussy and asshole. He chuckled and slowly, ever so slowly, inched the links out of the girl. It was his great pleasure to watch her pretty face screw up in the anguish of unwanted pleasure.
The chain links plopped out of her fuck holes one at a time. Each made Amy jerk and gasp into her gag and her body started quivering. Rushes of erotic feelings coursed through her and she came. She wept as her pussy creamed. She didn’t want it to but the wet chain slipping out of her cunt made her cum. She shut her eyes against the man’s leering face, against the humiliation, and her whole body quivered and shook violently.
The man pulled the soaked chain out of her clenching, spasmodic fuck holes. He gripped the pussy end of it and swung the chain in the air. Amy’s eyes shot open in time to see the metal come lashing down across her aching tits. The man chuckled and slapped her taut tits a few more times.
He smashed the chain into her heaving young belly. Then he hit her pussy again and again, licking his lips to see her pussy twitch and jump under the impact of his blows.
He tossed the chain to the ground and suddenly unshackled Amy’s ankles and wrists. He moved up the length of the table and took her by the shoulders. He pulled at her body and turned her over onto her aching tits, laughing all the while. She sobbed and shivered helplessly as he had his way with her.
He had her face down and ass up, with her pretty legs splayed.
Paul yanked her by the hips until her cute little ass was at his disposal. This doggie position put a great strain on her legs and ankles and she screamed into her panties. The man laughed and yanked again, getting her ass up in the air.
He needed to lubricate his swollen cock, so he drilled it into Amy’s exposed cunt. He set the bulging end of it between her pussy lips and then pushed with great force. All of his prick spliced up into her defenseless cunt.
The man only laughed and fucked all of his cock into the girl’s pussy again. He pulled back and rammed, drew back and rammed, withdrew and rammed. Ram, ram, ram, his prick plunged into her belly.
He pulled it out drenched with her hot pussy juice. Chuckling evilly, he gripped it in a fist and guided the blunt end to Amy’s quivering, burning asshole. He wedged his cock into her asshole. Her fingers and toes curled and uncurled with pain.
The man’s lust for an ass fuck burst into fiery flames in Amy’s teenaged asshole. He chuckled continually as he stuffed her tight ass with all of his enormous cock. Though the girl jerked and jumped with agony, he shoved all of his prick into her.
He reared back and breathed hotly through his open mouth as he rammed her ass again and again with all of his wet prick. It slipped into her more and more easily with each mighty thrust. He gripped her hips painfully and clutched at her as he fucked the hell out of her asshole.
He pulled back and drilled, then pulled back again for another thrust. He withdrew his cock to its bulging head, then drove it home. It plumbed the girl’s deepest depths and made her whole body jump and vibrate. It quivered all over when ripples of another orgasm assailed her.
He chuckled happily when she came from the ass fucking. Delighted out of his mind, he gripped her ass cheeks tightly and pulled his prick out of her ass, only to plunge it headlong into her cunt. It speared all the way up into her young belly, almost knocking her out.
He laughed gleefully and pulled his prick out of her juicy pussy and rammed it again into her asshole. Then he set up a lewd, obscene rhythm, fucking each of her wet holes in turn. He drilled his cock into her cunt, then into her asshole. His massive cock was still fucking into her cherry blood, but it was also drawing bits of blood from the poor girl’s asshole.
His hips pistoned now, back and forth, back and forth, driving all of his thick prick into her asshole and cunt-hole.
Amy trembled from head to foot with a series of orgasms that almost wasted her. Her eyes rolled in her head and she was too weak to struggle or scream through the gag in her mouth. She could only go limp and let the beast behind her fuck the life out of her. His hammering lust drove hi vicious cock inside her, through the failing grip of her anus-ring and pussy-mouth.
A strange animal sound escaped the man’s throat. He threw his head back and shut his eyes and grit his teeth. His whole frame shook violently all of a sudden and little Amy choked and gasped as his massive cock exploded in her body.
He drilled his prick into her asshole and pumped a huge wad of cum into her bowels. He pulled his cock out and rammed it up her cunt and deposited several globs of cum. He fucked his cock into her asshole again and spurted more cum. His prick spit and spurt savagely, some splashing over her back and between her quivering young thighs. But most of it was pumped into her bowels and churning belly.
He gasped and gurgled strangely against Amy’s ass as he fucked her asshole and cunt and ejaculated all the cum his burning balls could produce. It was a violent and juicy explosion. It left him gasping for breath. He dropped to the ground and caught his breath. He looked at the whimpering little girl, bleeding from her ass, as he grinned and studied her.

He was finished with her for the day, as he headed back up the stairs to his normal life.

End of Part 2

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