Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost Innocence Pt. 1

Megan was a sweet and innocent eighteen year old college freshmen, speeding frantically to her class, as she was running extemely late.

Suddenly, Megan’s car quit running and just rolled to a stop along the side of the road. She was not happy at all, as missing this class would mean repeating it if she didn’t take the exam.

A van pulled to a stop behind her car some minutes later. She looked back to see two men get out and walked slowly up to both sides of the car. The men that got out looked like scumbags and she became suddenly scared, so she rolled up her window and locked her door.

The man on her side knocked on the window and Megan rolled it down a crack and said "No thanks! I've already called a tow truck. I’m ok."

Suddenly the man on the right smashed in the right door's window with a tire iron. Megan screamed, "Hey! What are doing? Get away from me!" But the man had already unlocked the door, opened it and was pulling her out.

Megan crawled backwards away from the man. He was dirty, with long dirty blonde hair and a scraggily beard, tall but thin. His eyes were staring at her with lust, filling her with fear. It was then that she noticed two more men behind her. They all wore leather jackets, they all were dirty, and they all had long hair. One man behind her grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him. "Man, she's perfect!"

"Yeah," the other said, "Nice going Jake. How'd you know there was a sweet looking little pussy in the car?"

"My dick gets hard when there's young pussy around," he sneered.

They picked her up and tossed her in the van.

The man laughed and reached over, grabbing her shirt, pulling it hard. "Get them clothes off, bitch!" With both hands he gripped her shirt and ripped it apart sending buttons flying around the van.

"Save some for me, guys!" the driver yelled back.

"Right, finder's keeper's," the man with her shirt growled quietly to the man holding her. He pulled and tugged the shirt, pulling it from her shoulders and completely off. Tossing it aside, he grabbed at her bra on both sides, ripping the strap behind and yanked it brutally from her, breaking the shoulder straps doing so.

Megan’s perky young tits were now in full view of the men. Jake quickly reached forward and rubbed his hand across her chest. "Beautiful, man! She's got nice little nipples. How old are you baby?"

Megan replied shakily, "I'm eighteen! You can't do this! Let me go, please! Let me go!""

The one holding her laughed. He gripped her chin, forcing her to turn her face towards him. "I don't think so," he said, then began to roughly French kiss Megan, something she had never done before. She continued to struggle against him. Just then he released her and she tried to get distance between all the men, but they moved closer and closer in the tiny space. Jake grabbed her head and leaned forward, frenching her again. He kissed her long and hard, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. He released her and Eddie forced his tongue deep into her mouth while at the same time roughly grabbing her left tit in his hand. He pressed hard against it, twisting his hand and her breast in it. Jake grabbed at her jeans, undoing the belt, then the clip and the zipper. Eddie stopped and the two of them quickly pulled her pants from her despite her struggling and kicking. One kick hit Eddie right in the jaw knocking him back. He leaned back forward and punched her as hard as he could in her own jaw, knocking her hard into the side of the van. "Bitch! Fucking bitch! Listen up, you! You're going to do what we say, when we say it, or I'll beat you to death right here, you hear me!"

Megan nodded yes shaking, her mind dizzy from the punch. She was so dazed she couldn't make herself resist when the two men pulled her panties down and off her legs, then pulled her forward, spreading her out on the floor. The other man, Bill, grabbed her arms and held them in place. "Fuck her, man! Go ahead," he said to Jake. Eddie grabbed her right thigh and pulled her leg towards him, kneeling along her side. Jake desperately grabbed at his jeans, undoing them with wild abandon. He pulled them down and the sight of his large hard-on brought Megan back to reality. "No!" she screamed, "No, no, no!"

Jake moved over top of her, putting his cock against her pussy with his left hand. He forced it into her hole ever so slightly. He pussy was very tight, dry and virginal. With some effort he managed to push it into her a little farther, calling her a bitch and a slut as he did. Suddenly it was in, and with one big push he forced himself into her as far as he could go. Megan screamed from the pain, her right leg pulled far back, her arms held firmly in place on the floor.

Jake leaned into her, his face inches from hers. He quickly began a hard rhythm, one arm wrapping around her head so he could french her again as he pounded into her. Faster and faster, harder and harder he fucked Megan, his rough chest hair rubbing against her tits, his dirty beard chaffing her face as he forced himself on her. He fucked her as hard as he could, her body jerking back every time he thrust into her. Megan could feel his crotch hair slapping against her sparse, light brown pussy hair, his hips slapping into her thighs. She thrashed her left leg around but to no avail, she was helpless to stop him. His hand gripped her shoulder-length hair, his disgusting smell mixing with her own young, perfumed skin, his wet tongue filling her fresh mouth. Every time he lunged forward into her, the force would make her rock back hard against the cold steel floor. The others were laughing and urging Jake on.

Megan looked around in terror, her eyes crying, pleading for mercy. But there was none from these men. He pounded into her hard, over and over again. After several minutes of being brutally raped, she suddenly felt him tense up even more and suddenly there was hot fluid shooting into her from his cock. He stopped fucking her, gave her on last deep probe with his tongue, then crawled off of her.

Eddie quickly moved around between her legs and pulled his jeans down. Jake zipped back up, looking at her with cruel satisfaction. Eddie was overweight and very hairy, even more disgusting than Jake was. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her up to him as he knelt between her.

Eddie quickly found her still wet hole and shoved his cock head into it. “Man, She is tight!” He never got tired of young girls; he could fuck them all day long and night. Using her thighs he pulled her towards him and onto his hard dick. He gripped her hips and began to fuck her, pushing into her while pulling her towards him on each thrust. She kept pleading for them to stop, but that wasn't going to happen he grinned to himself. He stared at her sweaty pussy, her thin hair mashing against his stiff black crotch hair. His balls slapped against her ass with each brutal thrust. "Take it, bitch! Take it! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" He pounded into her over and over fast & hard, pulling her hips towards him as he did each time. He watched her body, her tits bouncing back and forth with the thrusts. They weren't too big, just about a handful each, pretty good for her age. Her legs moved about, but couldn't get anywhere.

Once she got a leg up in front of him, but he quickly pushed it back beside him. He fucked her like this for what seemed like a long time, a long time to the suffering Megan, a long time to the others who could hardly wait their turn. Suddenly he felt himself coming, and drove deep into her as he shot his load deep into her cunt.

He moved back while Jake and Bill moved her around. Obviously Bill wanted to do her doggie style, and she wasn't too cooperative about getting into position. Finally Jake grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and hit her in her face with his closed fist. "Do it, cunt! Get on yer hands and knees bitch! Do it now!" He slammed her head down and as she got on her hands and knees he kicked her arms out forcing her onto her elbows. Bill began to fuck her, really making her move as he too gripped her hips and worked her. Her pussy was well lubricated now and he could really get a fast rhythm going. Jake grabbed her hair and pulled her up onto her hands again, then shoved his cock into her face. "Suck it, baby, suck my cock you horny bitch!"

She had her eyes closed and was moving her head from side to side trying to escape him. He grabbed some more hair and yanked hard, holding her head steady against his cock. She finally relented and slowly opened her mouth to take him in. Jake shoved very hard, driving his cock deep into her mouth, forcing himself immediately into her throat. She gagged and tried to pull away, but he held her head too tightly. Eddie was still burning with lust for the young girl and quickly moved to the side and began to roughly rub her tits and body. Bill and Jake were really pounding her hard now, each one forcing himself into her with every inch of their massive hard-ons.

A sobbing Megan was forced to endure this gang rape for hours upon hours, each
man taking turns, sometimes doing her two and three at a time. The van pulled off the road and drove down a long dirt road, then stopped in the woods and the fourth man joined in. They sodomized her ass, seeming to rape her harder the more she screamed in pain. They repeatedly raped her mouth, forcing her to swallow every bit of cum they shot into her throat. And always they were after her pussy, fucking her in every position they could think of.

When they were temporarily spent they'd grope her body, kissing her whenever there wasn't a cock in her mouth, rubbing and squeezing her tits almost constantly, rubbing and squeezing her ass as often and as long as they could.

Megan was a beautiful girl, a young girl blossoming into a young woman, and her fresh young body caused these brutal criminals to take her even harder.

After five hours of rape, they forced her out of the van and made her stand nude outside in the cool air. They had more brutal plans for her, far worse than anything she could ever imagine.

Megan stood in front of the men, her nipples fully erect, cum dripping from her sore pussy and ass, running down her legs, and with the foul taste of cum still in her mouth, she was petrified as to what was to come next.

The sun was going down fast, darkness quickly filling the sky. She looked up slowly at the men as each one was going through a duffle bag, which she would soon find out what they were going to do to her.

Jake threw some clothes at her feet, “put those on bitch.” Megan slowly reached down to see the items they wanted her to wear. It was not what she was expecting.

“Put it on now bitch!” Jake yelled at her with a threat in his voice, “put them on or I will make you wish you were dead.” Megan slipped on the extra tiny red thong, slid on the pink stockings, put on the see thru pink camisole, then slipped into the 8 inch platform heels they wanted her to wear. It took her a few minutes, and as she buckled the last strap on the heels, she stood before them shaking with fear and trying to keep her balance in the heels on the rocky road.

“Now you look so much better little slut.” Megan was shaking from the fear and coolness in the air as they all peered over her, each one wanting to fuck her some more.

“Okay bitch, look at me. You are going to do as we say, you got it?” Jake was the leader of this rape gang and he liked weird and strange games. “I’m going to give you a thirty minute head start. You can go wherever you want, but you must leave the heels on at all times. If we catch you and you do not have them on, I will beat you senseless. You are five miles from the nearest road, so you can either try and find it or make yourself invisible, because if any of us catch you by morning, you will do as that man says no matter what it is, you got it?” Megan was confused, but she nodded her head. “Run bitch!” Jake yelled at her as she tried walking in the heels away from them. She struggled walking on those heels, which were painful to her. She knew she could make better time without them, but would she take the chance of being caught without them?

Megan had no idea where she was, which direction she was going, or even what would happen to her if they found her. She could barely hear their voices, as she went deeper into the woods, scared out of her mind from just the darkness and what awaited her.

The men knew what they were doing, as she was not the first to go on this journey of theirs. Unknowing to Megan, she was going deeper and deeper into the woods, so far into the woods, even if she screamed as loud as she could, she would never be heard. The men knew this, and that was in their evil plans for her when they caught up to her, which they eventually would do. Her life will forever change to the worse once they found her, but as she walked awkwardly through the deep forest, all she could think of was Gina. She cried to herself, fearing she would never see her again, most of which would be true, as the horror that awaited her was something Megan could never prepare herself for.

Megan was the fifth girl to make this awful trip, the first four before her wished they would die from the torment of the men, as they were not your average evil people. Making girls fear them was their craft and making girls plead for mercy and do everything they told the girl, was their specialty. Megan would soon take the same steps as the others before her, and one by one, she would meet them too.

She was tired and cold. Her body ached from the rapes and her feet were killing her. From a distance she was a sexy sight, but from her view she was a scared girl fearing for her life. She could hear noises in the woods around her. She would stop suddenly, hunch down and listen. Hours had passed. Hours more to go, she thought to herself. She was totally lost. She had no idea where she was going. She just kept walking and walking, tripping now and then, as she walked on the platforms further into the dense woods.

“Where do you think she is Jake?” Bill asked him. “If she is like the others, she should be coming up to Lisa soon. That will get a shriek from her for sure, then we have her.” He said this with a slight chuckle, “then she will run like mad, as we slowly track and hunt her down.” Their pace quickened, as the sun was slowly about to rise. “Day or night, she has no where to go. She will make this new day a very welcoming day for us.”

Megan saw that the sun was rising. She was happy to see it, that way she could see where the hell she was maybe. She sat down in the brush and rested as the sun made its way upward. She massaged her sore feet and ran her hands up and down the silk stockings trying to warm herself.

She raised to her feet and started walking. She stopped as quickly as she started and stared in front of her. Was she seeing correctly? Was her mind playing tricks on her? She became very scared now, as the sight in front of her made her heave to vomit. As she looked ahead of her, she saw a rope hanging from a tall tree with a head in a noose at the end of it. Just a head on the ground. It was a girls head, but no body. Megan was sick as she slowly walked toward it, being drawn near it for some reason. She had no idea she was being watched, as the men had found her and they wanted to see what she would do next.

She slowly made her way near the head. She stood on her wobbly feet looking down on the blonde mass of hair. She was afraid to touch it, but for some reason, she had to see it or just the face. As she crouched down, she heard a noise behind her and by then it was too late, as Jake grabbed her from behind, “gotcha baby”. Megan screamed, but it did no good. She fought with him, but was thrown to the ground next to the head.

“You did very well in your trek here sweet pea.” Jake said to her, “and you still have the heels on too. You will be rewarded for that baby, oh yes you will.” Megan just looked up at him with her sad eyes. “Meet Lisa, your new headless friend. She was here just two days ago doing exactly as you have done. I think you two need to meet each other, don’t you think so guys?” She listened to them laugh, “now sweet pea, meet Lisa.” Jake grabbed the head by its hair and lifted it up to face Megan, face to face. Megan was in shock as she looked at the lifeless head, a very young girl she was too, and Megan began to cry and plead with them to let her go. “You want us to let you go? Not likely sweet pea. You have duties to perform this morning. We caught you and being you were caught, you have to do as we say now.” Megan had a terror stricken look on her face. She sat speechless, unable to speak from fright and the headless body.

“We have four horny men here who need your services sweet pea. You are going to suck each cock and make each one cum in your mouth. Once they have cum in your mouth, you will keep the cum in your mouth and chew it just like your breakfast. Once you have chewed it for five minutes, then you will swallow it and beg for another cock, you got it?” Megan was bewildered. “Strip her guys. Leave the stockings and heels on her, but the rest strip it from her.” The men ran up to her and ripped the clothing from her. The camisole was torn to bits then her thong was ripped from her and thrown into the woods.

“Get on your knees and crawl to my cock bitch.” Jake ordered her. “That’s right, crawl your sexy body over to me.” Megan crawled on her hands and knees over to Jake. “Pant like a dog in heat slut. Do it!” Megan began to pant with her tongue out, humiliated by what was happening to her. “Reach up and pull my cock out bitch.” Megan slowly reached up to his zipper and unzipped it. She reached in and pulled out his throbbing ten inch cock. “Now, tell me you want to suck my cock.” His cock was throbbing with each of his heartbeats, wanting her mouth to suck him of. “Sit back and pant like a dog and tell me you want to suck me off as loud as you can sweet pea.” She stared into his eyes, then down to his throbbing cock, then back up to his eyes. “Say it bitch!” Jake was not one to too kind either. She tried to speak but it was garbled. He got down in front of her, pulled her by the hair, “either you say it, or you will end up like that bitch over there. Now say it bitch, NOW!”

“I…I want to.. to suck your cock.” He was shaking his head. “Louder! Say it with feeling bitch.” This was beyond humiliation. “I want to suck your cock!” She said it louder, but not what he wanted to hear. “Louder!” She swallowed hard and blurted out, “I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK!” He moved toward her and placed his cock in front of her, “suck it then.”

She opened her mouth and his cock was forced in. “Suck it bitch. Suck it with force.” The other men gathered behind her, each one watching her suck his cock with loud sucking sounds. “Grab the base with both your hands and suck me harder.” She placed her small hands around his shaft and sucked and licked his cock head the best she knew how to. “Good girl, now suck me into your throat.” She pulled his cock deeper into her mouth, gagging at times as his cock hit the back of her throat. “Swallow me bitch. Let it sink into your hot throat.” She struggled and she gagged and felt like vomiting. “Swallow it!” Her eyes were burning with tears, her nose was running as she sucked his cock into her throat. Her throat muscles spasmed as she forced his cock into her young throat. “That’s it sweet pea, keep sucking and working those throat muscles.” She was struggling to breathe as he began to rape her throat. “Take it all in baby. Let it slide down your throat.” Megan was shaking and crying through her eyes as she gulped his cock down into her throat until his hairy patch was on her nose. He worked his hips up and down as he massaged her throat, thrusting in deeper, making her gag for air. He slowly pulled his cock out so she could breathe, and as she took a deep breathe, a long strand of saliva followed, which came from her throat. “Suck it back into your throat baby. Make me cum!” With her breathe back, she sucked his cock into her throat in one swift move. He fucked her face for what seemed like hours. He would pull out then slam it back in. Over and over, skull fucking her until he was about to burst. “Suck on the head baby. Suck that cum out of me. Suck harder. Just the head, suck it hard.” Megan sucked as hard as she could, her tongue working the sides of his cock head, then sucking it in and out of her mouth. “Oh yes. C’mon, keep sucking it baby. I’m close.” Her sucking sounds filled the dense area they were in, as she tried to make this flesh in her mouth spew his seed.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, “open wide baby.” Megan sat back on her heels, opened her mouth, and awaited his cum. “That’s it, open your mouth wider and take it baby.” He worked his cock head, then wham, he shot the first hot stream of cum into her awaiting mouth. It shot right to the back of her throat, then another spurt, and another, and another, then he pushed his cock in her mouth, “suck me dry baby.” She sucked hard as she could feel him spurting the cum in her mouth. She kept sucking him until he pulled his cock out. “Now, chew it. Eat it like it is your only meal of the day.” She chewed and swirled the cum around in her mouth. The taste was salty and sour, but she did as she was told. “Keep chewing it until it is all milky.” She chewed and swished it all over the inside of her mouth. “Open your mouth,” he demanded. Megan opened her mouth, the cum about to drip out. “Don’t lose a drop now. Put your head back and let it slide down your throat into your belly.” She did as he said and let the cum slide into her throat and then she swallowed. She was about to gag, “if you vomit, you will lick it from the ground.” She swallowed every drop, licking the insides of her mouth with her tongue, swallowing all of his seed. “Now lick my cock clean.” Again, she did as she was told. “Very nicely done baby, now you have three more hungry cocks to eat and swallow.” Megan crawled over to the next man, knelt in front of him and begged him to let her suck him off. That is how she spent the next three hours, sucking cock and drinking cum like milk. Her day had only just begun for these sick fuckers. This was the easy part of her day. Lunch time would bring a whole new flavor to her senses.

Bill finished his session with her and he walked over to Jake, “she is going to make a great addition to our harem, wouldn’t you say?” Jake was pleased for the time being, “oh yes, she is going to work out just fine. I can’t wait to get her back to the ranch and show her the real meaning of hot sex. I think she is going to be the one we have been looking for.” Bill agreed, as he nodded his head and watched Megan suck the cocks like a pro. “Besides,” Jake included, “she still has three more girls to meet, one of which she knows very well.” Bill laughed at his statement, as they both watched her suck for her life.

End of part 1

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