Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sick and Twisted Minds 4

I said this one could be quite long, and it is. I enjoyed writing this part, and I even came up with a new tool along the way that made a certain person in this story scream like never before. hehe I had my panties down once during a couple of these parts, as I read this back to myself. I love to masturbate while reading my stories. I hope you do as well too. There will be a part 5, so stay tuned.

Part 4

April’s tongue less mouth was slurring out words, being she could no longer say the words properly. Her tongue was swollen, jagged, and deeply bruised as Jake picked her up and placed her on the cold seven foot metal table across the room. He immediately grabbed her left ankle with force and used a leather strap to tie it in place in the eyelets bolted to the corners of the table. Next, he tied her right ankle in place, tying it as tight as he could. The pressure of the leather straps dug into April’s thin ankles, causing her to cry out as he stretched the leather tight. Her small wrists were tied next, April fighting at Jake as he forced each one towards the eyelets and tied each one as tightly as he could as well.

April was displayed open for him now. Her legs were stretched out tight in a V, her arms following the same path as her ankles, her eyes roaming around the room watching Jake’s every move. Jake walked over above her head and strapped her head down onto the table, which kept her head from moving side to side and upwards. All April could see was her small pert nipples pointing upward and her chest going up and down from her heavy breathing. Her pussy was in full view too, slightly spread open just enough to see the inner sides of her sweet lips. She looked so delicious to him now.

“Where shall we start April? I will let you decide where you want me to start by pointing to a few areas of your body. Shall I start with your little nips or how about I start with your tight little pussy? Which one do you like best, huh?”

Baby sounds came from her mouth as her tongue would not let her pronounce words like she used to be able to do.

“I will leave the gag out being you can’t say much now. I actually want to hear you suffer baby. I want to hear you begging me to torture your sweet little body.” Jake was saying this to her as he stared at her pink puss. It was like he was talking to it and not her.

April fought at her binds, which only made them tighter, as Jake had pre-soaked them in water. She shook her head from side to side slurring out the word no with each move of her head.

“No? You don’t want me to torture you?”

She kept saying no over and over…..

“That’s too bad baby, because I love torturing little girls like you. It get me extremely horny too. You mean you don’t want me to get you excited either baby doll? You will like it, I guarantee it.” He smiled widely at her as he said that.

Jake walked over to the cabinet on the opposite side of the room, April’s eyes following him as he returned.

“Being I like my girls bald, you are going to get a fresh shave. I will start with your pussy and get them pubes shaved completely off and then I’m going to shave your scalp. What do you think of that sweetie?”

Pleading with her eyes and shaking her head no, Jake raised the straight edge blade up to her face, “sharp ain’t it?”

Her teary eyes looked at the blade as he slowly lowered his hand down to her puss. “mmmm, you are going to like being bald. It feels so good.” He glided the blade over her lightly brown hairs, letting the blade scrape them off with no cream either. He was an expert with a blade, but if it did cut her, he didn’t really care. “Does it feel good baby?” Her whimpering told him what he wanted to know. “Just a few more scrapes and your pussy will be all smooth and then you will feel a coolness between your legs.”

April again fought at her binds, “fighting it will only make this worse, so just relax as I turn your pussy into the fuck box it should be.” Jake studied her pussy as he removed the last hairs, “why girls have hair down here I have always wondered about. Pussies should always be bare and smooth, just like yours is now.”

Liking what he saw, Jake caressed his hand over her freshly shaven pussy area, lightly letting his middle finger slip between her lips, giving her a small sensation. “You like that don’t you? I can tell from the tingles on your legs.”

April knew it felt good, but she could never say it did.

“Maybe I should just fuck you right now and give you the banging of your life before we start my experiments on you, what do you think April, should we just skip the next phase and just fuck each other like wild animals?”

He waited for any kind of sound from her mouth as he continued sliding his finger up and down the opening of her now warm pussy. “Well? Cat got your tongue or something? Ha Ha bitch. You want it don’t you? Yes you do, you want my fat cock deep inside you so you can feel my hot cum gushing in you while you cum on my cock. Yes, you want to get ravaged by me, don’t you?”

April was disgusted with his chosen words, filthy words she despised and hated. Her upbringing taught her to be polite to everyone. You know, the typical christian upbringing that virgins always claim to be until they get married. She knew she was helpless in the hands of Jake. She also knew he would harm her further if she refused anymore of his demands. Did she have a choice?

“Tell me you want a good fucking baby. Just blink three times telling me you want to get your virgin pussy fucked with my huge fucking cock.” His tone began to change the more he spoke to her. “You may as well just tell me to rape you, because I’m going to rape you eventually anyway. This way, you get to decide if you want it now or later?”

Saying something from her mouth, drooling saliva and small droplets of blood, it sounded as though she said yes, but he wanted to know for sure.

“Was that a yes? Blink three times telling me you said yes.”

April dribbled more saliva from the corner of her mouth, then blinked three straight times, her eyes glued to him as her eyes opened on the third blink.

“That was the right decision to make my little virgin pet, but first I must shave your head so I can fully enjoy fucking your hot slit.”

April began to shake her head side to side again, not wanting to lose her beautiful and silky, middle of her back, brown hair. She had spent years getting it to the sexy style she had it in. She watched Jake move above her, razor in hand. He set the razor down on the table above her head, walked over to the cabinet and returned with a pair of scissors.

Locks of April’s hair began to fall to the ground as Jake quickly cut threw it. After he was finished cutting off what he could with the scissors, he sprayed a huge glob of shaving cream on April’s head, spread it all over her head, then become to slowly scrape the hair from her with the straight edge. Tears flowed down April’s face as she watched her hair fall to the ground, then felt the cold blade streak across her head swiftly. Within five minutes, Jake had removed all of her hair, “now that feels good baby. Nice and smooth just like your pussy.”

Jake came to her right side and faced her, “I think you look very sexy now baby. Now we have to get rid of those eyebrows too. I don’t want any hair on you, which includes your eyelashes too.”

April’s worrisome eyes follow the tweezers, as Jake begins his next task.

Pluck by pluck, Jake yanked April’s eyelashes out causing her tremendous pain in her eyelids. He then shaved off her eyebrows, lifted her arms and shaved her armpits clean too. She was now totally hairless.

“Oh yes, hairless and hot. You are going to make me cum a gallon my sweet little slave. Look at my cock reacting to you. It wants you, and it wants you badly too.”

Jake walks over to the intercom on the wall by the door and pushes button 3, “Mark, have slave Karlie bring Julie and Lisa down to ward four please, and I will need your assistance as well, if you would like to join us.”

A long pause.

“I’ll be right there Jake. Is your experiment ready?”

Jake grins at Mark’s response, “oh yes, she is primed and ready now.”

Jake releases the intercom button and walks back over to April, “fun time now sweet cheeks.”


Slave Karlie is sitting in her room reading a book on severe bondage. Her master requires her to read harsh books on torture methods when she is not serving him, to better prepare her for her future life as a dominate bitch.

The speaker in her room hums slightly, then she hears his voice, “Karlie, you are to gather slaves Julie and Lisa. Bring them both to ward four. Have them both prepared for a silent visit. Do you understand?”

Karlie stands up immediately and respond with, “yes Master. I understand my orders, Master.”

Karlie moves swiftly, not wanting to displease him. She serves Master Mark now and she will do anything and everything to please him. She slips on her high heels and hurries down the hallway.

Lisa is laying on a wooden table, her body badly bruised and used. She is now resting from her twelve hour ordeal of being raped in her ass by every man in this place, many of them more than once. The look on her face is a mixed look of denial and of being raped. Women have a look about them after being raped. This look was all over Lisa’s young face. A look of defeat.

Karlie enters the room where Lisa is resting, walks over to her and releases her from her binds. A small voice escapes Lisa’s throat, “are here to me? P..please help me.”

Karlie doesn’t respond. Instead, she raises Lisa up to a sitting position on the table, inserts the large red ball gag that is laying on the table next to the table into her mouth and straps it to Lisa’s head. Lisa is moaning as she is horrified at what Karlie has just done. Karlie then cuffs her wrists together in front of Lisa with the handcuffs that have a long chain attached to it, stands Lisa up on her feet, and shoves her toward the door. Karlie never makes eye contact with Lisa.

Karlie opens the door and leads Lisa down the hallway like a dog in tow. Karlie stops at the next room and opens the door. Before her, Julie is tied to her bed, still in the same position Jake left her in hours before. Karlie leads Lisa into the room and motions for her to stand next to the door. Karlie proceeds over to the cabinet across the room and gathers the items needed and turns to face Julie. Julie’s eyes are fixed on what Karlie was about to do, something she didn’t expect, as she glanced over at her friend Lisa, noticing the look on her face, knowing she had been badly abused. Lisa’s eyes never looked up from the floor to view Julie, as she was ashamed and horrified at the same time.

Karlie proceeded with her task at hand, her orders were to present these two in a silent mode, which she fully understood from her years of training. Karlie leaned over Julie and released her bindings, positioned her in the sitting position, removed the ring gag from Julie’s stinky cum soaked mouth, then inserted the large red ball gag, just like Lisa’s, and strapped it to her head. Karlie stood up and lifted Julie up to her feet, handcuffed her hands and hooked them to the chain that was attached to Lisa’s cuffs. Without hesitation or speech, Karlie motioned for them both to follow her. Clicking sounds from all the girls high heels could be heard down the hallway, as Karlie led the girls behind her to ward four, a room neither of the girls would ever forget or ever want to go to ever again in their lives.


“I have a special treat for you today my darling April,” Mark was right in April face, “you are going to be the center of attention for all my new slaves. Oh yes, you are going to be showing them what it’s like to be a natural born slave. You will also be experiencing things in your body you have never felt before. Good feelings and some very bad feelings too. Pain will be your lesson today. Severe pain. Mind boggling pain. You will experience pain so bad that you will actually enjoy it, as your body will go numb and it will defy you.”

There was no way to describe the look on April’s face. Her long moans from her torn out tongue mouth is all that could be heard. Hearing his words made her cringe in pain just to hear he was about to torture her and cause her much harm.

A knock sounded on the door, “This slave wishes to enter thy room master. I have the two in tow that was demanded of me to bring here.” Karlie spoke for the first time.

“You may enter, slave.”

Karlie opens the door and drags her two sluts into the room.

“Very nicely done Karlie. Sit them down in these chairs next to our experiment.”

Karlie speaks and motions for both Lisa and Julie to sit, “sit down sluts.”

Both sit down quickly, then they see her. What they both see before them horrifies them.

April’s swollen mouth gets Julie’s attention first, as she notices where that tongue came from that was shown to her earlier. A sickness comes over her as she sits and watches April in the position she is in, bound tightly down, spread wide, helpless, her head shaved bald, April’s face telling her she might be next, and thinking to herself what they were about to witness.

“Welcome to ward four my new trainees.” Jake was pleased to have an audience. He worked better with others present, mainly with sexy little bound girls, to show them what torture was and for them to witness what torture was with their own eyes. “Here we have April before us. She is a worthless fuck hole that disobeys orders and thinks she should be treated differently, so today, she will be my new experiment for girls who like to disobey. She will be the example of what will happen to you,” now looking over at Julie and Lisa, “if you disobey orders. April was given many chances, but being she refused me, I’m going to start with something that will forever be remembered by the two of you little sluts. Remember what you will see before you little sluts, or you will be on this table next if you disobey.”

Lisa and Julie watched and listened to his every word, tears streaming down their faces, with horror stricken eyes staring at April, knowing she was going to be subjected to a harsh treatment. Somehow, Julie and Lisa knew she was going to be in pain, a pain that would be permanently burned into their little brains. A reminder to forever obey.

The door opens again and Mark enters the room, “Just in time brother, I’m about to start the experiment.” Jake smiles at Mark as he enters the room and takes a seat behind Julie and Lisa.

“Karlie, I want you to be April’s first. Go over to the storage cabinet and put on item number eight that is hanging just inside the door.” Items in the cabinet were labeled with numbered tags, all quite different from each other. Karlie walks over to the cabinet and opens the door. She looks inside and takes the item with number eight on it off its hook, and straps it on. “When you are finished putting it on Karlie, place yourself at April’s feet.” Jake watched as Karlie did as she was told and walked over to April. April’s eyes were fixed on the object. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to look at either. It was huge to her young eyes. It made her squirm with fear.

“Karlie, get up on the table and kneel at April’s feet.” Karlie lifted herself up onto the table, the huge metal studded dildo bobbing in the air as she positioned herself. Jake walks over to Karlie, “now lay on her and rape her virgin twat. Shove your big metal cock in her and make her feel you.” The studs alone April would feel the most as they stuck out a good half inch and they were sharp too. Karlie laid down on top of April, both smooth bodies now resting together, Karlie positioning the metal dong with her right hand at the opening of April’s virgin hole. “Shove it in her Karlie. Rape her!” Jake demanded Karlie to do as he said much loader. “Get busy slave, rape her!”

Karlie looked into April’s eyes and she shoved the metal pussy slayer into her, heaving her hips upward, burying it deep inside her as it tore through her hymen and the sides of her untouched pussy lining. April took a deep breath as the metal rape tool pierced into her with great force, pain developing within her like a sharp knife being jabbed inside her. Being unable to scream, a loud groan came from within April’s gagged mouth, a sound that made the whole room of onlookers take notice to immediately. Jake never left Karlie’s side, “that’s it slave, rape her and make her your own. Make her regret disobeying us. Make her feel you making love to her. Make her cry for you Karlie.”

Karlie reared back, pulling the blood soaked metal dong out, then rammed it back inside. April’s stomach rose and sank with each thrust. A slow pace of agony enveloped April’s body, a searing pain that would stop and grew worse each time Karlie slammed into her. “Squeeze her nipples as you rape her Karlie. Make her realize you are the boss here.”

April’s body was shaking and quivering with each deep thrust from Karlie, violent streaks of pain tearing within her, the ripping and tearing dong doing what it was designed to do, which was tear her pussy apart inch by inch.

As the audience watched, Mark reaches over with his right hand and begins squeezing Lisa’s nipple. With his left hand he begins squeezing Julie’s nipple. The more they all watch the rape in front of them, the more Mark pinches and pulls on the young pert nipples, nipples he loves more than the others. “Yes, keep your eyes on the show before you my young sluts. You will both learn your place here today. If not, then you will be where April is now.” Both listened to Mark, but never took their eyes away from what was happening before them.

Karlie kept up the same agonizing thrusts into April’s now torn pussy. Blood was dripping from the sides of her young cunt, the metal studded dong tearing inward and outward, spreading her wider with each pounding. “Okay, that’s enough for right now Karlie, you may stop now.” Jake had Karlie stop as he wanted to move on to the next step.

Karlie pulls the dong out and gets off the table. Blood is dripping off the dong in a slow dripping motion, like rain from a tree limb after a good downpour. Jake leans down to April’s spread open pussy, “yes, you did a good job on her pussy Karlie. I’m proud of you slave.” Jake stands up straight and looks right at Karlie. “Would you like to taste your victim slave?” Karlie nods at him, “yes sir, this slave wants to please you.” With that said, Jake motions for Karlie to proceed. Karlie comes over to April’s side, leans over her pussy and begins to lap at her pussy with her tongue. “Drink her slave. Make her apart of you as you drink her blood.” Karlie licks at April’s pussy like she was a cat drinking milk from a bowl, savoring the taste and texture of the blood she had extracted from the young girl. “That’s virgin blood slave. It will make you strong and compliant.”

The sight before Julie made her stomach churn. ‘Who are these people?’ She thought this to herself. Lisa wasn’t feeling much better either, as Mark continued his kneading of the soft nipples, rolling them between his fingers, making them both erect and hard, each growing larger, each girl getting an erotic feeling within themselves as he played with them.

“Stick your tongue all the way in her Karlie. Place your mouth over her pussy and suck her. Suck her dry slave!” Never wanting to ever end up like April, Karlie always did as they told her to do. She never hesitated, she never back talked, she never would disobey, and only because she could not remember her training sessions. She was once just like April, but they had changed her. They had made her what they desired. Her mind erased of her past, it was the only life she knew existed for her.

Jake was very pleased with Karlie, “you my dear slave have performed like a slave should always act, and you shall be rewarded for your acts today. You will report to ward three tonight at midnight for your special reward, and do not be late either.” Karlie looked at Jake, “yes sir and thank you sir, I will be on time sir.” Jake smiled at her, “have a seat next to your master, behind our guests, Karlie.” Karlie walked over to sit, the bloody dong still strapped to her as she sat down. Mark looks over at Karlie, “very nicely done my dear slave.” Karlie glances at him, “thank you, master.” Being you did such a good job, I’ll let you and Lisa sit together as we watch the next experiment. Lisa, come sit on Karlie‘s lap.” Lisa stands and walks behind her chair. “Place the dong in her ass as she sits Karlie. Sit down Lisa!” Lisa slowly works her way downward as the studded dong glides into her used and opened asshole until it is well embedded in her as she sits in Karlie’s lap. “She is yours to do as you wish to her Karlie. Lisa is now your slave my dear.”

With both hands now free, Mark takes both of Julie’s nipples into his hands and gives them both a good tug upwards, “now I can concentrate of you baby slut. Do you like me squeezing your nipples, making them all hard and excited for me?” Julie nods her head in agreement. “Good, now enjoy the show before you.”

Jake has now gotten a special tool from the cabinet, his face close to April’s torn open pussy, his cock twitching to explore her, but not in her pussy. Her pussy was of no use to him or anyone else now. It would forever be closed, never to be filled ever again, never to be sexually excited, never to please a man for the rest of her young life.

“You see this don’t you April? Does it look dangerous? Does it look as though it would harm you?” April’s eyes never left the object before her. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it wasn’t going to pleasant to experience it. “This my dear slut is what I like to call a pussy closer. I designed it myself. It will seal your pussy so no one may ever enter it again, including yourself.” April was shaking her head from side to side, fighting at her binds. ‘Why was this happening to me?’ She thought to herself. “This is how it works, first I insert it in your hot little puss until it reaches a tempature of 210 degrees, then the sides open automatically once it reaches the correct temp., then your pussy lips are slowly attached to the sides of it and it slowly closes to seal them shut, as it heats them up and seals you shut like bounded skin.” April fought feverishly at her bindings, as Jake plugged in the object. “Only a small opening will be seen, just for your pee to escape and once the red light flashes, it will be ready slut. Are you ready?” Anger and fear was all April felt, as Jake inserted the object inside her pussy. “You will feel the heat increase by the second and you won’t like it either.” Jake smiled as he inserted the tool in her and then leaned back to admire his crafty tool go to work on her.

April could feel the warmth of the object. It felt soothing. It felt good to her, for now. A minute passes and April can feel the thing getting hotter. She was reliving the pain once again. The soothing sensation was now replaced with torturous pain. The fighting of her arms and legs told Jake she was heating up. He liked what he was witnessing too. He had only used the toll once before and it worked perfectly too. Lisa could not watch as Karlie slowly humped her ass up and down on her dong. Julie was motionless as she watched the torture before her, her own nipples now raw from Mark squeezing and rubbing them to the most erect size they had ever been.

The smell in the air was a smell that both Mark and Jake knew. It made them hornier. The smell to the girls was new. It was burnt flesh. The tool inside April’s pussy was burning and cooking her. Tears streamed from April’s eyes like a river, the pain too much for her to endure, not able to speak, not able to move, having to absorb the torture of her once hot little slit, she was going out of her mind from the pain.

The sides of the pussy closer opened, then the red light came on and blinked. Jake placed the clips on the object to each side of her pussy, and the tool slowly closed. It sent pain through April’s body like having her pussy in front of a flame thrower. Long groans came from within her gagged mouth, long seering and painful groans, groans only a girl with a tool like this in her pussy could make. No other sound could ever be made by anything else to make a girl groan this much. Watching closely, Jake watched his tool do its magic. It slowly closed her slit from top to botton, cooking the meat along the way, sealing her for good. The process was finished.

Jake unplugged the object and laid it next to her on the table, to let it cool down. It stunk of burnt flesh, him ready and eager to explore what the tool had done to April. He leaned down to examine her. “Oh yes, it worked perfectly. You are now all sealed up baby slut. What an incredible view this is too. Once you heal, your entire area down her will be smooth all the way to you ass. That’s the only hole you will be using from now on, your asshole.”

Slowly the pain subsided, as April began to get her senses back. “Did you enjoy that baby slut?” Jake peered down on her, “answer me!” She didn’t move a muscle. “Are you refusing to answer me now?” She still did nothing. “Well then, since you fail to obey once again, you give me no choice but to seal your mouth shut as well, since you don’t know how to use it properly.” Suddenly, April began to nod her head up and down, trying to say yes, “it’s too late now baby slut. Being you continue to disobey and being you did not learn anything yet, you give me no choice.” Jake plugs the tool back in, “see, this works on all kinds of lips slut. You are one hard headed bitch, I do know that. You will learn one way or the other, and being you like the other, I’m going to seal your second hole.”

Fighting like never before, April fought and fought at her binds. Nothing could prepare her for this next assault on her, nothing at all.

“Have you see the movie The Matrix, my little slut? If you have, do you remember when Neo had his mouth closed over with skin to keep him from speaking?” April slowly nodded, “that is how you are going to be once I’m done with you. Yes, your pie hole and disobedient mouth will forever be closed, just like your pussy is. You will serve us with one hole, your ass. I will feed you with a feeding tube while we pound your ass for days. Being you wont need a gag as you wont ever be able to speak and say anything, you will be the best obedient sex doll any man could ever buy. Yes, smooth flesh to fuck and rape whenever we feel like it. Hell, I can picture a whole army of new slaves like you. You will make those Real Doll fuck dolls worthless. Everyone will want to own a slave like you. Yes, a living sex doll that really moans and squeals as your ass is pounded with every size cock from all over the world. You could make us very rich. Yesss, this does give me an idea. Yesss, we could produce life sex dolls and sell them. What do you think of that Mark?” Mark was grinning from ear to hear, slowly kissing Julie on her neck, rolling her burning nipples between his fingers, “I like that plan a lot Jake. Can we really make that happen?”

Jake looked back down at April as the tool warmed up, “why not? Who’s going to stop us Mark? We can do whatever the fuck we want to do with all these girls, so why not make a profit of it somehow?” Mark licked the side of Julie’s face, “I would love to have you as my personal sex slave my sweet one, do you want to be my sex doll?” Julie, unsure on how to answer him knowing they might seal her holes shut, nodded her head up and down. “You will become a great one too Julie baby. I will make sure of that personally.” His long licks across her face and neck further disgusted her, but she knew her life was somehow over from the way she used to be. No more prim and proper. No more high class boyfriends. No more social parties. Sex doll. That’s all she could think now. ‘I’m to be a sex doll to a rapist.’

The gag was removed from April’s mouth, soon followed by the sealing object. A shreaking sound made everyone take notice to April, as Jake had the object in her mouth, her lips clipped to the sides of it, as it slowly sealed her mouth forever. Her loud screams turned to muffles, her upper and lower lips now sealed together, her blood shot eyes pouring out tears, her breathing intensified, she was now a speechless and gagless slut. “The pain will pass my dear. By this time tomorrow, you will be our first live sex doll. Get used to it and do as you are told, or I will remove your arms and legs next.”

Mark stood up and looked down to Karlie, “you may take Lisa back to your room to play with, then at midnight, you are to report to ward three for your reward, okay?” With Lisa in her lap, “thank you master. Shall I bring her with me tonight or return her to her room?” “She is yours Karlie. You do as you wish with her. I would suggest leaving her in your room tied while you are away.” Karlie nodded, slipped the dong out of Lisa’s bloody ass, and motioned for her to follow her to her room. “Come this way slave. Follow me closely or be punished. Do you hear me?” Lisa nodded.

“You have trained her well Mark,” Jake said as he looked on, “she is the perfect slave. I want one like her one day.” Mark looked over to his buddy Jake, “well, we have plenty here now that can serve you Jake. I know you like a certain type of girl…what about Julie here? I’m sure she would love to please you.” Jake liked her, but he wanted someone less like Julie, as she was obeying most of her orders. He wanted someone like April, but one who obeyed him like Karlie. They did have four other perfect slaves, but they were not Jake’s type. He would search for the one he liked the most in the coming months, as summer was soon coming and the beaches would be filled with young sluts.
“I’m going to take April to her new room and get her ready for her new purpose in life. I do believe our experiment of making her a live sex doll will work out better than I first thought it would Mark.” Mark lifted Julie onto her feet, “yes, she will make the perfect sex doll. Shall we meet tonight in ward three to try her out?” Jake grinned, “oh yes, she will be the perfect reward for our little princess Karlie. She deserves having some fun too and once she gets used to having Lisa all to her own, Karlie will then be just like us. We have succeeded with her training my dear friend Mark.”

Both pleased at what had just taken place, there first experiment complete, it was time for some rest. Mark led Julie out of the room, “you will now be spending you time here with me Julie baby. You are mine. Karlie was mine just like you will become, you will become just like her in time, but after much training. Let’s you and I spend some quality time together the next few hours. I want to explore you more.” Julie walked behind him, saliva dripping from her gagged mouth, knowing deep down inside that she was now the property of a rapist. She was owned, not free anymore, owned.

Jake untied April, lifted her up into his arms and took her to ward three. “This is your new home baby slut. You will never leave this room again for the rest of your life. You are now a living sex doll and you will please every man or woman that enters this room to fuck you. You will be bound in place on this specially designed table and you will lay on your stomach and have your ass ready at all times. I’m looking forward to the next phase of your training.” Jake tied April to the posts, positioned her ass so any person could fuck her at will. “I will let you heal for a day, then you are open for business. See you tomorrow baby slut.” With that said, he turns and slams the door behind him, leaving April in her own misery, open for an anal rape.

Karlie is now in her room with Lisa. She has replaced the metal dong with a rubber one, slowly fucking her new pet in her ass, knowing only Jake could have her pussy. “Mmm, you feel good Lisa. You and I are going to make beautiful lovers baby. Once I remove your gag, you will address me as Princess, do you understand me?” Lisa nods as Karlie removes the gag. “Look at me and tell me you understand.” Lisa looks deeply into Karlie’s eyes, “yes Princess, this slave understands you.” Karlie moves her hips briskly into her new lovers ass, “tell me to rape your ass Lisa. Tell this princess to butt fuck you.” Feeling the pressure in her ass, acknowledging what was being asked of her, “rape me in my ass Princess. Butt fuck me Princess.” Beautiful sounds escape Lisa’s lips that sooth Karlie’s ears, as they both rock back and forth together as the night slowly slips by, awaiting the midnight hour for Karlie’s reward.

Slurping sounds escaped Jake’s room, Julie between his legs sucking on his mammoth cock, swirling her tongue over the head of his cock over and over, sending waves of pleasure through Jake’s body. His hands are on both sides of Julie’s head, up and down, all around, her head moves and spins as she sucks his cock like a pro. She knew she had to please him to survive here, so she decided to give him the one thing she knew how to do, a good cock head sucking.

With the day about finished, fucking going on in many of the rooms, the stroke of midnight almost upon them, each person being summoned to ward three prepared themselves. Proper attire was being put on, high heels being slipped on, special wardrobes being readied, the time was now…it was reward time.

End of Part 4


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A live sex doll? The picture in my mind of this is priceless. You have any men sex dolls too? hehe