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The Cellar Part 5

Warning! Extreme Violence!

This story is fictional and completely made up in my sadistic mind. I, in no way depict anyone I know in this story. It’s fantasy…

The Cellar

Part 5

Day 4

He needed fresh stimulation. Something nut pleasing. Something cock raising. His obscene mind raced through a series of sadistic ideas as his fiery eyes danced around the room. He made a decision.

Amy watched fearfully as he went to the big board attached to the wall. She frowned in anguish at the array of strange devices displayed there.
She saw sexual objects of every shape, size, and form. Dildos of different colors and proportions were clamped to the board. There were metal rings, whips, chains, various cuffs, leather straps, butt plugs, double-headed dildos.

She watched the big hairy hand reach out and take down a ten-inch metal dildo. It was a hollow tube, about two inches thick, but one end was closed with a bulbous head of steel. Why was it hollow? Amy wondered. Why was it made of metal?
The man carried the weighty dildo to his gas stove. He fired up a burner. Crouching down, he looked around the room, saw what he needed, and crossed the floor. He returned to the stove with pliers in hand.

Amy’s curiosity reached a peak of genuine anguish and fear. She stared wide-eyed as he crouched and slowly passed the dildo over the open flame of the burner. He clamped the pliers on the open end of the metal tube and heated up the bulbous end.
Her young mind whirled, then clicked into place. Her mouth flew open and she screamed.
She screamed bloody murder when she felt heat near her belly.

“Stop! No! Don’t burn me!” she shrieked.

She heard the man’s chuckle and felt a burning sensation in her pubic area.
He stroked her jerking cunt with the hot end of the weapon. He used the fingers of his free hand to pry open her pussy lips. He forced them wide to expose her sweet frothy pink gash. He applied the blistering hot thing to her tender pussy slit.
He felt his temperature rise and his prick get harder as he ogled the luscious wet pussy of the screaming girl. His cock throbbed into greater life as he rubbed the burning metal against her cunt-flesh and watched how her pussy churned in agony.

Amy felt the searing hot object heat up her inner thighs and burn against her cunt. Her whole body whipped and jerked and she let out long, horrifying shrieks of pain and agony.
Again she felt and suffered the white heat touch of the solid scorching metal. It burned red and seared her open pussy-mouth mercilessly. Her exquisite sexual pain was the man’s exquisite sadistic pleasure. He laughed throatily and glared with hot eyes.

The aroma of seared flesh flared his nostrils and gripped his brain. The scent of sizzling pussy flesh intoxicated him, arousing his big prick. It made him wild with lust.
Licking his thick lips wetly, slopping up his own drool, he suddenly drilled all ten inches of the dildo into her helpless cunt. He chuckled and pushed it right up into her pussy-hole with great force. Her body jerked with pain as the red hot iron thing invaded the little girls body.

Amy screamed and tossed her head and squeezed her eyes shut and cried loudly. She wailed and shrieked as the long, thick hot metal burned deep in her belly and all along the length of her pussy-channel. Her hips jerked and writhed and her cunt twisted and churned madly.
The man lit a cigarette, stood by, and watched the agonized gyrations of her body.
Amy’s screams filled the room. He didn’t move until her pussy sizzled and slowly cooled the iron dildo down. He grinned lewdly, a grin that made Amy shudder.

He suddenly jumped up onto the table and straddled Amy’s chest with his heavy knees. His cock loomed large over her face and she stared at the wet thing with growing terror in her young heart.

“Your pretty mouth was made for sucking big cocks little girl,” he snarled, and inched his bulging cock toward her face.

“Please,” she begged quickly, “not again."

Her plea was cut short as he stuck his swollen cock into her mouth. It stretched her lips and left no room for words, just a gasped, stifled muttering. Her little tongue accidentally licked his piss-hole. She withdrew it quickly, alarmed at herself.
He chuckled and said through clenched teeth, “You better suck my cock real nice, you little cum slut, or I’m going go get that metal dildo, heat it up again, and stick it in your fucking little mouth!”
A streak of fear shot through Amy’s heart like a knife blade. She knew what he meant. He didn’t want her to be passive about the blow-job. If she didn’t lick his prick and roll her tongue actively as he fucked her mouth, he would carry out that terrible threat. She would be forced to suck a burning hunk of steel! Oddly enough, girlish vanity came into play at that moment. What would it do to Amy’s young mouth? It would burn and scar her lips, which she knew were sexy, and she wouldn’t be pretty any more.

Her blue eyes, frightened but reflecting surrender, gazed up into the man’s evil face. She hated him, not only for what he was doing to her, but because he forced her to participate. Not only did he demand that she suck his ugly cock, but demanded that she do a damned good job of it, as if she liked his prick!
She was trapped. Enslaved. Beaten. The big thick cock head stuffed in her mouth told her that she had no choice but to give this animal what he wanted. Tears welled in her eyes at the shame of it all, the injustice of it all, the degradation of it all. His cock throbbed between her stretched lips. She was aching all over, stretched on the table like a spread-eagled prisoner.
She writhed at the hips a little in a vain attempt to get comfortable. But there was no comfort for her, not since she’d become the helpless sex toy of this beast of a man.

He grinned lewdly at her and pushed inches of his thick cock into her mouth. Her accumulated saliva lubricated it nicely as he fucked it in and out.
Her nostrils flared against the acid odor of the man’s enormous prick. It smelled of pussy juice and asshole yet she had to suck it. She shuddered with revulsion as he slid his wet prick in and out of her mouth.
He laughed, sensing her fear and her hatred, and he deliberately pulled his cock out of her sucking young mouth and did a disgusting thing. He mashed his big, hairy nuts down on her mouth and forced her to lick them.
This odor was even worse for Amy, but she had to endure it. She had to lick her tongue all over his balls and nut-sac, whether she wanted to or not. It was either that or a red-hot dildo. She shut her eyes and extended her tongue and let him squirm his hairy nuts all over her face.

Paul’s crotch was musty, damp, foul, and smelly. Amy gagged several times, choked a little, and almost vomited. Yet in self-defense, she licked and sucked his balls as he desired. When he was ready, he put his wet cock back into her young mouth, with great pleasure. Her nut-licking had made his prick even bigger and thicker and hotter.
His prick slid smoothly to the back of her constricted throat. It backed up, and she licked at it with her tongue, careful to excite his piss hole and the special spot just under his cock head. She cried softly as she sucked his cock the way she would have liked to suck a boyfriend’s prick, not a sadistic monster’s!
She felt his cock grow in width and length as it slipped in and out of her sucking young mouth. It glided easily over her teeth and tongue. He grunted like an animal and forced his big prick in and out rhythmically. She shuddered to taste his cock as it sloshed back and forth inside her aching jaws.
His thrusts grew more anxious. His prick seemed to grow thicker and bigger. The heat from his balls grew more severe against her chin each time he buried his cock in her throat.

Amy’s young mind whirled as the man skull fucked her. Crazy thoughts assailed her. She knew that she would never let a boy put his prick in her mouth. Yet here she was being taught how to suck cock by this animal. She stared at his prick as it moved so wetly between her lips.
She sniffled as some tears dripped down her face. This act was so filthy, so degrading, but she had to do it. He had the power and he had that ugly metal dildo. He could make it red hot and stuff it into her mouth.
This thought made Amy suck faster and harder. She roiled her tongue round and round the man’s throbbing prick as he fucked it in and out. She lapped his cock head and ran rings around its rim. The taste was nauseating, but she had to bear it.

Waves of sexual heat mixed with acidy odors assailed him and made his nuts wrench. Still the big cock fucked into her mouth and throat, disgusting her, violating her, nauseating her. She sucked on.

“Suck!” the man suddenly barked.

Amy’s eyes flew open in alarm.

“Take it into your throat baby. Let it slide down.”

As much as she didn’t want this to happen to her, she knew he was going to fuck her face until he came down her throat. He was going to make her drink all that thick, nasty cum. She hated him with a passion.
His head jerked back on his broad shoulders, almost snapped. He clenched his teeth in the sweetest of agonies as his hot nuts tightened up against the base of his drilling dick.
He suddenly grabbed Amy’s head between his powerful hands and, to her dismay and dread, yanked it upward. He gripped the sides of her face as if they were her hips and he fucked his stormy cock into her mouth as if it were her cunt.
She gasped and choked and retched on the table as the man viciously raped her mouth and throat. With no regard for her safety, much less her honor, he fucked his thick cock into her face with a vengeance.

“Take it all in girl. I‘m going to shoot my wad down your throat slut!”

His hot nuts exploded. Giant wads of cock cream ripped out of his sac and torpedoed through his cock. Wad after wad gushed out of his piss-hole and filled the girl’s sucking, gasping young mouth.

“That’s it baby, open your throat up to me.”

He pushed his cock deep into her gullet, making her gag as his hot seed sprayed down into her belly.

“Gulp it down!”

Amy gagged, but swallowed and gulped to save her life and sanity. Tears flowed down her face, as his cock was all the way into her throat. The cock pumped and gushed and spurted and erupted violently, like some monstrous spewing machine.
His powerful hands almost crushed her small face. His powerful cock almost choked her to death. His powerful orgasm and gushing cum almost drowned her.
He pulled his nasty cock from her cum drenched mouth.

“Lick my cock clean and swallow it all.”

Amy looked up at him, tears streaming, strands of cum dripping from her chin, as she licked and sucked his cock clean, swallowing every last drop of his salty liquid.

End of Part 5

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