Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cellar Part 1

Warning! Extreme Violence!

This is my longest story to date. It’s filled with nc, torture devices, humiliation, and other juicy things.
This story is fictional and completely made up in my sadistic mind. I, in no way depict anyone I know in this story. It’s fantasy….

The Cellar

Day 1

Pretty little eighteen year old Amy White was terror-stricken. She was tied to a chair, her wrists behind her back, bound with a length of chain, her shoulders pulled back painfully. Her little blue panties were balled up and stuffed in her mouth, held in place by a length of leather strap that hurt her cheeks and the back of her head. Her bright blue eyes, wet with tears, bulged in her head as she stared in horror at what was happening around her. Her eyes ached as they darted about the dimly lit room. The man had called it his cellar but it looked more like a torture chamber out of a horror movie. Amy stared at things she was too young to know about - a wooden rack, whips on a wall, chains on a table, some paddles, knives, giant rubber dicks, and strange-looking leather things. She was scared to death. She sobbed to remember that just minutes before she and her mother had been in their car, riding along happily, chit-chatting and enjoying themselves. But then the car had stalled on a road and that man appeared out of nowhere.

When Amy had first seen him, she had girlishly thought: Oh, good, a big strong man to help us! But just seconds later, her sense of relief turned cold in her heart and raw fear gripped her as the big man tore her and her mother out of the car.
She looked at him now with renewed fear. He had seemed large before but now he looked like a giant or a horrible beast! He was very tall and very wide across the shoulders. He was naked to the waist, wearing tight leather trousers and heavy boots. His barrel-chest was matted with thick black hair, as black as the hair on his head. He had literally dragged them out of the car and into the trees. He simply gripped little Amy’s slender wrist in his beefy paw and pulled her along like a rag doll. Her mother was more difficult, being older and a little stronger. He had to knock her to the ground a few times to daze her. Then he was able to grab her in his other fist and drag her along, too. Two sobbing females found themselves being propelled through the trees to a huge old house.

He dragged Amy down the steps behind him, as her mom was still struggling, so he kicked her down the stairs in front of him. Amy screamed to see her mother tumble down onto an earthen floor and crumple there helplessly. She feared for her life and that of her young daughter. “Please, no!” she screamed, seeing clearly the man still gripping Amy’s wrist, as he kicked her right in the ribs with his big boot and snarled, “Get over there, you fucking bitch! And don’t scream no more! That pisses me off!” He gave her another kick, just to keep her busy with her pain, and he whirled on Amy, startling her out of her wits. Before she knew what he was up to, he was on his knees. He thrust his huge hands under her short miniskirt and tore her panties right off her. Experienced at this, he quickly kicked the mom in the head to keep her down, then hauled Amy to a wooden chair. He pushed her down on it, yanked her arms behind it and chained her wrists to it. He stuffed her panties in her mouth and bound them in place with a length of leather stripping. He pulled the knot tight and Amy choked a stifled scream into her panties.

Amy’s mom was on her feet, coming at him with all the force she could muster. The man laughed rather strangely and Amy gasped to see him swing his big arm and hit her mother alongside the head. She went stumbling down. Now Amy stared in horror at what the man was doing to her mother. He reached overhead and Amy’s straining eyes followed. There were ropes and pulleys on a rafter and the man pulled a rope down, making a pulley squeak. At the end of the rope were two leather cuffs and these he tightened around the moms wrists, locking them together so she couldn’t separate her hands, then he inserted a large ball-gag in her mouth, which was attached with a leather belt buckle. The only sounds that would be coming from her mouth would be muffled from now on.

Amy’s heart raced behind her taut, thrusting young tits as she stared at the leering man and her trussed mother. New tears welled in her eyes as crazy thoughts assailed her. She remembered that just days ago she had turned her boyfriend down, forbidding him to fuck her. Then she recalled the night she narrowly escaped the clutches of two guys in a car. She had been doing everything in a young girl’s power to save her virginity and raw fear ripped through her now as she saw how this man stared at her jutting tits and naked young legs. Amy shivered. The shiver rippled through her young body and to her dismay, it turned into a quiver of excitement deep in her belly. Her pussy felt funny under the man’s constant, leering stare. Her nipples got hard and pushed pointedly at her V-necked shirt.

Aroused to a high pitch of lust, Paul (as he would later be known) suddenly clawed at his leather trousers and shoved them down his hairy legs to his ankles. Then he stood tall and proud while the two females stared at his enormous wet cock, ten inches of solid meat! Amy almost choked to see his cock. It looked more like a weapon than a sex organ. It was thick and long and throbbing like a live thing, dripping a clear liquid that made her curious. His prick looked like a drooling animal!
Her mom gasped to see it and the man chuckled with lewd pride, knowing damned well that he was hung like a horse. He liked to use his cock like a bludgeon on women. Even now he ached to fuck a cunt, any cunt. Thoughts of the teenager’s sweet little pussy over there was enough to make his prick swell up visibly. She looked as afraid of him as her mother did and he liked that.
What was the man going to with them both? What was he going to do to her, Amy thought to herself?

The man lifted a knife from his worktable and the girls mom gave a muffled cry through the gag stuffed in her mouth. Her eyes bulged with fear. What was he going to do with that knife? He held the tool up for her mom to see. Her eyes reflected her fear and he chuckled sickly.
Amy watched in horror as the man placed the knife on her moms right nipple, then staring into the moms frightened eyes, he pressed the knife inward. She screamed and Amy winced for her. The red nipple burst open, squirting blood out towards the man. He drove the knife inward, as her whole body jerked with pain. Then he licked and lapped wetly at her blood soaked nipple. Pure pain horrified woman. Her chest burned with pain, as he lapped at her bloody tits. Amy’s eyes remained riveted to the man and the knifes. New tears formed in her eyes when she saw him remove the knife from her moms sliced open tits, to her pussy!
Paul forced her thighs apart and shouldered his weight to keep them open. Then he touched her cunt with the knife and rubbed it against her wet clit. She shuddered with mixed feelings of terror and un-welcomed desire. Paul then put the tip of the knife against the wet fleshy object between her cunt-lips. He suddenly and swiftly jabbed it into her clit and twisted. She screeched in a high pitched muffled sound, as he laughed and mauled her clit with the vicious tool and her whole body jerked as pain ripped throughout her frame. He looked up and grinned at her, as he knew that he was killing her slowly.

Amy saw all this and wept bitterly about it. It was painful for her to see her beautiful mother getting tortured like this. Her gaze turned to shock, when she had to witness the man shoving the entire knife upwards into her body. A scream like no other sound heard came from her moms gagged mouth, as he kept twisting and slicing through her moms limp body. He bent his knees slightly and then thrust upward with all his strength, cutting through her abdomen, slicing up through her stomach, twisting and pushing deeper into her, making her gurgle with sounds of drowning, as she was choking on her own blood.
Paul pulled his bloody hand and knife from her ripped up body, gazing at his handy work, as she died before him, and Amy. Both could hear her last gasp of air, then he suddenly turned his attention to little Amy, still in shock from what she had just witnessed.

“Now I can concentrate on you little girl.”

His long deep stares of lust were eyeing at Amy, blood still dripping from his hands, his cock at full staff, twitching with excitement. Her little heart almost burst behind her taut young tits. He went to her and suddenly removed the gag from her mouth. The young girl’s heart raced and her eyes glanced nervously at the man erect cock. It looked awfully long.
“Did you think I forgot you, baby?” he sneered. “Please don’t hurt me!” Amy cried, new tears welling in her eyes.
The man knelt down in front of her and took long looks at her slender young body. He was especially attracted to the thrust of her pointed tits. He turned and reached across the floor. He got his knife and brought it up to Amy’s throat. She gasped as the man trailed the blade of the knife across her neck. She swallowed hard and got so choked up she couldn’t scream. The man laughed at her and slipped the knife-blade into the V of her shirt. He turned the sharp- edge toward himself and slowly cut Amy’s shirt open, all the way down to her slim waist. “What’s that?” he laughed. "A see thru lace bra for a girl your age?” Her bra was a cute little thing that excited him. It was fun for him to cut it off of her body. It came away quickly once the blade sliced the fabric. Amy caught her breath and that made her tits rise. They were about the size of peaches.
“Now, what are we going do with these cute little things?” the man taunted. “Too small to tie up with rope. Aren’t they?” “Please….” Amy sniffled, scared out of her wits. “Let’s see,” the man murmured to himself “I know. I’ve got just the thing.” Laughing, he went to a chest against the wall and drew out lengths of fishing line. He held it up in the air for Amy to see and chuckled. “This should do it.”

Amy cried softly as the man squatted near her and looped the cord around first one tit, then the other, in a figure eight. He looped a young tit and pulled tight until she screamed. He laughed and looped the other and pulled it tight to make her scream again. Her pretty tits were squeezed by the tight cord, her pink nipples jutting out painfully. She wept as he tied the ends of the cord behind her neck to make her tits stretch upward. “It hurts! It hurts!” Amy wailed. The man laughed and dipped his head and licked his tongue all over her protruding young tits. Then he caught a pink nipple between his teeth and chewed on it as he licked with his tongue. Young Amy had never had her tits treated like this. It hurt and stung and burned-and aroused! When he had his fill of licking and sucking those delicious young tits, he crossed the room to get a pair of pliers. He stood over her and Amy saw that his prick was half-hard. She feared what would happen once it got full sized again!

The man reached out with the pliers gripped in his big fist. Amy cried out when the cold metal kissed her pink nipple and then she howled in pain as the man deliberately caught her nipple in the jaws of the tool and clenched it. Pain shot through her tit, then her chest, then her whole body, as the man wrenched her tit this way and that. He got so engrossed in what he was doing that he ceased to hear the girl’s cries. He pinched both her tits, one at a time, slowly and perversely. The edges of the tool cut into her tender flesh and her screams filled the room. He liked to see a girl’s nipple protrude and jut in his pliers. And he liked Amy’s screams. They were so young and vibrant.
He left her tits swollen and red and aching. Then he grabbed his knife and cut at her skirt. Amy wept and screamed louder as he came dangerously close to cutting her legs. The sharp blade sliced through the material as if it were butter and turned her skirt to shreds of cloth. He pushed the remnants aside and stared hotly at her furry young cunt. He pushed her knees further apart roughly, hurting her, and gazed into her open crotch. He licked his lips to see such a fresh, young pussy. Amy sobbed pitifully, humiliated, ashamed and fearful. She could see that the monster’s cock was giant again and that frightened her. It was big and throbbing, sticking out away from his body menacingly.
He knelt between her outspread knees and looked at her pussy. Grinning lewdly, he set the point of his knife on her little patch of peach-fuzz. Her pubes were blonde and almost invisible. It made her cunt look real cute. He dragged the edge of the knife across her fuzz. “Bet I could shave you with this,” he chuckled.
Amy gasped as he scraped the knife over her flesh and cut off several hairs from her pussy. He scraped and scraped and actually burned the hair off of her cunt. She wiggled under the blade, but that didn’t help any. He scraped away all the little pussy-hairs she had. When her pussy was stark naked, he licked his lips and teased her little pink clit with the tip of the knife. Amy caught her breath, partly because she was afraid he’d cut her pussy, and partly because the blade tickled her clit. It gave her feelings in her cunt that she didn’t want. She choked when he ran the end of the blade up and down her crack, right between her pussy-lips. The sensation was demoralizing! But she kept very still, afraid that his hand would slip. Again he put the knife aside and picked up the pliers. Amy wept and sobbed convulsively as he rubbed the end of the tool all over her exposed pussy. “Please . . . don’t use it there - - - ” she cried, remembering what he had done to her mother. Paul laughed and separated the jaws of the pliers. With his fingers, he opened her pussy lips and gazed at her wet little clit. It was tiny but he got the jaws of the pliers to each side of it and clamped the tool shut. Amy screeched and her whole body went rigid with pain. The man laughed and squeezed the hell out of her clit. “God damn, that’s a fresh cunt!” he rasped hotly.

Instead of using the pliers immediately, he inserted a big finger into her pussy-hole. He wanted to tease her and make her ass wiggle and drive her crazy with sex-feelings. So he pushed his thick finger into her cunt-mouth and rummaged around, watching her pretty face for reactions. But his fingertip hit something and he stopped abruptly, surprised. He stared wide-eyed at his half buried finger. He gave something inside a nudge and Amy gasped. Then he understood.

“Jesus!” he blurted. "I got me a fucking virgin!” He became extremely excited and laughed like a madman all of a sudden. He stood up and gripped his cock. “Girl, am I going to like fucking you!” he said.

End of Part 1

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