Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cellar Part 4

Warning! Extreme Violence!

This story is fictional and completely made up in my sadistic mind. I, in no way depict anyone I know in this story. It’s fantasy….

The Cellar

Part 4

Day 3

Amy heard the door creak open, then she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. As she looked over, she saw he had a bucket in his hands. Her mind was dizzy with thoughts.

“I didn’t forget your hot cunt,” he said to Amy, who stared wide-eyed at him.
He chuckled and moved up to her writhing feet. He stared into her open, pink cunt and
licked his lips. But he didn’t lick her cunt, the way he wanted to. He first wanted to tortured the young pussy.

He pushed an ice cube between her pussy lips and fingered it way up into her belly. She jerked and screamed as the ice-burn pained her pussy. The man laughed merrily and stuffed three more ice cubes into her pussy. The burning sensations made her scream and scream. The ice eventually melted in her cunt, too, much to the lewd man’s pleasure. He watched hotly as her little cunt leaked water down into her asshole. The cold water trickling like that made Amy moaned and writhed her hips. The man watched her sweet cunt turn this way and that, trying to expel the ice cubes and relieve the pain.
He set the remainder of the ice down and stood back to observe her gyrations.
He focused his obscene attention on the frightened young girl, panting on the table. She sniffled fearfully as he raised her ass up in the air. Because of the tightness of her bonds on her wrists and ankles, her ass could only elevate three inches.

The man didn’t give a shit about that. He forced a six inch wooden block under her body. He pushed and shoved as Amy screamed and wedged the block between her cute little ass and the table. The rough wood scraped her ass flesh as he forced it into place.
The end result was that her lovely young body was arched over the wood. The bow of her small back put intense pressure on her wrists and ankles. She thought her fragile bones would break under the great strain.
“It hurts!” she cried. “Please - it’s too high! My arms are stretching! My legs are breaking! Ohhh, you’re killing me!”
“This’ll make you feel good,” he said thickly, eying her pussy.
With her feet shackled far apart, her pretty legs were stretched beautifully into a wide open V. Her naked crotch was appetizing. Her pussy looked delicious to the sex-hungry man. Her hairless young cunt was elevated. Her pussy lips quivered under the strain of her body. The silky slit between her pussy lips was moist and red from the hot and cold burns.
The man chuckled deep in his throat as he pressed his big face between her V-ed thighs. He extended his big thick tongue and licked it over her pubic area where her fuzz used to be. Her naked flesh there felt good to him.
His tongue inched around her crotch. He licked up and down her cunt-lips until Amy gasped for breath. His tongue aroused her against her will. Her highly sensitive pussy squirmed as his tongue licked around it.
“Oh, godd!” she squealed, when his tongue lashed her quivery little clit.
He pressed his mouth against her helpless cunt and probed her pussy-hole with his tongue. He fucked it in and out a few times, enough to make her gasp for breath and wiggle around, even though the movement hurt her back.

Chuckling evilly, he clutched her firm young hips and squeezed them so hurtfully that she screamed. He held onto her quivering hips to steady her pussy so he could tongue fuck it to his heart’s content.
His thick lips slurped against her tasty cunt as his tongue separated her pussy lips. He shafted it into her pussy and mashed her clit with his broad nose. Amy choked and her whole body writhed in agony.
“No, nooo!” she squealed. “I don’t wanna cum! Please! Please! Don’t make me cum!" Amy’s voice trailed off into a whimpering sigh as the man tongue fucked her to a giant orgasm against her will. She gasped and her tits arched and her ass squirmed and her pussy churned against the man’s sucking mouth.
“Ohhh, noooo . . . ” she wailed helplessly as her cum flowed.
His tongue lashed her clit, making her cum harder and faster. As the poor girl cried and sobbed, the wet flesh of her defenseless pussy slipped around his long, probing tongue. The walls of her cunt opened and closed.

He penetrated deeper with his horny tongue, as he fucked it into her body. Her cunt-walls collapsed around his tongue as he jabbed and drilled and plunged. Quivers and shivers assailed her whole body. His nose mashed against her stiff little clit. His mouth groveled and slurped in her free flowing pussy juice. He jerked his face upward, mouth open. He glared hotly up the length of her young body, past her jutting tits to her pretty, agonized face. He watched her scream as he clenched her clit between his teeth and bit into it.
Her head tossed violently as she screamed bloody murder. The man’s teeth chewed into her clit-flesh and gnawed at her cunt. Her straining body jumped and writhed with agony but her ripe young pussy creamed just the same.
“Oh, my God!” she shrieked. Oh, my God, I’m cummmmmiiinnnggg again!”
But her outburst caused her pain. As she yelled, her tits thrust, and the movement tightened the ropes around her until it hurt. The harness leather dug into her flesh as her body rotated.
Amy gasped with unwilling but overwhelming passion as she felt his tongue and teeth attack her tender cunt. Her pussy got hot and juicy and her mind whirled senselessly as she came and came and came!

Low gutting noises escaped the man’s throat now that he was chewing into her helpless little cunt. Like a pig at a trough, he slurped and slopped as he bit into her aching pussy.
The pains and pleasures were more than young Amy had ever known, more than her virginal cunt was prepared for. It was enough to drive her right out of her mind and send her up the wall screaming for her life.

She wanted to scream for him to stop but she couldn’t. She was cumming so hotly!
The tickle deep in her belly, the one she often aroused in bed at night by rubbing her pussy, was now on the rampage.
Her body whipped and jerked, causing her great pain, but she couldn’t stop moving under
the assault of that big masculine tongue and wicked teeth.
The man wanted her to cum a lot. He wanted her to cum until it hurt. He drew back, his mouth drooling saliva and pussy juice. He reached out and grabbed his cat-o’-nine-tails.
With fire in his eyes and lust in his balls, he raised the whip and lashed the shit out of Amy’s fully exposed, writhing cunt. The whip whistled through the air several times and the tails cut into her crotch.

She screeched and squealed as her cumming cunt jerked and churned beneath the cruel treatment. Even as the pain shot through her pussy, so had streaks of strange, erotic
pleasure. She wept loudly as she suffered great agony and a wild orgasm at the same time.
Hell-bent on degrading the little bitch, her rapist turned the whip around and gripped the handle like a thick cock. Panting hotly, he shoved the blunt end of the whip handle between her burning pussy lips. He drooled as he drilled the whip handle in and out of her pussy. He leaned into his work and drove the black dildo in and out of her squirming little cunt.
Her pussy was too small for the big handle, so her pain was greater. But he was relentless with it. He drove it home again and again into her writhing young belly. He grit his teeth and clenched the whip handle tightly and pushed more and more of it into her pussy. His fiery eyes burned into her agonized face and tear filled eyes as he fucked her pussy brutally with the weapon.
He fucked it in and out faster, harder, deeper. Her screams filled the room. The man drilled the dildo harder, laughing at her. His prick got bigger and bigger as he fucked the whip handle into the girls squishy cunt. He then shoved half of the thick whip handle into her cringing cunt and left it imbedded there, while he stood up, and headed for the cellar exit.

She heard the door slam as he left the room, not returning until the next afternoon.

End of Part 4

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