Friday, May 1, 2009

Sick and Twisted Minds 2

I had a very busy week and just did not have much time to write more of this story earlier this week. I got home a couple hours ago and wrote this second part. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will continue the next part tonight and hopefully get more of it posted here this weekend.

Part 2

What is the perfect sex slave like?

After an average of 4 years training, her mind erased of everything except dirty sex acts and dirty thoughts, whipped repeatedly, raped daily, forced into every known sexual experience known to exist, after countless trips to the mind altering room, which was extremely painful, the perfect sex slave should look like this rendering from one of the men here, who draws many of the girls in every position:

The picture above is of Slave Karlie. One of 5 perfect sex slaves here. She is twenty one, has had her tits enlarged, her nipples stretched to their new position - which stay erect 24/7- her mouth restrained to accept any size cock, her legs permanently chained, her arms and wrist permanently bound, her collar permanently locked, her whole body shaved except her head, and she begs to be raped. She is the perfect sex slave. Her pussy and ass have dildoes inserted in them while not having sex. This is what every girl here will be like, is like now, will be trained to be, or she will die.

Karlie was seventeen when they grabbed her from a beach while on vacation with her parents. Her pert little nipples, tight little ass, snug little camel toe through her little bikini is what got their attention quickly. Within 5 minutes after seeing her, she was in their van, bound tightly for her new life as a sex slave.

Now, four years later, she begs to be raped, begs to drink cum, does everything that is asked of her. She never hesitates, just does as she is told. She is the example of what the others should be like. They prance her around in front of the others, showing her off, humiliating her, reminding the others they must become like Karlie, or they will die. They don’t have much of a choice, but death was far better, as being tortured was the worst.

Karlie’s mind is free of her past. They have cleared her mind of everything and everyone. Sex is the only thing she knows about now. Cruel sex!


Morning came fast for Julie, as the door swung open suddenly and slammed against the wall, “get the fuck up slut!,” yelled Jake. Julie was startled by the slam of the door and the yelling.

“Get the fuck out of that bed slut!” She looked over and saw a bearded man standing their with a whip in his right hand, “get up or I will beat you slut!” Jake was pissed, “get up now god damnit!!” Julie got up as fast as she could.

“Get against the wall facing it slut!” Jake walked over behind her, studied her little body standing in the sexy garment they laid out for her.

“Very nice ass you have slut. You look so hot in them heels too. I’m going to enjoy being with you today.”

Julie was scared hearing him talk the way he was too her.

“Turn around and face me slut.” Julie turned around with her ass pressing against the wall.

“I have something for you slut,” Jake jerked his hand up to her mouth and inserted a cock ring gag into her mouth, pressed it in tightly, then strapped the buckle around her head. Julie just whimpered and sighed as her mouth was now wide open, not knowing what was happening to her. He grabbed her by the hair and flung her over to the bed.

“Sit slut!” While she sat down she could hear the sound of a zipper. Jake was unzipping his fly, then pulled out his mammoth twelve inch prick and started stroking it in front of her face.

"Oh yeah slut, you are making me hot for you. Watch my cock rise just for you.” Julie was face to face with his cock, as it grew bigger and bigger by the second.

“Suck me off slut!” Julie knew what he wanted but she hesitated.

“Suck me off baby, give me head, suck me like your life depended on it, which it does by the way.” Her sad eyes looked up to him, mouth wide open, saliva dripping out, “move your head over here and let my cock slide into your hot little mouth slut.” Julie moved forward a bit and watched as his huge cock head went into her wide open mouth. She felt the warmth of his cock slide to the back of her throat and she gagged a little.

“Take it all in baby. Let it slide down your throat.” Jake was known for his deep throating abilities, and Julie was about to find out the hard way how much of an expert he was at it.

“Lay down on your back.” Julie laid down as his cock popped out of her mouth, then it went back in as she laid out flat on her back.

“I want to cum down your throat little one, so start sucking my cock and don‘t stop until I say so, got it?” Julie nodded as his cock began to go further into her throat. He paused as she gagged, then slid more into her throat. Julie gagged some more as saliva leaked from the corners of her mouth, her gagging and making gurgling sounds, as his cock kept traveling down her throat.

Her chest was heaving up and down, her breathing heavily through her nose, as his cock kept going down and down, until his balls were pressing against her chin. She had his entire cock down her throat, her eyes watered and looking at the rapist. He just let his cock rest in her throat. She could feel his heart beat through his cock, which was pressing against her vocal chords. She could not breathe at all. She began to cry and worry he was going to kill her, and just then he pulled his cock back just enough so she could get some fresh air. She took two deep breaths and down his cock went again, sliding down into her throat.

“Suck me bitch!” She did her best, but with the cock gag and not being able to breathe, she was having a very hard time sucking him.

“Suck me! Suck my cock bitch!” He reached back and grabbed her right nipple and gave it a twist. Her eyes showed the pain, but she never said anything, as she couldn’t.

“Suck me if you want some air.” Tears filled her eyes, snot was forming in her nose, saliva was dripping down her face and she wanted to breathe so bad. He had her entire air supply cut off. She did her best to suck him.

“That’s a little better.” Jake slid his cock out of her mouth entirely. Julie took gulps of air, trying to catch her breathe.

“You need a lot of training, so that is what I will be doing with you today, teaching you to properly suck and deep throat a cock. By the time I finish with you, you will be able to swallow me with no problems at all.” The look in Julie’s eyes was worry and being scared to death. Jake was one mean son of a bitch and showed little mercy.

“Once I get some cum down your throat and into your belly a few times, you might and I mean might, get a break the rest of the night. If not, then you and I will be having a very long night together.”

With the gag still in her mouth, Jake left the room for a couple minutes. Julie laid on the bed breathing deeply, having just taken that huge cock down into her throat. As the horror of it crossed in her mind, she wept silently to herself knowing she had to please this monster the best way she could.

The door flung open again and as she looked over at it, she saw his enormous cock first as it was rock hard, as the rest of his body entered and closed the door. Julie looked down at his hand, as he had something in it. 'What was it?' She thought to herself.

Jake walked over to his little slave, opened his hand so she could see what he had brought her. "I brought you something to remind you that you are mine and you will do everything I tell you, and just in case you forget that, this little gift should keep your mind where it belongs."

Julie's eyes darted directly into his open hand and her eyes grew so large, they looked as though they would burst, as the sight of what he had brought her, was pure horror to her. She shook with fear as she stared into his hand, not wanting to believe what he was showing her. Her eyes traced up his body to meet his eyes, him smiling the whole time.

"Do you like my gift to you? Does seeing this make you want to do everything I tell you to do?"

Julie nodded slowly at him, agreeing to his scare tactic, which always worked on girls like her.

She looked back at his open hand, fresh blood trickling down his arm, as her eyes were glued to the freshly cut out tongue that had a tongue piercing in it.

"If you want to keep your little tongue, then you will suck me properly, or this is what will happen to you." He shoved the tongue in her face making her see it more closely. "It's fresh too...Slave April just had it cut out of her as she didn't want to do as she was told. Are you going to be like her and force me to cut out your tongue slut!?"

Julie's head nodded in agreement very quickly now, as the thought of having her tongue removed made her shake with a fear...a feeling she had never felt before.

"Good....then open your throat to me and show me that you want to keep you little tongue slut. Do a good job, or else...." He had the tongue between two fingers as it dangled in front her.

Julie was gurgling as her throat accepted his engorged cock. She sucked him in as deep as it would go, causing her to gag and cough. Tears formed in her eyes immediately as his cock pushed in deep, then back out, then back down into the deepest part of her throat. Her nose was pressed against the veins under his cock, his balls dragging against her chin as his cock went in out in a very slow rhythm. Every time his cock escaped past her lips, it brought out a long strand of saliva from her throat, as he would then just push his cock back in, forcing the strands to follow suit. Her chin was covered in slimy slippery saliva, all being brought up from within her. The pace never stopped as his cock surged inward, paused for about ten seconds in her throat, then backed its way out, Julie breathing in deeply with loud grunts for air each time. Feeling his cock in her throat made her feel worthless, as she could do nothing but be his slut.

“That’s it slut, yess, that’s my little slut.” With her eyes wide, him glaring deep into them with each stroke, he began licking his lips at her. “Oh yes, take it deep into your gullet slut. Suck my head with your throat.”

The force of pressure on his cock head told him she was complying to his wishes. She had never done anything like this, but she did what he said no matter what. She squeezed her throat muscles tight as they squeezed his cock with an incredible feeling for him. The more she did it, the longer he left his cock in her sucking and fucking throat.

“Oh yes, your throat feels more like a virgin pussy slut. So tight and so pleasurable.”

Gagging for air, pleading in her eyes to let her breath, Jake pulled his cock from her throat and let her take in a few gulps of air. Her chest moved upward and downward in a forcible type of motion, then his cock quickly sunk back down into her awaiting gullet, Julie squeezing him harder this time, making him moan deeply.

“Keep doing that slut. Squeeze your new lover. Make you new lover love you back.”

Her eyes were forced to look at his cock with each thrust into her mouth, her darting tongue licking the underside of it each time it passed, saliva building more heavily in her mouth now. Tears flowed down her face onto the already damp mattress from her liquidly eyes. She whimpered and gagged at the same time, wondering if he would ever stop.

The minutes turned into an hour now, Jake ever so slowly raping her throat. He wanted this slow pace for the ultimate climax. The slower he went with each girl, the more cum he would produce, and he wanted to fill her gullet with as much seed from him that he could. He wanted her to drown in his cum.

The sucking and gurgling of Julie continued for another long hour of agony for her, her throat burning and aching from the torture. Jake suddenly grabbed her head with both his hands and began to forcibly fuck her face, driving his cock into her with force, making Julie grunt with each thrust of his hips, his knees driving into the mattress, thrusting as much as his cock he could into her throat. He paused for the longest thirty seconds of Julie’s young life, making her partially suffocate on his thick rod.

“Yes my little baby slut, spread your legs wide as I fuck your throat. Show me you want me to cum down your throat slut. Squeeze the cum from within me with your throat slut.” Jake reached behind him with one hand, as Julie spread her legs, shoved her thong to the side, and then forced his middle finger deeply into her damp pussy. “So warm and wet baby slut. Such a nice tight pussy for my little throat fucker.”

Julie winced a little as he fingered her slit. His cock was ready to explode as she could feel it getting larger and larger, Jake ramming his cock in her, pausing, pulling it out, then ramming it back in. His finger was going in out, his cock surging deeper and deeper, his balls tightening tighter and tighter against him. He was near. He was close. He was ready.

Jake pulled his finger from Julie’s snatch, grabbed her head with both hands again, and gave her one last thrust and his balls exploded. Julie’s eyes grew wide as she felt the first warm spurt of cum. With her mouth wide open, his cock deep in her throat, another violent explosion leapt from his cock, sending another sickening mouthful of cum down her throat. She was unable to swallow as his cock kept her throat open, pouring his cum down into her stomach. Rush after rush of cum flowed down into her. She had no time to even taste it, as she had no control of where his cum went. With her body begging for air, Jake pulled him cum covered cock from her throat and Julie took one long intake of air, and that was all he would let her have as he drove his cock back into her throat and shot another three loads of cum down into her belly. He let his cock rest in her throat as it dripped the remaining cum he had produced, making her take every drop into her soon to be aching tummy.

Feeling thrilled and smiling at Julie with a big grin, Jake inched his cock out of her throat letting it lay just inside her mouth. “Lick my piss hole with your hot little tongue slut.”

Julie’s tongue darted in and out of his cum hole, tasting the salty liquid that had just been deposited into her, nausea quickly about to overpower her, as the last drop of cum dripped out onto her tongue. Her eyes told him what he wanted to know from her.

“Very nicely done baby slut. That was the best throat fuck ever. You learn quickly and you will be rewarded for it.”

Rewards had to be earned. Food had to be earned. Being able to pee had to be earned as well.

“Being you did as you were told, I will let you sleep with me tonight and then we can work on that tight pussy of yours tonight together. How does that sound baby slut?”

Julie was again in a state of denial, knowing her reward for pleasing him only earned her a night of rape with this beast.

End of part 2


Alicia Kinomoto said...

Hot story!
A question, mate: where is the drawing from?
Beautiful blog. Cheers!

lustyho said...

I'm happy you like it here, thanks.

The drawing was in four pieces from a website template I copied a couple years ago. I just put the pieces together and made it whole again. I know they came from a bondage website but I don't remember which one. I will have to find the original images that I have somewhere then I can tell you, as the website name is on one of the images.