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Catacombs To Hell

I starting writing this one two nights ago after watching some old movie that had catacombs in it. Catacombs is a place under a building or structure that had many levels and rooms, like back in the Civil War days, for treating the wounded and hiding things. I decided to add some of my own flavor to it and make it much more exciting. I will warn you now, this story will be one of my gorefest types of stories. This first part has a small sample, but nothing like it will end with.

Happy Reading!

Catacombs to Hell

Part 1

Barton was a small college in the hills overlooking the town of Afton, in the Virginia mountains. Quietness and calm surrounded the small school just for girls. The school housed on campus sixty five females a year, with a few coming from other towns in the area on a daily basis. Barton College was started during the civil war and had a lot of history to it, some of it only known to certain individuals in the area. Secrecy of what was under the college was never known to the girls, unless you were one of the ones taken to it and only against your will. No girl that entered the secret place ever left it, as it was a place of evil of the worst kind. Each year a small number of girls at the school would vanish without a trace, police never finding any evidence of wrong doing, the girls never being seen again, not even by a family member, always kept the area on edge and being the area under the school was only known to three men, the mysterious catacombs were ever even thought of when a girl vanished. It was like they vanished into thin air.

Within the catacombs presently are three girls, left over from the previous years enrollment. Of the many years the three men had been operating there evil business underground, only a few were held over for the next years activities. The past twelve years of more than one hundred innocent young girls taken into the secret place, all tortured and brutally murdered, only made the three surviving girls want to die, as each had been through the most evil acts a man can do to a girl. They too would be put to death, but only when new girls were brought down, so they could watch them die a terrible death of pain and in the most disgusting way, an example of what would happen to them within the next year.

Registration Day

A new year has begun at Barton, with forty new girls coming in for the new year. All were bright and intelligent, and above all, they were all pretty. Barton selected girls more on beauty than brains, but they had to have both to get accepted in the college. Room assignments were given out to the new girls, as were class schedules, uniforms (yes, they had to wear proper attire of the school’s choosing, that was known to each girl before arriving), then all the new girls were taken into a large room for there first of many lectures. Here they would learn the rules, subjects, teachers, etc.

Holly was a bright girl, had just turned nineteen, and after not being accepted the previous year at Barton, she finally was accepted this year. She was a very pretty blond with dark green eyes, stood about five foot six, weighed in at one hundred and ten pounds, was very athletic, had the looks for being in Playboy, and had some very nice sized breast. She wasn’t too big in that department but she did get men’s attention with them.

Diane, who was sitting right next to Holly, was an even brighter brunette. Long flowing brown hair was her main feature, other than her gorgeous brown eyes. She stood just around five foot five, weighed maybe one hundred and five pounds, was also very athletic, and had a pair of the most hottest buns a man could put his eyes on. Her tits were full and bouncy too.

Kalea was a stunning Hawaiian girl, so full of life and oh so beautiful. Her long black hair of her origin always got attention, as did her perfectly shaped body. To see her was the true meaning of a hot female. She had all the right features in all the right places. She stood five foot seven, weighed just over one hundred pounds, had perky nipples on her ample breast, and had one fine body, not like many here. She was perfect actually.

Inside the lecture room were three other individuals whom always attended the new girls lecture. They were part of the security staff at the school, and had been for the last twelve years. They were trusted by all the school staff and always made sure to meet the new arrivals. Each took notice to Holly, Diane, and Kalea, as they all stood out among the other girls. Each man discussed the girls to each other in a whisper-like voice, each one pointing out something to the other man about the girls. They liked only certain girls and only the qualities of each one is what they seeked. Each man took notes as each girl introduced themselves to the other girls and faculty. They smiled when the three they liked the best stood and spoke for the first time. These three would be the ones they would want to know more about in the coming days, more than the girls would ever want to give out freely.

After the first lecture, all the new girls went to there new room assignments, most mingling to each other as they crossed the grounds of the school. Each had there personal belongings and suitcases in hand as they entered the main dorm. There were three floors, Holly going to level three, Diane to level 2, and Kalea on the first floor. The security force had a copy of the room assignments and the three men made a star by each room that the three girls they wanted to know more about went. They would be keeping a sharp eye on these three new girls, as they wanted all three for there evil place under the school. The girls would soon learn the true fate of the previous girls who vanished, them being among the latest to join them.

The first night as the school was a restless one for Holly, as she could not sleep on the hard mattress in her room. Her roommate, Ann, was sleeping like a baby. Holly decided to go for a short walk around the school to just see if she could wear herself out some. She slipped on her sneakers and headed down the stairs, then out the exit. The air was refreshing to her, a cool brisk breeze blowing softly through her long blond hair. She stood and took in the air, breathing deeply, stretching her arms upward as she looked around the dark campus. She decided to walk down the path beside the school, the sounds of crickets filling the sounds around her. She walked to just behind the school, took another path to the left and walked for another five or so minutes. She decided to head back when she suddenly heard a noise……..

The next morning came and all the girls were awoken by the sound of a loud bell. Diane dragged her sleepy body out of the bed, awoke her roommate, then headed down the long hallway to the bathroom and showers, with her tote bag of soap and toothbrush/toothpaste being carried along side of her. She enters the bathroom, finds the nearest toilet, and lets the night of pee flow from her. She moans slightly as the pee rushes from her bladder. She then brushes her teeth and hops in the shower next. She hears others coming into the bathroom, hears toilets flushing, then her shower stall opens suddenly. She has no time to react, as something is being placed over her head, then darkness…....

Students have filled the hallways, most getting ready for the first day of events. Kalea is still laying in her bed watching her roommate flow about the room, quickly getting dressed for whatever event she was attending first. No words were spoken as Kalea watched her new roomy leave and shut the door behind her. Kalea finally lifted herself up and placed her legs on the floor. Her pink thong was snuggled tightly against her perfect pussy, a pussy never touched before, except by herself. She loved to play with it, but would never let anyone else near it. She was a proud girl, one who wanted to stay a virgin until her honeymoon, a dream many girls had, none really making it that far.

Kalea attended her first class of the day and being she knew Holly would be attending this class with her, as they had spoken some after the registration lecture, she didn’t see her, which surprised her a little. They were supposed to have three classes together each day, but as the day went along, Kalea never once saw her, not even a glimpse. After classes, Kalea decided to go up to Holly’s room and see if maybe she was ill or something. She knocked on the dorm door, but there was no answer. She then turned the knob and peaked in to see if someone might be in the room. To her surprise, the room was empty. Both mattresses of the single cots were both rolled in half, as if no one lived in the room. She knew she had the right room, so this was odd to her being school just started.

Kalea proceeded back to her room on the first floor, sat in her chair and read over her assignments for the next days class. Not seeing Holly did stay in her mind most of the day and night, as she was puzzled as to what could have happened to her. She decided to go see if she could find out some information. Kalea was being noticed by many men on this campus, teachers including, as stunning and sexy Hawaiian girls were rare to see in this part of the country. Her long black hair got a lot of attention, as did her tight buns on a perfectly rounded ass and her tits which bounced as she walked. She knew she was hot. With the cool breeze blowing over her, her nipples stuck out as well through her thin shirt. They got noticed by everyone, including the girls.

Kalea came upon one of the security guards, Bob, and asked him if he knew of a girl named Holly White. He said he didn’t really know any of the new girls yet, so she thanked him and proceeded to the main office. Bob was staring at her ass as she walked away, his cock becoming very aroused at what it was seeing. He got on his cell phone and made a call, “Bob here, we have one that is curious about another one, you want me to do something about her?” The voice back to him said, “no, let’s see how far she takes this before we grab her. I have her friend right her in front of me and she is very scared. You should come visit her tonight.” Bob replies, “I’ll be there as soon as my shift is over. Is Holly ready yet?” The cold voice says to Bob, “just about. Just now finishing up the inspection. She’s no virgin, but she will do just fine for what I have planned for her. See you later, Bob.” Bob says back, “Okay Ted, see you in about two hours.”

Kalea walks into the main office and asked the secretary if she can help her. The secretary nods and Kalea asks her, “I was wondering if maybe you might have some information about a student here that I met on registration day who is suppose to be in some of my classes. I have not seen her all day long and her room is empty. Did she leave school maybe?” The secretary asks for the students name, “her name is Holly White. She told me she was assigned to room 3-108, but no one is in that room.” The secretary looked through the names on the computer, “I’m sorry, but there is no one by that name listed here. Are you sure that is her last name?” Kalea was confused, “that’s what she told me. Are there any other girls here by the name of Holly?” The secretary looks through all the names again, “nope, no one by that name here. No one with the name White as a last name either and room 3-108 is suppose to be empty, from what it says here.” Kalea stood back for a second and just thought back, “That’s very odd, what about the name Diane Brown? She was here with us on the first day too, and come to think of it, I’ve not seen her either. Not sure what room she was in, but I do know it was on the second floor of the dorm.” Still nothing, as the secretary looked for all possibilities of the names. “Sorry, no one by those names has registered here this year, and as I look through the acceptance forms, no names there either.” Kalea thought to herself, ‘What the fuck?’ She was downright lost at what she had just been told. She headed back to her room and just laid on her bed, re-thinking the last two days. None of it made sense to her.

Bob calls Ted just after his shift is over, “that girl who was looking for Holly and Diane, is now in her room. I don’t think she realizes what the hell is going on, being we removed the girls’ names from the database. You want me and Bill to grab her tonight, before she brings too much attention to the staff?” Ted thinks for a few seconds, “yeah, might as well. I have Holly just about ready for the party tonight.” Bob asked Ted, “what about the roommate, what do you want us to do with her?” Ted was quick to reply, “dispose of her. Get rid of her like the ones before her. Take her to Blind Gorge and do what you want with her, just make sure she is dead when you leave and bring that Hawaiian bitch with you tonight. I look forward to seeing her eye to eye.” Bob grins into the phone, “okay, I’ll call Bill and let him know the plan tonight. See you just after midnight.” They both hang up and Bob calls Bill, and fills him in.

Bill shows up promptly at the time specified, both he and Bob decked out in dark clothing. “Hey Bill, we got two to do tonight. First we grab the roommate, I think her name is Angel, then once we have finished with her, we will came back and get this Kalea girl, then head down after that.” Bill grinned wickedly at Bob, “you have something good planned for this Angel girl?” Bob had many ideas on how to dispose of her, “oh yes, I thought we might have some fun with her first, then make her regret being a female.” They both laughed together at that, as they entered the dorm, slowly walked down the hallway, opened the door of the sleeping beauties, each one looking very sexy as they slept. Bob points to Angel, and they both come close to her. Bob points out his instructions as Bob grabs her and covers her mouth with his large hand and Bill injects a needle in her arm, which sedates her. Bob whispers into her ear, “sleepy time baby.” Bill pulls down her covers as Bob lifts her into his arms and they carry her away, Kalea never hearing a thing.

The ride is long, Angel in the rear of the van with Bob, his hands probing her sleeping body, feeling the wonderful curves of her young body. “Bill looks back as he drives, “it’s a shame we have to waste this one, she would be a great addition to our collection.” Bob was still groping Angel’s small tits, “yeah, but hey, we get to have fun with her anyway we feel like it, not like the others with everyone watching.” Bill grins back at Bob in the rear-view mirror, “you got that right. Let’s get her nude before she awakes, as I want some of her before we waste her.” Bob agrees and starts removing her sleep shirt, unbuttoning every button, opens it slowly admiring her lovely small tits, then peels off her panties. “Man, look at her. Pussy is nice and ripe, as is her little asshole. Sweet and very pink. She has a nicely trimmed puss here man.” Bill looks back, “is she a virgin?” Bob sticks his middle finger up into her tight pussy, “guess what?” Bill was looking back very eagerly, “what?” Bob removes his finger, licks it clean, “she’s a virgin dude.” Both of there cocks became raging hard at the same time, as the word virgin, makes them hard instantly.

Bill pulls into the area known as Blind Gorge, a secluded place that was rarely ever visited. They had been here many times before, never being interrupted by anyone during the previous trips. A few girls from the school had made the trip here just as Angel is making, none leaving alive. All previous ones are at the bottom of the one mile deep gorge, skeletal remains scattered all over the bottom, as the gorge was filled with protruding rock ledges and sharp razor like branches. Bill stops the van just near the edge of the cliff and climbs in the back of the van. He is hungry for this girl, as he opens the rear door of the van, drags the lifeless sleeping Angel out, Bob now helping him carry her into the woods surrounding the gorge. They lay her down in a special place that has been cleared by them, her now laying in a heap, both stripping quickly, as both there eyes look over the innocent girl before them.

“Where do you want to start first Bob?” Both cocks are twitching in the cool air, “I’m going to bust that virgin hole first, why don’t we both do her at the same time. She can lay on top of me as I get her snatch, while you get behind her and rip her ass.” Bill was fine with anything, “sounds good to me. Maybe she will wake up before we kill her, because I really want her to feel what she is about to get.” Bob lays on the ground, pulls Angel up on top of him, her pussy right at his cock. Bill mounts her from behind like a dog in heat, thrusting his raging cock up into her tight asshole, forcing every inch into her with an incredible force. Bob lets his cock sink into her tight pussy slowly, then rams through her virgin shield, Angel moving slowly as he punches through and lets his cock sink all the way into her pussy. Both are fucking her like she is the last female on the planet, Angel’s body being forced in every direction, her small tits rocking back and forth, as the cocks rape her holes in a fury of lust. Bob starts slapping her face as he fucks her, trying to make her wake up. “Wake up slut. Wake the fuck up!” Angel slowly begins to awaken, her eyes slightly glazed over from her forced sleep, not really realizing what was happening to her. She was still half asleep, thinking she was in some kind of nightmare or bad dream, her body being thrusted back and forth, pain now filling her mind.

They wanted her to scream. They wanted her to feel the pain within her body. They were masters of causing pain to young girls. They lived for it. “Ram her ass man. Rape this bitch for what she is worth!” Bob yells out to Bill, watching him rape this innocent girl, himself driving upward and downward, wanting to cum oh so badly. “Fell it bitch!” Bob slaps her again, further making her realize this was no dream. “Wake up and feel your first fuck slut!” Angel’s eyes widen fully, herself looking down into Bob’s evil eyes. “Hello sexy, you like being raped?” Angel tried to visualize what was happening to herself, but only grunts escaped her pretty lips, as powerful cocks tore threw her like pistons. Bill leaned over and grabbed ahold of her small tits, squeezed them harshly and roughly, driving his cock into her as far as it would go up into her dark hole. “Yeah babe, you feel good. This be your first and only fuck bitch. Oh yeah, I feel it coming girl. I’m going to fill your bowels with my seed.” Tears were streaming down Angel’s face, now realizing this was really happening. She was being raped. She was in a terrible state of pain, once which kept her from speaking, only grunting with each thrust into her. Bill releasing her sore breasts, grabs both her arms and pulls them both back forcefully, causing her to scream out in now. “Ohhh god nooooo, ohhh that hurts!” Bill leans down to her, “it’s going to really hurt when they pop bitch.” He kept pulling them back more harshly, then brought them together behind her, her shoulders now severely in pain. “Beg us to cum in you, or I will break your arms bitch.” Angel would never say that, and somehow they knew it before she did. “Say it now, or I break your left arm in thirty seconds.” Bill may have seemed dumb to some, but he was the worst deliverer of pain. Bob looks into Angel’s grimacing face, “say it or you will regret it slut. He is not joking with you. Tell us to cum in you!” Angel wanted to say anything to make this stop, but the pain in her body kept her from saying anything, “fine then, I guess you like have broken bones then.” The pain got worse for Angel as Bob pulled her left arm until it was facing forward, then a loud pop filled the scene. A shrieking scream escaped Angel’s lips, her now broken arm dangling next to her, her mind trying to absorb what has just happened. “You have thirty more seconds, or I break the right one next. Now say it!” Bill had her right arm above her, twisting it until it was directly above her, “ten seconds.” She was speechless, then another shrieking voice filled the night. Angel now had two broken arms, both dangling next to her, both backwards from what they were, Bill’s cock pounding into her shitter. Loud groans of agony filled there ears, Bob so close to filling her pussy too. “Hard headed one we got here dude.” Bill stopped for a minute, reached down to her broken arm, “I guess her wrists are next then, and if that doesn’t get her to speak, then her fingers are next, then her toes and legs.” Bob thrusted deeply into her with one last surge, “too late for me, here it comes.” His hot cum gushed upward, out his prick, spraying into her like a hose. “Oh yes, that feels so good, you feel it slut? Much more where that came from.”

Angel felt his cum flowing into her, but the pain in her arms won over her reaction to it. “Drive her into the ground.” Bob said this to Bill as he got up from under her, Bill now directly on top of her, his cock buried in her ass, the weight of his body driving Angel’s body into the ground with each pulsating thrust he could deliver. “She seems to like pain, so let’s see how much she can tolerate.” Bob kneels down at Angel’s toes, grasps the little toe on her right foot, bends it outward as far as it will go and it snaps. Bill has Angel’s face directly in the dirt, and hearing her scream into the ground as Bob breaks one toe after the other, only makes Bill flood her ass with gobs of thick warm cum. “You feel my cum rushing into your ass bitch? Break all her fucking toes man. Make her pay for not following orders.” Angel can feel the warm rush of fluids filling her ass. She can feel Bill’s large quantities of spurting cum spray against the inner walls of her ass too, but the pain in her feet is just overwhelming, eight toes now broken, leaving only her two big toes left. Bill finishes ramming his cum rod into Angel, then stands above her. “She is the strongest one yet man. Let’s stand her up and see how she likes it.” Bill grabs her by the hair, drags her to her feet, he pained face showing them she was in a lot of pain. Angel stood before them shaking and trembling, her crooked toes getting her attention quickly.

Bob stood in front of Angel, admired his handiwork, “Bill, go get me the sledgehammer please.” The look in Angel’s eyes told the story of her anguish after hearing that statement. “Now our little broken slut, you have two choices.” Bill hands the sledgehammer to Bob. “Either crawl over to us and start sucking our cocks or I break your legs at the kneecap with this. It’s your choice. What will it be, cock or more agonizing pain?” Angel looks down on the ground, then up to there semi erect pricks, then back on the ground. “Well? You have ten seconds to decide.” Bob was not kidding around either. Angel’s arms dangled at her sides as she began to move, her face red and tear filled, as she slowly knelt down, her stinging and pained toes making her move quick to relieve some of the pain. She walks over to them on her knees, both awaiting whatever she was about to do. She stopped directly in front of them, her trembling lips opened slowly, her little tongue protruding outward, looking for something to lick. Neither Bob nor Bill moved an inch, they wanted her to start the action. Angel’s tongue touched the tip of Bob’s cock, slowly licked it, then accepted it into her mouth. Bob watched her every move, “if you bite me, you die. Suck it.” Angel rolled her tongue over his rape stick, taking small amounts of his precum into her mouth, then started to suck him in and out. Bill moved a little closer to Bob, “Suck me too bitch.” Angel moved her mouth over to Bill and did the same to him, the taste of his cock much worse than Bob’s. Bob looked over to Bill, “I feel the need to pee.” Bill grinned as Angel licked them both. “Go for it. I bet she is thirsty.” Angel took Bob’s cock back into her mouth, looked up at him, and he let his pee flow, “drink it. Swallow every drop too. If you spit it out, I break your teeth.” Angel felt the first blast of pee in her mouth, a taste she did not like at all, letting it fill her mouth and letting it flow down into her stomach as she swallowed his long stream of piss. “Damn, this feels good. Lick my head as I pee slut.” For once, Angel did as told in a fast motion. “Yes, suck your rapist. Show me how much you like being a beaten female who bows to a man like all females should.”

After drinking all the pee from both, Bob looked down at his watch, “well shit, times up. We have more work to do tonight, so stand up little one and turn around. Show us that cute ass of yours.” Bill stares at her sexy bottom, “I sure hate to get rid of this one, but there are more where she came from.” Angel heard them speaking among themselves, fear now reappearing within her in more intense state of mind . “Let’s get her ready,” Bob says to Bill. Angel wasn’t sure what that meant, as she was hoping they would just let her go. Being as dark as it was out, Angel could not see what was before her, as she hobbled down the path, the two men directly behind her. Bill stops Angel, “stop right there bitch.” One more step and she would fall right into the gorge. “You have been fun. You are now free to go.” Angel felt a somewhat rush of relief, then a sudden rush of panic, as she took a step backwards, lost her balance, and off the cliff she went. Bob shined a light down into the gorge as Angel fell, her head hitting the first ledge, which knocked her out, then her body tumbled down the steep ridge, each part of her broken body being slammed into every rock as she falls. By the time she lands at the bottom, her skull is split open, her spine is severed, her ribs have caved inward, and just about every bone is broken in her small frame body, as she lays at the bottom with the rest of the rape victims. Both Bob and Bill turn and head back to town, as Kalea was next for some fun time.

They both arrive back at the campus, park the van outside the dorm, head down the long first floor hallway, open the door once again, and there she is, Kalea, sleeping like a baby. Bill comes up beside her, inserts the needle in her arm as Bob puts his hand over her mouth, Kalea’s eyes opening suddenly, “sleepy time baby girl.” Kalea is back asleep in seconds. “Let’s see what we have here.” Bob rolls the covers back, “wow, look at her pussy hugging this sheer thong.” Bill has a look, bends down toward it and takes a long lick. “Mmm, she tastes good, let’s get her out of here before someone catches us. I’ll take her down while you gather all the stuff here. Ted will make sure both names are taken out of the directory, then fun time begins.” Both move in there planned phase of operation, the room made to look like no one was in it, Kalea fast asleep in the van, now headed to the south entrance of the school, where the hidden entrance into the catacombs was. “Bob tells Bill, you take here down while I get rid of all this stuff of there’s. I’ll meet you in one hour and tell Ted, don’t start without me.” Bill lifts Kalea into his arms, takes her to the hidden entrance, and that’s the last time anyone above ground would see Kalea again.

End of Part 1


Silky said...

I'm home. Thanks for watching over my blog. :)

This story here looks really violent. I can only imagine how it turns out.

Calculating Infinity said...

Your storytelling fills a niche. One which I am hesitant to be interested in. I read this story, and couldn't stop myself even though I wanted to knowing it was evil and wrong. I have thoughts about torturing people and how I would do it, I guess the difference between you and I is you write about it. I will mention I have no desire to rape anyone, but the story did captivate me.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

You are very descriptive. I did enjoy how you even described how the college had history dating back to the civil-war.

However when I got to the raping, arm breaking, and victim being pushed into the gorge part I felt discomfort.

You are a good writer and there is a fan-following for this type of stuff. I just don't know if it is quite for me.

I've had rough sex fantasies and rape fantasies like any testosterone driven healthy male but there always came a point in these thoughts of mine where the woman started to enjoy it. I also never went so far as wanting to break bones or kill my imaginary sex partner after I was finished.

Again, different strokes for different folks. I'm a bit curious "why" this style of erotica intrigues you and if you are doing it just for shock value or there is a deeper reason behind the rhyme.

Admittedly some of my artwork has gotten violent but nothing that compares to this.

I'd still like to converse with you and get to know you better. Take care!

lustyho said...

Hi Broken!

"different strokes for different folks"

Exactly. You and everyone else entering my blog were warned before reading on: "all of my stories are extremely violent."

Why do I like these type of stories? Beats me, it just turns me on writing about it. I would never harm anyone in reality, but the thought of it really makes my blood boil with desire. It's not for everone and being I have been turned away by every online site because they were too violent, is the reason for my blog. I don't knock anyone that does not like my type of stories, but when people complain about it after being warned beforehand, I do have a problem with that.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments.