Friday, April 10, 2009

Vacation Hell 1

I’m 23 now, and each day I think of my once best friends, as I had to watch them being sexually tortured, raped repeatedly, as I was too, and finally I was forced to watch them die as well. My body has scars from what they did to us, and I live daily being reminded what was done to me, as they are part of my life now.

This is my story:

I had been looking forward to this long awaited vacation for six months, and the day was finally here, for me and my four good friend, to get out of this dumpy shit hole, we call home. We were to be at the airport at 6 am for our flight to Miami, then catch another plane to Brazil, for a two week stay. This vacation was to be our get away, our so to speak, get back to reality trip.

I, Kelly, 18, with blonde hair, blue/gray eyes, 5”6”, weigh 106 pounds, and I have a nice figure as well, at 34-21-31, and my friends are:

Lisa, who is 18, brown hair, 5’4”, 100 pounds, and has a 35-22-30 figure.

Lacey, who is 19, with black/brown hair, 5’3”, 96 pounds, and 32-20-26 figure,

April, who was 20, with red hair, 5’8”, 114 pounds, with a 36-26-34 figure,

Jill, who is 16, 5’1”, 93 pounds, blonde, green eyes, and get this, 33-18-24 figure. She was tiny, but was full of life and spirit.

I was to meet them all at the airport in one hour, so I left the house at five, and headed there. What I’m about to tell you about our trip was a nightmare. No, more like a vacation to hell, and I was the only one that survived this horrible five year ordeal.

We arrived in Brazil, went and got our rental car, and headed for our hotel. We drove around the place looking all over for it, and before we could stop to ask directions, that is when our hell started. A police car pulled in behind us, and pulled us over. April was driving, and I knew she had not been speeding, so she pulled over, and three men got out, and were they big too. They had arms like my thighs, and were mean looking too. The one came up to the window and asked April, “your permit please.” The other two were on the other side of the car, looking in the windows, not knowing that they were looking at our bodies, planning there rape of us. April gave him the permit, and he looked it over. He backed up aways, “step out of the car girls, all of you.” We got out and he had us stand by the car, I was scared too. “You are all under arrest, for driving with a faulty permit, failing to stop for stop sign, illegal right turn, speeding, and drug possession.” My eyes bugged out, as the drug possession I knew was horse shit. I was about to say something, “no, no talking. You can tell the judge in the morning. Cuff them up and get them in the car guys.”

I had a bad feeling deep in my gut about this, and soon we all were about to find out what they were going to do to us, and that is when I wished I had never come to this hell hole of a place.

Morning came rather slowly, and without even being given something to eat, we were all taken from our cells, taken up the stairs, into a big room. It looked like a court room, and that was what it was too, with big men all around, looking at us with lust in their eyes.

Before us, a man walked in, “you five step before me.” He was the judge, and he was mean looking too. We were pushed toward him, roughly too, “you five are charged with drug possession, speeding, traffic violations, and prostitution. How do you plead there number 1 on the right?”

Jill looked at him, shocked by what he said, saying nothing, “I asked you a question young lady, how do you plead?” She was scared to death, “well, these charges are not true.”

“That is not what I asked you, did you do any of these charges?” She looked right at him, “yes, yes we did speed, but…”

“Okay then, then you plead guilty missy. I sentence you to 3 years hard labor, take her away.”

I was shocked, as they grabbed Jill and forced her out of the room, with her begging and screaming, then I heard nothing, as the door shut.” The judge looked at us, “OK, lets quit this bullshit. I know you are all guilty, so I’m sentencing you all to 5 years hard labor, with no parole, so take the bitches away, and lets just get on with it.”

We were all grabbed and forced out of the room, placed in a truck, and were being taken to a prison. My stomach was in knots, and all of us were scared like no other time in our lives.

The truck stopped about three hours later, “OK, lets go girls, time to work off your time.” We were now taken into another building, down some long stairs, down a long hallway, then down more stairs, then into a large room, and what stood before us was pure terror.

“Welcome young ones,” a man in front of us said, who had a black mask on his head, and his cock was strapped up, so we could see it, and it was as big as my arm. I knew something bad was about to happen now.

He pointed to me, “you there, stand before me bitch.” I was appalled by his mouth, but what could I do. “You are one fine piece of meat baby. Open her shorts, I want to see her pussy, and lift her top up too, I want to see them nice firm titties too.” The man behind me said.
My hands were tied with rope, my clothes were taken from me, and I was forced to wear spiked platform high heeled shoes the whole time too. All they let me wear for now, was my thong, and soon that would be gone as well.

My good friend Lisa I worried about the most, and as I was being prepared for my rape, I knew the others were going to get it as well. I never even imagined the torture we all had to go through, just to make it from one day to the next. We were told we would have to earn our meals, but what had to be done to earn it, was gross.
I could hear screams through the walls, and it sounded like Lisa, and I was scared for her. In that room, Lisa had her arms shackled above her, as two men had there way with her. She was no virgin, but what she had to endure was agony. One of the men forced a long pink dildo deep into her pussy, making her cringe in pain, as the man fucked her deep and hard. The other man was putting a cream on his cock, rubbing it on, getting it lubed, as he was going to fuck her in the ass. She had a small ass, and now it was going to be spread wide and filled with a cock like no other. It was a huge 14” cock, and her virgin ass was going to be reamed like mad. Since I was not present, I’m just telling you what happened to them, as it was told to me by my master, who spent much time with me.

As her pussy was being fucked, he began to suck on her tits, biting her nipples, making her scream with pain. Her body tightened when she felt hands on her hips, then she felt his warm cock go between her buns, right to her asshole. She begged and yelled for mercy, but it was too late, as he forced his cock into her tight hole, and kept pushing until he was balls deep into her bowels. Blood ran down her legs as her raped her, fucking her ass like a wild horse, making her his girl, as that is what they did, was compete to get a girl. Saliva ran down from her mouth to her tits, as the man fucking her with the dong, licked up her spit, kissing her mouth, kissing her face, making the juices in her pussy run down between her legs. Blood and pussy juice gathered on the floor, as her rape lasted for hours, them taking turns fucking her hot holes of sex. By the time they finished, Lisa had cum all inside of her. It was dripping from her ass and pussy, and her ass was wide open, red from the rape, and her pussy was swollen from the abuse, red as well. She was then forced to lick up the floor, and was forced to lick the cum from her, making her gag.

She was then taken from the room, and was taken into my room, and that is where we spent the next five hours, being forced to endure hours of torture, as they tried to brainwash us, making us there sluts for sex.

This was a rape prison, as many had come before us, and many will still come, until it is stopped.

When I saw Lisa, I cried, seeing as she had strands of cum in her hair, and just the look on her face was enough to tell me that she had been put through hell. We were both tied together, our backs toward each other, our necks tied tightly together, then were placed on a saw horse, with the edge turned upward, which dug into our pussy. Our legs were tied together then shackled to the floor, and all we could do now was take what was about to happen.

Two men came toward us, and I could not see what was being done to Lisa, but I knew it was very painful, as she screamed very loud. I was about to join her, as the man in front of me took his lit cig and grabbed my right breast, and placed the cig right on my nipple. The pain was so painful I cried out, as it continued for hours, him burning each nipple, making them feel as though they were on fire. I later found out that Lisa had, had hot pins inserted through her nipples, stabbing them, making them bleed and burn with fire too. My pussy was hurting now, as it dug into the wood, making it raw. Our bodies fought with each other, as I could feel her pulling on the ropes as they jammed the pins in her sensitive nipples. I had tasted those nipples once, and I just wanted to suck on them now, to make the pain better. Blood was now appearing around my own nipples, as that is when the men changed places, and now I was having pins inserted into mine. They squeezed my breast, making them stick out more, as pin after pin was stuck in, making me crazy with pain. They were asking us stuff, giving us deals, and if we took it, they would stop. Lisa’s deal was, they would stop, if she would suck their cocks, and she accepted. If she only knew that was only part of their dirty plan for her, she never would have agreed. I never accepted a deal, so they had something better for me, as I was told, that would make me change my mind. First I was forced to watch Lisa get raped, then had to watch her suck off two cocks, as they filled her mouth with spurt and spurt of hot gushing cum, and that is what they did well too, and that was to explode with more cum than I had ever seen in one session.

A rope was placed around her neck, her arms were tied behind her, and she was forced to sit on one cock, with it in her pussy, while the other was stuffed in her mouth. She barely got her lips around it, then it was forced into her mouth, and deeper he went, filling her mouth with cock. The man under her fucked her up and down, stretching her pussy lips wide apart, fucking her with deep long strokes. The one man held the rope around her neck, pulling on it, making her take his cock, and she was sucking it too. The man with me was squeezing my ass as I watched Lisa suck the cock, and in some weird way, it made my pussy wet. I listened to the men, as they were enjoying her actions, “that’s it baby, suck that cock down your throat. We know you love cock, and that is what you are going to get it all day long, one cock right after the other, and you will swallow it all baby, or I will hang you from the ceiling and beat you until you are dead, so suck harder baby.” Lisa was sucking him like mad, using her tongue to massage his head, sucking his shaft hard and fast. Her pussy was gripping onto the other cock, as it pumped in and out.

A gag was placed in my mouth, then I was chained to the ceiling, as the man that was with me, went over to Lisa. I was helpless, as I watched the men rape Lisa over and over, hour after hour, as she was forced to drink all their sperm, was forced to lick up every drop too, which included forcing the cum out of her pussy, then was forced to lick it up from the floor, making her look like a cheap whore. She moved around the floor, arms still tied behind her, licking up every drop of cum, showing it to her masters that she had it on her tongue, then she swallowed it. She had dirt mixed with it, but was ordered to lick and swallow it all. By the time the session had ended, Lisa had licked the entire floor, and the look on her face was just sad.

“OK, slaves, time for your next lesson. I think some bathroom time would be a good choice right now.” We were both now taken to another room, where I was shackled to the ceiling, and Lisa was strapped down under me, with her face in my pussy. My orders were to piss in her mouth, which I did not want to do, but with all the beer they made me drink, I just had to let it go. I held out for about an hour, and with the men taunting me, squeezing my breast, biting my nipples, and with Lisa’s face in my pussy, and was about to explode. They made Lisa suck and lick my pussy, and it did feel good, but it was not the kind of feeling I wanted at a time like this. I could not hold out any longer, and with her mouth gagged, and her tongue out the side of the gag, licking me, I let my pee go. It filled her mouth, mixed into her hair, and then onto the floor. I was relieved, but they made me keep drinking beer until I was drunk, and I just let my bladder empty as soon as it filled, filling her mouth with my warm piss.

One man now got in front of me, “now missy, she is going to make you cum, so get into the mood lezzie, and let your girlfriend here get you off, or I will beat you silly.” Lisa sucked and licked my pussy, sending waves of pleasure through my body, then was ordered to just suck on my clit, and that just made me go insane. I had never had my clit sucked on like this, and it was making me extremely horny. Within twenty minutes, I filled her mouth with cum, filling it full, and Lisa just swallowed it, licked her lips, and just laid on the saw horse, taking in my aroma. I was exhausted, “very good girls. Get them both cleaned up, and have them brought to room nine in one hour.”

End of Part 1

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