Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revenge of Ali

This is my very first story I wrote 9 years ago when I was 14. You do the math on how old I am now. hehe This was the beginning at writing stories like I write.

This story is rather true to a point, as I did have a crush on a girl like this one who has the same name. She didn't want to be my friend, so I had a fantasy about getting even with her, which I did in this story. The act never happened, just in my mind it did. I wanted her like in this story too, as she was a hot girl. My lust for girls were strong then too. Being I'm now bisexual, I sometimes wish my current boyfriend could have joined me for this fantasy story here. mmm

Happy reading!

The day began at 9:00 am when Ali, short for Alexandria, got up for school. She slowly crawled out of bed and headed for the shower. She took off her sleep shirt and turned on the hot water, waiting for the right temperature. She touched the water with her toe, and glided in under the warm water. She washed her sexy body and climbed out and dried herself off. She took the comb and pulled the knots from her hair and turned on the hair dryer. Her mom yelled to her that she was heading on, and that she will have to call for a ride. She yelled back, “OK“, and continued drying her long silky hair. When she finished, she went to her closet to find something to wear, and saw the perfect eye catching outfit. She pulled it from the hanger and slid her tender body into it. She looked in the mirror, and the short miniskirt looked great. She then slid on her panties, pantyhose, bra, and shoes.

Ali went downstairs to call for a ride, but was having trouble finding a ride today. She called all her friends, but they had all left already. She thought for awhile, trying to think of someone, when a knock at the door startled her. She figured it was someone here to pick her up, at the request of her mom. She ran toward the door and opened it quickly, without asking who it was, and before she knew what was going on, she was knocked on the head hard, and she fell onto the floor in a heap. Her sexy body was motionless on the floor, as the door closed and she was picked up and taken to her room.

Her legs were bound to the foot board of her bed, and her hands were tied to the headboard. She was on her stomach, as the strange hands caressed her firm asscheeks, and ran down her sexy legs. A ball gag was placed in her mouth and tied tightly around her face, and a blindfold was placed over her eyes. She awoke within an hour, shocked, motionless, and terrorized at what was happening to her. She felt a hand on her ass and then she felt her clothes being ripped from her body forcibly. She tried to speak, but nothing was coming from her gagged mouth. She felt each piece of clothing on her being ripped from her, as she cried in terror to herself. No voices could be heard, all she could here was heavy breathing as a force of weight sat on her ass. The feeling of her soft skin sent shivers through my body, as I had finally gotten the girl of my dreams and fantasies.

Here before me, lay the most beautiful and sexiest girl of all time, and I was going to enjoy having my way with her. I have had many fantasies and dreams of how I would treat this girl when I got her to myself. My hand felt between her heavenly thighs, something I will never forget either. I had seen her growing breasts for four years, and as I placed my hand under her, I felt how big they really were. They were huge for a girl of her young years, as they were every inch of 35D or better. My how she has grown in the years that I have known her, and today I was going to take her virginity and sanity from her. I untied her feet and rolled her over on her back, as her hands crisscrossed above her, and the sight of her helpless and hot looking body, sent my quivering pussy into a state of the highest degree of wetness and excitement.

I retied her ankles to the foot board in a spread-eagle angle, and she looked hotter than ever. Here before me, laid the most sexiest body on the earth, and her full breasts made it even better. I placed each hand on her breasts, and squeezed them firmly. She let out a small whimper as I caressed her full mounds of lust. I glanced down between her legs, and the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy made my mouth water. ‘Damn she is sexy‘, is all I could think of, while I stood up and pulled my skirt off. My strap on cock sprang out like a wild snake, and it twitched with excitement from my pulsating pussy, over Ali’s hot body. I placed my hands on her thighs and they were smooth as silk, as goose pimples shot through her body. I licked my lips and climbed between her legs. I placed my big rubber cock at the entrance of her pussy, and she tried to close her legs, but that was not going to happen. I laid across her body, grabbed each breast in my hands, and began to lick and kiss her neck. She turned to one side in disgust, and I thrusted forward, and she screamed under her gag. The rubber dong slipped into her tight pussy with ease and the feeling was incredible as I had finally beaten the head cheerleader at something.

I knew she was in pain, and it excited me even more to see her like this. She screamed and kicked beneath her binds, as I began to fuck her pussy in and out with mighty thrusts, busting through her hymen, tearing into her with an evil passion only a female knows. Her virginity was now gone, and my day was just beginning with this hot and sexy young slut. The way she teased everybody, she deserved every inch of the tormenting rubber pecker.

Sweat began to drip from my face as I quickened the pace. I was panting like mad. I had been waiting for this day and I was going to enjoy it for as long as I could. A female rapist was rare these days, and to have a female raping another female, I knew I would never be caught, so I made her endure my fantasy for her for as long as I could have the strength to fuck and abuse her.

I stopped suddenly, pulled the juicy dong from her pussy, and replaced it with my tongue. I needed to taste her. I needed to drink from within her to satisfy my urges. I wanted her to cum in my mouth, as I knew she was near the edge from the constant pounding of her young twat. She was breathing faster as I licked and sucked on her tender clit. I was going to make her cum, and cum hard, as I grew nearer to my evil goal. The feeling of my skin against hers, was too much to even imagine. It was better than I had even pictured it would be. This was the beginning of an addiction for young virgin blood, making them cum for me, making them go against there own desires, something I still have a desire for to this present day.

This special moment of my tongue inside her, licking her and sucking on her clit, only lasted a few minutes, as she sprayed my tongue with a powerful eruption of lusty juices. I sucked on her pussy for the longest time, lapping up and swallowing her tasty love juice. The taste of her made me want more from her, something I was going to make happen no matter how much it pained her to do so.

She was crying a little as I made her cum for me a second time. I worked on her erect clit for more than thirty minutes, biting it, sucking it, licking it, chewing on it, and sucking on it harder to make her cum again. I had to have her. The taste of a beaten virgin pussy was too much to pass up on this girl. She had once told me to get lost and to leave her alone, just from trying to introduce myself to her. Now she is paying the price for not wanting to be my friend. The years of watching her make friends with other girls and not me, only made me want her more.

After much work on her small clit, she sprayed my face and tongue with her tasty nectar one again, giving me the treat I had been wanting from her. The taste was better than the first time, and I still wanted more from her. I knew we had plenty of time together to make this happen, as I would need more time to make her cum for me a third time. She was in agony throughout the morning and afternoon, as I sucked two more orgasms from her. Each time tasting better than the one before it. It had been worth the risk of getting caught to make her cum this many times for me.

I was now satisfied. I stood up, took the dong off, pulled on my skirt and untied her. She crawled up in a ball on the bed and I covered up her sexy body with the sheet on the bed. I took the blindfold from her and buried her face into the pillows and whispered in her ear, “if you tell anyone about what just took place, I will come back and the next time will be even worse for you. And if you think I will not find out, just try me Ali, and then you will become my sex slave for the rest of your life. Remember that this was just a dream, not a nightmare.” I kissed her on her cheek before leaving.

As I left and drove away, my thoughts were filled with excitement, as I knew that I would be back real soon for her, being she talked a lot. Her friends were next on my list.

The End

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