Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost Innocence Pt. 2

The hours passed slowly for Megan, with four hungry cocks now finished with her and atleast a pint of fresh cum in her belly, she stood before them not knowing what was to come next. They had humiliated her beyond her own senses, making her beg like a dog for cock and cum. “Take her over to the tree.” Jake told Bill. Megan was dragged over to the tree trunk. “Bend her over and spread her legs wide.” Megan was not sure what was about to happen to her. “Shave her pussy clean. I don’t want to see any hairs on that sweet thing. Shave her dry!” Each man held her still while Bill cleaned shaved her tender pussy. “That’s it, take them hairs off. Shave her anus too.” Megan had never had her pussy bald, but she was soon to learn that is the way it would be from now on.

With her pussy as smooth as silk, Jake was ready for more action. “Now you look like the slut you should be sweet pea. Sweet little pussy.”

“Speaking off pee, get down on your knees and open your mouth..” Jake demanded. Megan got down on her knees, opened her mouth slowly, and awaited her next humiliating experience. “Tell me to pee in your mouth. Say it nice and loud too.” Megan was shocked at his request. “Say it bitch. Yell it so the animals can here you.” Not wanting too, but feeling she had no choice, “PLEASE PEE IN MY MOUTH!” She yelled as loud as she could and then a long stream of yellow piss sprayed across her face and into her awaiting mouth. “Swallow it as I pee in you.” She gulped the salty urine down into her belly. Gulp after gulp, feeling sick just by the thought of this tormenting experience.

With pee dripping from her lips, “stand up!” Megan stood up, “walk your cute ass over to this mound of dirt and lay down on it with your ass up.” She walked over as sexy as she could and laid down as told. “Get up on your knees and point your ass towards me.” She did as told. “Bring me that switch from over there Bill.” Bill brought him the thin piece of wood. “Now bitch, grab your ankles with your hands and tell me to beat your ass.” Megan kept quiet. “Tell me to beat your ass bitch!. Tell me to beat you as loud as you can. I want to hear an echo from your lungs, now SAY IT!” She said it, but not what he wanted to hear. He got down next to her, “Louder!. Say it louder and keep saying it. You will beg me to whip you bitch. Now say it, or I will tie you up and beat you until you are dead.” Megan shook as she begged him to beat her ass. “Louder! Tell me to beat your sexy ass!” She did the best she could, “BEAT MY SEXY ASS! PLEASE WHIP AND BEAT MY SEXY ASS!” Over and over she repeated his demands, while he slashed the switch across her tender cheeks. “Keep asking for it!” Tears were streaming down her face as the stinging wood cut through her flesh. He whipped her for over twenty minutes, her ass beet red with red swollen welts on each cheek. “Now stand up!” She stood up in front of him, crying and holding her welted ass. “Stick out your tongue.” She stuck it out. He took her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it. “Mmm, you are one tasty girl.”

“Hey Rich, get her something to wear for our little hike, would ya?” Jake wanted her to wear something special, “and make sure it is sexy.” Rich went over to the duffle bad and grabbed the halter top and mini skirt and threw them over toward Megan’s legs. “Put them on sexy one. We are going to meet some of our other guests in the area, one of which you might even know.” Megan was startled from the words Jake just told her. She thought to herself, might know? What? Who could he mean? While her thoughts went wild, she slid into the clothes they wanted her to wear. She had to admit, they did look good on her, but not for this occasion. The halter top came right to the bottom of her breast and the mini skirt stopped just an inch below her pussy. No panties were added to their selections either.

Jake and the others put their clothes back on, “okay guys, let’s go.” Megan was led deeper into the woods, her cute ass swaying side to side as the heels made her sway the way they liked. “Damn she has one fine ass,” Eddie said out loud, his eyes glued to her sexy body. They all trekked through the deep brush and were heading west as Megan took notice. Being she knew where the sun rose that morning, she knew for sure they were taking her westward, but where? She listened to their voices as they talked about her and what they wanted to do to her. She walked the best she could, and just followed the two men in front of her. Every now and then, Bill would push her forward telling her to go faster, but she could only walk so fast with eight inch heels slowing her down in the thick under brush. She was scared, but not to the point she felt earlier that day. What lay before her would make her feel worse than when she was first raped.

Hours passed as the long hike was longer than Megan thought it would be. They had all ventured another five miles deeper into the forest, then a clearing ahead got Megan’s attention. Jake looked back, “We’re here.” Megan looked eagerly ahead of her as they all went toward the clearing. In the clearing was a small wooden cabin with no windows, from what Megan could see of it. As they all came to the front of the cabin, Jake turned to Bill, “go see if our guests are awake.” Bill nodded and opened the door. While he went inside, Megan’s eyes were looking all around the area she was in, trying to get an understanding of where she was and what was going to happen next. Her thoughts were no pleasant either, as she knew something bad might happen to her. What she wanted to know was, who was in the cabin that she might know? That question would soon be answered. Eddie came up behind Megan, put his hand on her ass and whispered to her, “you are going to love being here baby. We are going to be having a lot of fun with you and the others.” Megan grew scared, as he massaged her asscheeks.

Bill peeked out the door, “yeah, they’re awake and look to be ready for some attention.” He chuckled as he said this, “the younger one looks horny as ever too.” Jake smiled as he said this, “good, bring them out here to meet their new slave. Go help him Rich.” Rich headed into the cabin and each one returned with a girl in tow, each one ball-gagged, wrist chained, platform high heels, stockings and that was it. They were each led to the center of the cabin area and forced to sit on the ground. As Megan turned, she did recognize the one girl, then he mind raced. It was Tina, her friend from school. Tina’s eyes met Megan’s and you could see the fear in Tina’s eyes. Tina was nineteen and had made the same mistake as Megan by traveling the same road to school four days earlier. The other girl Megan did not know, but she could see the fear in her eyes too, as the girl was much younger than Tina. “Megan, I think you know this one. Yes, it’s your good friend Tina. You two are going to be best of friends very soon. Also, we have little Sara, she is eighteen too and I’m sure all of you will be very good friends. We have many plans for all three of you.”

The nightmare was soon to begin as Jake grabbed Tina and picked her up. “You my dear are going to show Megan how obedient you are.” Jake removed her gag, then he moved back a step, “tell them to rape you.” She was stunned. “Tell them to rape you as loud as you can slut. I want you to beg them to rape you.” This was beyond any other demand from him, “get down on your knees and beg bitch. Beg them to rape your ass and your pussy. I want to hear you like you want it very badly. You must convince us you want to be raped and ravished.” She shook her head no, then suddenly tried to run away, but she stumbled on the heels she was wearing, and by that time, they were on her like bees on honey. “NO!”, she yelled. “Tell us to rape you!” His demands grew more harsher, then she felt the wood tearing against her ass. Clothes were falling to the ground as the other men prepared to rape her in every hole she had. She was their lunch today. “Nobody can hear or help you baby. You are fifteen miles from the nearest road. You will beg us to rape you baby. Tell us to rape your ass and your hot bald pussy.” She was beyond scared. “Tell me to stick my big cock in your tight ass! Say it like the little porn star you are going to be. C’mon bitch, say it!” She said nothing. “Okay, we will do this the hard way I guess.”

Megan was so scared for Tina. She was about to watch the rape of her friend, not something anyone would ever want to witness. Being raped herself earlier, seeing another girl raped does things to a girls mind.

They were serious and Megan knew it. She had to stand and watch her friend beg to be raped. This was the worst part to Tina, to have to repeat such a horrible demand in front of her friend. Embarrassment and humiliation is something they would all learn to over come.

“I’ll give you one last chance Tina baby, either beg us to rape you or I will severely beat your friend Megan’s ass until blood gushes from her wounds. Megan was grabbed by Bill and forced on the ground. Megan began to cry softly as he skirt was raised over her hips and she saw one of the men come over with a whip in his hand. Jake looked right into Tina‘s eyes, “Do you want me to hurt Megan?” Tina shook her head, “no.” “Do you want me to beat her ass red?” Tina repeated, “no.” “Then get on the ground and spread your legs and tell us to rape you.” Tina stood before him motionless. “I see, you must like tempting me baby. Eddie, swing away.” As those words were spoken, Megan could hear the whip whistling through the air as it landed right on her right ass cheek. She screamed out loud as the whip dug into her like fire. Jake’s demands were repeated again to Tina, and again she didn’t move. “Again Eddie.” Megan’s hands clinched shut as she heard the whip coming down on her again. The pain was too much for Megan, as the red mark that landed across both cheeks made her yelp in agony. Tears dripped from Megan’s eyes, as she listened, “Tina, you must love watching your friend in pain. I think you like it. Now, tell us to rape your tight little ass, or the next time I will let Eddie whip your friend twenty straight times, and I’m sure the skin on her ass will peel away by the time he finishes.”

Tina was about to be forced to beg for rape. She feared the word and feared them even worse. It was either that or watch Megan be beaten near death. She wanted neither, but decided on the rape instead. Quietly, Tina said, “okay, I will do as you say.”

Jake led her inside the cabin with each girl being taken inside as well. Megan was rubbing her burning buns as her and the others were taken to the back room of the cabin, then Tina was thrown over to the mattress on the floor. She was not sure how to beg to get raped, but she would try her best. Throbbing cocks awaited her demands. They wanted her badly and she knew it. Tina rolled over the edge of the mattress with her ass up high in the air.

From Jake’s view and the other men, she was a very hot sight, ass up with light blue stockings, clear platform heels, a hot bald pussy, and a cherry of an asshole staring them right in the face. With her blonde hair mid way down her back and in the position she was in, he knew she was going to be the next anal porn star. Megan was forced to kneel on the floor along side Sara to watch the savage rape. Megan had seen a porn movie about anal sex just once, but this was so different. It was live and soon it would be a deafening room, as the loud begging and screams of rape would fill her eyes and ears to capacity. Deep inside her, Megan knew this will happen to her as well, even for Sara. These next series of events would forever be forged into their minds.

Jake got up behind Tina and placed his throbbing cock against Tina’s anal bud. “Tell me to ass rape you with my big cock baby. Say it nice and loud too.” Tina tightened her ass as she felt the warm cock against her anal opening. “Rape my ass with your cock.” Jake was not satisfied. “Louder and with meaning this time baby. Tell me to ram my big cock in your ass and you keep telling me to rape you the whole time, you got it baby?” Tina had had anal sex once before, but not with a cock like Jake had. This was demoralizing to her, “Rape and ram your big cock in me. RAPE ME with you BIG COCK!” As she repeated his demands, she felt his cock slowly pushing its way into her tight asshole. It hurt and stung badly as she kept repeating for him to rape her, and that he did. Once he had the position he wanted, he sunk his cock deep into her bowels, reached forward and cupped each of her tits and squeezed as he rammed his cock in and out of her. “That’s it baby, squeeze your ass. Tell me to rape and fuck your ass.” She was in pain as you could tell from her voice, “fuck my ass. Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck and rape my tight ass.” His cock was working at a pace now, in and out, deeper and deeper, ramming it in then pulling it out slowly, then ramming it back in. Megan and Sara were horrified at what they were witnessing, as Tina begged her rapist to ass rape her. Her words filled the room, “FUCK MY TIGHT TEEN ASS! RAM THAT BIG COCK IN ME!” Jake’s balls were pounding against her asscheeks, Tina was grunting with each thrust into her. “C’mon baby, keep telling me to rape you.” Tina was breating in deeply and thrusting out air each time she yelled, “RAPE ME! RAPE ME IN MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS!”

Eddie and Bill were stroking their own cocks while watching the sex thrill before them. Rich had a plan of his own as he took Sara into the next room and had her suck his throbbing cock. “Suck it bitch! Suck me off!”

As Megan watched Sara being taken away, she turned her head to watch Tina‘s rape, as Eddie kneeled behind her and said, “you are next sweet thing.” Megan gasped and turned to look at him. “That’s right, you and me are going to get real close sweetie.” Megan began to feel sick, as she pictured herself in the same position as Tina saying what she was being forced to say. She could think of nothing else as she listened to Tina yell out for this man to rape her.

Jake’s cock was in full thrusting mode, tearing in and out of the ass before him, driving it in and out, as Tina kept up with his pace, “RAPE ME! RAPE MY HOT TIGHT ASS!” Over and over she repeated it, getting her own pussy wet from the pounding in her ass. Jake was now grunting louder with each thrust, “OH YEAH BABY! Fuck yeah, yeah, fuck me back bitch. Fuck my cock in your ass.” Tina began to push her ass onto him, as they both were sweating and near climax. “Rape my tight teen ass! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Fuck my ASS! Fuck my tight ass! Fuck me! Fuck me! Rape my ass!” Jake pulled his cock swiftly from her ass, “get up on the bed and lay down on your back.” Tina did as told, “now open your mouth baby.” Tina opened her mouth as he got up in front of her and stroked his cock. “You are going to eat my cum like a hungry little bitch.” Tina stared at the opening of his piss hole as he stroked the head of his cock. “Look up at me and keep that mouth open. Tell me to cum in your mouth.”

Tina stared up at him, “cum in my mouth. Shoot your hot cum in my mouth.” That’s all it took as Jake let loose a torrent of spurting cum all over her face. “Stick out your tongue and eat it bitch.” Spurts of cum shot into her mouth, on her face, on her lips, and dripped onto her tits as his cum seemed to never end. “Lick it up baby. Eat it and swallow it. Don’t waste any of it either.” The taste was sweet to her and she lapped it up and swallowed the thick liquid. She had tasted come just once, but this was sweeter in a way. Jake pushed his cock into her mouth, “suck the rest out of me you little sex kitten. Suck on the head only and swallow it all.” She kept her eyes on him while she sucked his cock. She swallowed all he gave her. “Now, wipe up the cum from your tits and lick it off your hands.” She did as she was told and swallowed every drop of cum he had produced. “You are one great ass fucker baby. Get used to it, as I think we found something you are good at.” With her ass sore and pained, she just licked her lips as he stood back and glared into her eyes. “You are going to work out great. I can’t wait to get you back to the barn.” She had no idea what the barn was, but would find out in the coming days.

Megan was in disbelief, as she had just watched Tina get raped, then ate cum like it was candy. She never once complained or hesitated when it was time to eat and swallow it. She seemed to like it from the way Megan saw it. Megan remembered her experience with having to beg to drink cum, and it was nothing like this.

While Jake was finishing up with Tina, Rich had his cock buried in Sara’s throat, listening to her gag as he raped her throat. Sara had never sucked cock or did any of the horrible things they did to her, and this was an experience she didn’t like at all. Rich pulled his cock out, “kiss the tip sugar.” Sara took in a couple deep breaths of air, then kissed his cock. “Tell me you want this cock. Tell my cock you want to suck it off.” Sara looked at his cock, then back to him, then back to his cock. “Tell my cock you love to suck cock and that you want it badly. Tell my cock to make love to your mouth.” Sara was not used to talk like this, as she was raised to not say dirty words. She hesitated then, “I want to suck you. I want to suck you in my mouth.” Rich pushed his cock between her soft lips and pushed it in just enough for Sara to suck and lick just the head. “Lick it sugar. Lick and suck your new lover.”

Eddie brought Megan up to her feet and turned her so she was facing him. “Grab my cock with your right hand baby doll. Stroke it nice and slow, and look into my eyes as you do it.” Megan let her hand glide down to his shaft and placed her small hand around it and stroked it back and forth very slowly, then stared into his evil eyes. “That’s it, nice and slow. It wants you. Make it want you. Make it grow for you. Make it love you baby doll.” Megan kept her eyes on him, while he licked his lips staring back into her eyes. “Oh yes, lick your lips for me. That’s it, stick out your tongue and swirl it around like you are sucking my cock.” Megan swirled her tongue ever so slowly as his cock got bigger and bigger. It began to press against her thigh as she gave it the life it needed. “With your left hand I want you to finger your hot pussy. Get it nice and wet for me and keep your eyes on my eyes.” Megan inserted her middle finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck herself. “Yes, play with you clit. Make it want this big cock.” Megan knew she was about to get fucked and there was nothing she could do but satisfy this man the best she knew how to. With her eyes glued to his, Eddie looked over and motioned for Bill to join in. Bill came up behind Megan and put his arms around her waist and let his cock glide over her ass. She felt him touch her, but she never looked away. He whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your tight little ass bimbo.” Megan shivered, but never stopped what she was doing. Bill wet his finger, parted her cheeks, and inserted his finger in her ass. He slowly finger fucked her, while she played with herself and stroked the other cock. “Spread your sexy legs and tell us to rape you,” Bill told her. She spread her legs and looked into Eddie’s eyes and said, “please rape me. Rape me with your big hard cocks.”

Sara was licking and sucking on Rich’s engorged cock, making sweet love to it with her tender mouth and tongue. “Stroke my balls baby doll. Squeeze them softly while you make love to my cock.” Rich was stroking her hair as she reached up and played with his huge nuts. She rolled each one in her hands, letting her fingers knead them. “Stick your tongue in my piss hole and suck.” This was all new to her, but to resist meant severe punishment. Rich was so close to pumping his seed into her mouth. His balled tightened and Sara felt them move. She knew something was about to happen, and it did. A powerful gush shot into her mouth taking her by surprise, then another one, and another one. Warm salty cum filled her mouth, “keep it in your mouth and suck me.”

She sucked the rest of the cum from his cock, while most of it dripped from her mouth. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” She stuck out her cum covered tongue and he was pleased. “Does it taste good?” She nodded yes, “then swallow it.” She took it back into her mouth and swallowed the first mouthful. She had never swallowed cum before and the feeling of it going down into her stomach was grotesque. “Yes, lick your lips and swallow it all baby doll. You will soon get used to the taste of it. Was it your first time?” She nodded yes, and swallowed the last drops of cum in her mouth. “It wont be your last, I can guarantee that baby doll.”

End of part 2

Part 3 is being written...

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