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Sick and Twisted Minds 5

Can you believe my fucking computer died? Anyway, I got a new one and I had to re-write this part being I lost the other one. I'm not sure if this story will have an ending right now. I'm writing part 6 next and there could be a couple more parts after that. I'm just enjoying writing this story and playing with myself a lot right now. Happy reading my evil fans!

Part 5

An hour before midnight…..

Jake, Mark, and Sam are sitting in ward one discussing the coming events.

Mark turns to Jake, “tell me something, can we really make all these girls into living sex dolls, I mean actual living and breathing sex dolls, Jake?” Sam looks on listening to Mark and Jake turns to answer, “yes we can. I know this doctor I met awhile ago who can help us out. He told me once about paralyzing some girl he grabbed off the street and made her endure repeated rapes for years. He made it where she couldn’t move any of her legs and arms, but she could feel everything though. All he did was feed her, as she could breath on her own, but she was unable to move. He taught me how to instantly paralyze someone, but not the part of actually keeping the girl alive by her breathing on her own without a respirator or something.”

Sam’s eyes were large as he listened to all of this, “so if this happens Jake, are we planning on doing this to all the girls here, or just selected ones?” Sam was very interested in this, just as his cock was, which was growing by the second thinking of this crazy idea.

Jake looks over at Mark, then over to Sam, “well, I was thinking we could do this to all the younger ones, the ones eighteen to twenty, and being we would have a doctor here, maybe we could change them some to what people like, like maybe bigger boobs on some of them, some with extra large nipples, some with ass use only, some with pussy use only and some for every use. We will have to make sure none of them get pregnant on most of them too, except for the ones, or buyers, that want them left intact. What do you two think?”

Mark was very eager, “well dudes, I’m all for this. As soon as you can get this doctor friend of yours here, the better. I’m eager to try this out. Do you think this doctor would do this for us, Jake?”

“I can just about guarantee he would love to do this for us. I know for a fact he is looking for a place like what we have here and he would be a huge addition here too, being he could experiment with all of the special things he knows to do to people. The last time I spoke with him, he was laying low for awhile being he thought the police were onto him. As hidden as we are here, I think if I called him in the morning, that he would be here by tomorrow afternoon. I do know he loves to play with girls and make them do strange things after he is with them, so I say let’s call him and invite him to join us.”

Sam grinned at that statement, “I’m with Mark, the sooner he gets here the better man. I’m picturing in my mind this sweet thing we have here that I would love to try this on, make her my own living doll, fuck her when I want, and she can‘t say, feel, or do anything about it….he needs to get here now!” Laughing at his own remark, Sam motions to the door, “shall we meet here in the morning after reward?”

Jake and Mark head into the hallway joining Sam, all walking toward ward three, “let’s all have the time of our lives tonight and tomorrow we start of new trend here.” Mark said this to the other two.

Ward Three

“There she is. Hello April, how was your night dearest?” Jake said this to April, who was left in the room helpless and in a position to get ass fucked whenever someone wanted too. April tried to look to her side, but all she could see was shadows. She could hear footsteps behind her, “man, look at that ass. I’m going to enjoy nailing that tonight a few times.” Sam was staring into her dark shit hole, licking his lips at what he saw.

Jake looks over to Sam, “once Karlie gets here, we can get on with the festivities and then you can mount April’s tight ass all you want, you horny fucker.” A chuckle from all the rapists filled the room, each one feeling there throbbing cocks.

“What’s first for our newest partner tonight, Jake? What exactly do you have planned for Karlie is what I want to know.” Mark was very interested, being get togethers like this were rare between the three of them, as rewards were usually done with only one man.

“First I want to see how she does on her own. I plan on her coming here to this ward first, see how she performs with all of us, see how she does with April, then I’m going to have her go to Ward Eight and have one of our newest girls join her there, then see what Karlie does to her. I want her to show to us that she can be trusted. I want to see what she can do to a girl to make her a slave. I mainly just want to watch Karlie do what she has been trained to do, which is rape a girl and make the girl do whatever Karlie tells her to do.”

Mark nodded at Jake, “I think Karlie will work out great as I’ve seen her on video with Lisa just recently, as she raped Lisa with a strap on. That told me she knows only one thing, to be like us. She was getting into it too. I watched Karlie make Lisa cum. I was horny as hell after watching that too.”

Jake was kind of in agreeance, “yeah, I expected her to do well with Lisa being Lisa has been raped already and has been taught some things here, but I want to see Karlie with a fresh girl. A girl that has never been subjected to rape or torture, or any bad things. We need to know if she can truly be like us.”

Sam agreed, “yes, she needs to prove to us she can treat other girls like shit and make them do as she says. If she can’t get the upper hand with them, then Karlie should be killed. Isn’t this reward session really what this is about Jake?”

Jake looked right at Sam, “yes it is. Being Karlie has done everything we have asked to do without hesitation, this session is to see if she moves on with us or if she dies.”

Jake now sounded off, “I’m putting my money on Karlie. Even if she doesn’t perform perfectly, I want her kept alive and to be my personal slave if need be. I don’t think she will let us down at all guys. Believe in her.”

A knock sounded on the door, “This slave wishes to enter.” Karlie had arrived.

“Enter Karlie. Close the door behind you and come to the center of the room.” Jake would be commanding her.

Karlie walks over to the center of the room, her heels clicking on the floor as she walks. “You look mighty hot Karlie. Those bondage heels were made for your legs.”

“Thank you sir. This slave wishes to please her owners.”

“Karlie, you have been called upon by the owners of this place, myself, Mark, and Sam, to see if you have the potential to be one of us. This is your reward night, a night that will be determined by you, by what you do tonight. You will be given three different tasks tonight. Each one much different than the other. You will not be given any direction. You must pass all three tasks to be considered a leader here. Do you understand this so far?”

“Yes sir, this slave understands.”

“Your first task is to please your owners. Do you understand the first task?”

“Yes sir, this slave understands she must please her owners.”

Jake sits down in his chair as Karlie stands above him, “well, get busy then.”

Sam and Mark sit down on the floor, as Karlie begins to strip off her attire, leaving her heels on. A slave with no heels on is a punishable act, which she knew. Karlie kneels between Jake’s legs, pulls his sweat pants seam downward, takes his cock into her hands and gently moves it toward her open mouth. Slowly his cock enters her warm mouth, he lips kissing the head, her tongue licking his piss hole, as she sucks his cock inward more, as her other hand lightly squeezes his balls, making Jake feel incredibly good. Jake’s hands are resting on her hair, as her head bobs up and down on his shaft. She pulls his cock from her mouth, spreads her legs more, and turns toward Mark, “rape this slut sir. Plunge your cock in my ass. Rape my ass you fucking rapist!” Karlie turns back and takes Jake’s cock back into her mouth, sucking him in deeper with each breathe taken, his cock head now at the back of her throat.

Mark comes up behind Karlie, strips off his shorts, his cock twitching for her, then kneels down behind her. His takes his cock in his hand and directs it to her pink anus bud, letting the head of his rape tool glide over it. As turned on as Mark was, precum lubed her anus enough as he forced his prick into her tight ass. Karlie took in a huge breathe of air as Mark’s cock sank into her buns, then sucked all of Jake’s cock into her throat, literally swallowing his whole cock. Slow bumping motions made Karlie’s body move back and forth, Mark fucking her ass, making her tits swing in motion as well. Karlie pulled Jake’s cock from her throat, took in a deep breathe, then sucked him back down into her throat, never once gagging on it. Jake began to thrust his cock even deeper into her gullet, his balls aching for her.

Sam sat and watched the scene before him, stroking his cock, looking over at April’s open ass, then back to the fucking before him. He never once moved, just watched Karlie get pounded and watched April laying in wait for him.

Karlie again withdrew Jake’s cock, looked back at Mark, “rape me! Rape me with your big cock damnit! Making me your little fuck whore! Rape me! Rape me!” She sucked Jake’s back into her throat as Mark picked up the pace in fucking her hot tail. “Take it bitch! That’s it whore, take it!” Mark was blurting out to Karlie just like one of the girls he had raped, pounding his cock deeper and deeper into her.

Jake was looking at Mark as he fucked her ass, “don’t cum inside her if you can help it. Sam, get that glass on the table and bring it here. I want us all to cum in the glass, then Karlie can drink it to honor us by.”

Mark nodded as he kept pounding his rigid cock in and out, growing nearer to release.

With cock in hand, Sam goes and gets the glass and brings it back over to Jake.

Jake takes the glass and sets in down next to him, himself nearing a cum explosion.

Karlie was sucking, powerful long sucks on Jake’s cock, pulling his cock from her throat until just the head was in her mouth. Her tongue worked its way all around his purple knob, sinking her tongue deep into his piss hole, sucking it harder and harder, squeezing his mammoth balls to release its seed for her. She wanted it. She sucked like she wanted it desperately.

Mark was banging his cock in and out, “c’mon slut, fuck me back. Make me cum whore!” The more Mark thrusted in her, the more Karlie squeezed Jake’s cock and sucked him in with deep sucks. “That’s it whore, suck that cum out of me!” Jake was now yelling at her too. “You want it slut! Make me cum!”

Mark pulled his cock from Karlie’s wide open ass, grabbed the glass next to Jake, pointed his cock into the glass and erupted with a powerful force of cum. Another powerful gush of cum squirted into the glass, it’s slimy texture going to the bottom of the glass, as yet another rush of cum shot in. Three more large spurts of hot cum filled the glass to atleast an inch thick, with long strands of white streams of cum glistening down the side of the glass, all of it pooling together awaiting more from Jake.

As Jake watched Mark cum like a demon, his balls pulled upward, him forcing his cock from within Karlie’s eager lips, and pointed his cock into the glass, as one explosion right after the other filled the glass even more. The release was a feeling of pure lust, Karlie watching his final drips of cum leak down into the mixture, her eyes staring at the mixed cum drink. Jake looked at Karlie, “this will be yours after Sam adds his deposit.”

Karlie gets up, walks over to Sam, “rape my pussy sir. Make me be your fuck slut!” Sam needed no other guidance as he grabs Karlie and forces her on the floor, “spread your fucking legs slut! Get your legs wider!” Sam gets between her legs and let’s his cock glide into her awaiting wet hole. “Fuck me slut! I want you to fuck me, got it?”

Karlie thrusts her hips upward, sucking his cock in and begins fucking him, fucking him like a girl in heat. “Yes sir, this slut wants you. This slut will fuck you like a slut should sir.”

Jake gets up with the glass of cum, “watch this,” he says to Mark. He takes the glass over to April, grabs the funnel in the cabinet on his way over, places the small end tube of the funnel into April’s ass, then pours the mixed cum into her ass. “Does it feel good pouring in your ass bitch?” He lets all the cum drain into her, lifting the glass on end until all the cum has dripped in. “When you are ready to cum Sam, spurt it in Karlie’s mouth and don’t you swallow it either, got it?” Both nod as Karlie humps Sam’s cock in her.

“This is going to be fun to watch gentlemen. Karlie, you are going to get a special drink soon my dear.” Jake always came up with weird and strange things for the girls, and this special treat was one of his favorites.

Jake leans over to April, “if you even let one drop escape, I will skin you alive bitch.” April again feared for her life hearing the words skinned alive, because she knew he would do it. She could feel the cum in her ass and she fought herself in keeping it inside her.

“Yes Karlie, fuck him slut. Make him apart of you as you fuck him. Grind your hips into him. Make his cock apart of you slut!” Mark was loving what he was watching. Karlie’s hips were driving into Sam’s cock, raping herself against him. It was a sight like no other.

Sam was groaning deeply, he himself now driving his cock into Karlie, his large nuts slapping against her anus the whole time. “C’mon slut, make me cum! I want to cum in you!” Karlie was heaving upward, squeezing his mammoth cock in her pussy, her pussy muscles working over his cock trying to drain him. The more she squeezed Sam, the more he grunted and groaned in pleasure. “That’s it slut, yes, yes, ohhh yes, fuck me slut!”

Sam pulled out of her very fast and positioned himself over her awaiting mouth, “drink me slut. Take all my hot cum in your mouth!” Karlie had her mouth wide open, awaiting his powerful eruptions. The wait wasn’t long as a sudden rush of cum hit the back of her throat, then another hit against the roof of her mouth, then another, another, another, then a small spurt on her tongue. Sam pushed his cock in her mouth, “suck me dry slut. Suck it all out of me!”

Sam pulled his spent cock from her mouth, got Karlie up on her feet, “go over to where Jake is and don’t spill any cum.” Karlie stood up on her heels, walked over beside Jake, “spit it in the funnel slut. Fill her ass up.” Karlie leaned down and let the cum drain from her mouth. Globs of goo fell from her mouth and disappeared into April’s dark hole. “That’s it, let is all drip into her Karlie.” Jake began to massage Karlie’s ass cheeks as he watched Karlie let the cum in her mouth drip into the ass, until it all had drained out. “You can swallow what is left in your mouth Karlie.”

Karlie took a one gulp, then looked up at Jake, “very nice baby. You did a great job and you have passed task one. Two more to go.” Karlie took a step back as Jake went to the cabinet of toys and returned with a massive butt plug. “Karlie, take this and shove it in April’s ass.” April heard the words, but couldn’t see what was about to go in her butt. It wouldn’t take her long to figure it out as Karlie stepped forward and pushed the plug into April’s cum soaked shitbox. The plug went in easily as Karlie pushed the whole thing in. This particular butt plug had straps on it, which were attached to April so it wouldn’t fall out.

“Task two Karlie, I want you to punish April.” Jake stood behind Karlie and told her this. “Punish her like she just killed your family, got it?” Karlie nodded, “yes sir, this slave understands.” Karlie walks over to the cabinet, grabs the four foot cane, and returns behind April. The three men take seats behind Karlie. “It is up to you how April should be punished Karlie. You are in command. You do as you wish to her. You will be judged on your performance.”

Nothing else needed to be said, as the three men sat and watched, and April laid helplessly awaiting what Karlie was about to do to her. April could see nothing as her head was forced to face forward. She had no idea a cane, no more than half an inch thick, was about her to abuse her tender thighs and ass cheeks for a very long time. She would only know when she heard the whistling through the air sound, that her further abuse was not going to very pleasurable at all. Nothing could ever prepare a person for what was about to come. Even for the ones that allow it to happen in videos and pictures could never take the pain for a very long time. Imagine being helpless, your ass and thighs in full view, and you can’t do anything to stop it. Just put yourself where April is right now. Her pain will be your appetite for more.

Tender and fleshy white cheeks were pointed upward, soft and silky smooth skin, elegant longs legs that were sexy just to view, were about to become tender hot coals to its owner. No more smooth caresses of a tender young female, but cut, bruised, and bleeding skin begging to be released.

April hears the sound, a powerful sound slicing through the air, being guided by an evil witch, her eyes transfixed on white flesh. “Whack!” The first stinging blow strikes April on her left ass cheek. Being unable to move and speak, April has to endure the pain. A soundless scream tears threw April’s young body, “Whack!” Another powerful and stinging pain shoots through April. Tears begin to flow from her eyes, “Whack! Whack!” The cane cuts into April’s cheeks, red streaks now appearing. “Does it feel good slave?” Karlie speaks to her slave for the first time, “do you feel it slave?” April is in agony, her cheeks on fire, waiting and waiting for the next blow. “Being you refuse to answer me slave,” it’s that sound again, “Whack! Whack! Whack!” Three cutting blows sink into the tender flesh of her thighs. “Tell me you feel it slave!” Karlie wanted some kind of answer. “Whack! Whack!” Criss-crossing red streaks adorn April’s ass, “Tell me slave, can you feel it? Wiggle your ass telling me you feel it.” Slow motions of a wiggle appear, “Whack! Whack!” The pain was too much for April, “I said to wiggle it slave! Wiggle it like a slut! Show me you like it!” Not satisfied, “slave, you are hard headed. You will regret not answering me!” Karlie was now yelling at April. “Either wiggle you ass now or I will beat your ass until blood pours from it, it’s your choice you worthless piece of shit!”

Jake looked over at Mark, “I like what I see so far. I would say she has passed this task, but I want to see how far she will go before task three, how about you?” Mark agreed, “yes, I want to see how far she takes this too. Should be interesting to see what Karlie will do to her before we stop it, that is, if we stop it.” Jake glances at Mark again, “I don’t plan on stopping this at all. Sam?” Sam looks over at the both at them, “I hope she beats the skin off of her.”

“Well slave, answer me! You have ten seconds to shake your tail slave! You will be given no further warnings!” April was in so much pain she was unable to move. Her head was unable to move as it was held in place by the hood that was strapped to the table. She could do nothing. Her arms and legs were strapped down, she could move nothing but her ass, but she was unable to feel it at the time, only feeling painful sensations throughout her body instead. “Fine then slave, you give me no choice but to blister your ass. I feel no pity for you either. You are worthless. You deserve what I’m about to do to you. Only a worthless slave deserves this kind of agony.”

Tears flowed from April’s eyes as she awaited the torment of her once sexy ass. An ass guys longed for. An ass any guy would give a nut for. An ass no longer. An ass that would soon be a welted torn apart piece of meat at the hands of Karlie. Her owners would soon see what they had made. An evil bitch not like they had intended her to be, but was something they were going to enjoy for along time to come. The training had been worth it.

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!” A long pause. “Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!” another long pause. Now April’s right inner thigh, “Whack! Whack! Whack!” Now the left inner thigh, “Whack! Whack! Whack!”

This went on for another hour, blood now seeping from the wounds in April’s ass and thighs. Searing pain gripping April like Satan himself. Her ass cheeks were a bloody red streaked mess. “Wiggle your ass slave! Do it now!”

“Whack! Whack! Whack!” You either wiggle that ass of yours right fucking now or I roll you over and start on your titties next slave!” April moved her ass, wiggled it a little. “Whack!” She moved it more. “Wiggle it faster slave!”

Jake was pleased, “okay, that’s enough for now Karlie.” Karlie seemed disappointed. “Yes sir.” Jake took the cane from Karlie, “you did extremely well Karlie and you have passed task two.” Karlie smiled, “thank you sir. I enjoyed it sir.” Jake smiled back at her, “I’m happy you enjoyed yourself. You will have time later to finish with April.” Karlie smiled at what he said to her, “thank you sir, I love serving you sir.”

“Being you love serving us Karlie, you will join us for a little cocktail…whiskey for us, April’s ass for you.” Karlie looked down on the butt plug in April’s ass, “yes, it’s all yours Karlie. A special mixture now of our cum with her abuse. I’m sure you will enjoy it very much.” Jake had Sam release April so she could drain her ass into the glass.

“You may remove her butt plug Karlie.” Jake had been awaiting this pleasure to be. Karlie un-attached the plug and pulled the cum covered butt plug from April, the plug dripping with warm smelly cum, now mixed with bowel fluids. “Hold it up to your lips Karlie and lick it clean. Insert it in your mouth and suck it like you sucked me slut.”

Karlie never hesitated as she engulfed the plug and sucked it clean. She swallowed the juices and left it in her mouth taking in the aroma and flavor. “Does it taste good?” Karlie nodded as Jake lifted the glass full of cum and small pieces of shit. “This my dear is yours. Make sure you lick the glass clean too.” Karlie took the glass in her right hand and looked at it. The three men clicked her glass in a toast to what she has accomplished so far, then swallowed the shot glass of whiskey. “Your turn Karlie. Bottoms up baby.” Jake wanted to watch as every drop of cum washed into Karlie’s mouth, “pour it slowly into your mouth and let me see it on your tongue. I want you to swish it around in your mouth, then I want you to swallow it all in four large gulps.”

Karlie lifted the glass up to her lips, then let the mixed fluids flow into her mouth. “That’s it baby, show me your surprise,” Jake loved this, “oh yes, it looks happy in your mouth. Swirl it around.” Karlie swished the cum in her mouth, opened her mouth again for her owners to see, “now swallow it.” Karlie let the cum flow to the back of her mouth and swallowed the entire mouthful in one gulp. “Good huh?” Karlie nodded at Jake, “now finish off the rest of the glass. Just drink it down baby. Yes, just like a milkshake. I think you like these cumshakes don’t you?” Karlie nodded yes as she swallowed all the cum and small pieces of shit, licking the glass and letting every drop drip into her mouth, eagerly making all the cum vanish in her belly. “Being you like it so much, why not go over to April and clean out her ass with your tongue baby.” Karlie licked and sucked out everything from April’s ass, smiling at April when she was finished. Before leaving April’s side, Karlie leaned down and whispered to her, “I’ll be back later to finish what I started bitch and believe me, you will pay dearly too.” All April could do was cry and tremble with fear.

“I would say this has been a good start to the day so far.” Mark said to Jake and Sam. “Yes, and I look forward to task three dudes.” Sam said back in agreeance.

All three were quite happy with Karlie. “Karlie, your final task is going to be special, my dear one.” Her eyes stared into Jake’s eyes, “you will be given a fresh new virgin slave to tame. She will be all yours for a twenty four hour period. You can do whatever you wish to her to make her obey you, do you understand?” Karlie nodded her head eagerly, like a child on Christmas day. “Yes sir, this slave understands.” Jake looked at Mark, then at Sam, then back at Karlie, “just make sure you don’t kill her, that‘s all I ask of you. I do want one thing from your new slave to be. I want her virgin blood. You will save her virgin blood in a special case I’m going to give you. Do you understand?” Again, Karlie nodded eagerly. “You will give her virgin blood to me after you are finished with her in one day. Your new trainee is eighteen. She has green eyes, blond hair, stands a little over five foot three inches and weighs one hundred pounds. Her name is Kim. You will make her obey you. Either she obeys you or you will be punished instead Karlie. Do you understand?” Swallowing harshly, “yes sir, this slave understands her task.” Nodding at Karlie, Jake turns to Mark, “make sure Ward Ten is ready tonight. Have Kim join Karlie in three hours in that ward please.” Mark nodded and turned and left. “Sam, I need you to help me with April over the next few hours. I think she needs some loving, don’t you?” Sam smiled, “yes, she needs a lot of love.” “Karlie, return to your room with Lisa and we will see you in three hours.” “Yes sir. Thank you sir.” Karlie turned and headed back to her room, smiling from ear to ear.

Back in Ward Three, “hello April, you look lonely. Sam and I are going to fix your loneliness.” With that said, the door slams shut.


End of Part 5


lickalicka said...

I want to be Karlie! As brainwashed as she is from reading this, somehow deep down inside me, she is loving this role she is in. I look forward to what she does next.

Great story!

lickalicka said...

I have a question. Do you have the Weird Family story maybe? Looking at the pic you have of it makes me want to see more of it. Anyway to post it here maybe? Please...Pretty please? Since you say you like to be spanked, I can trade that with you. hehe

lustyho said...

Yeah I have it. I'll post it here so you and everyone else that hasn't seen it can download it. I have all of Fernando and Roberts stories. Maybe I'll post them all here in time.

Glad you like the story so far. I took a break from it today.

lustyho said...

"Since you say you like to be spanked, I can trade that with you. hehe"

Sounds good to me. Are you nearby? lol

Silky said...

I take it the next part has some lezzie torture? You have one evil mind ho. lol

lustyho said...

Evil fantasies only. lol I'm actually nice and quite calm in my normal state. hehe

Yes Karlie will be doing a lot of kinky and wild things to her lil victim in this next part. I hope to have it ready in the next couple of days.